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  1. Muslim Family Shot At In West London

    omfg! For anyone in the UK: watch the news everyday, and also read some newspapers, over the next couple of weeks; and compare the number of white people attacking foreigners, to the number of foreigners attacking us! These people aren't even from this country; many of them immigrate here illegally, commit crimes, get locked up in jail, and then (due to our stupid legal system) are let back out to commit more crimes! (which they often do..) I've come across relatively few foreigners who are making positive contributions to our society. So don't act like we owe you anything. The only reason we let you in is because we're obliged to (due to agreements with the UN). Then you come here, cause trouble, expect us to change our laws, and even our culture, simply for you lot! What gives you that right? We're a christian based country, so it's only natural that few of us know much about Islam.. and therefore, the only impressions we do get from Islam is that of fundamentalists. Don't expect us to learn your religion; you're the ones coming to our country remember--and equally, we wouldn't expect you to learn all about the Christian religion, simply if we were to all immigrate to your country.. ..Imagine, if back in your home land, you weren't allowed to fly your own countries flag out of your house window legally; or you had to rename traditional, cultural, religious-related items to something else so that it doesn't offend others; or all you ever hear on the news is about murders, rapes, etc, most of which are committed by immigrants.. YOU lot are what is wrong with this country. It's funny how none of you lot mentioned any of this. Do note however: I condemn violence, but I completely understand the views of many british people.
  2. In The Eyes Of Islam...

    I've already explained, previously... It is simply to highlight that this is what science says is true.
  3. British Official Warns Of Riots Over Veils

    Riots eh. And the Muslims wonder why they're associated with violence and intollerance...? hmm
  4. Is Salvation Possible For Non-muslims?

    Let's say that a Muslim starts talking about science--saying things that are completely wrong. I can tell him/her to shut up, and quote "To be quiet about things that you have no knowledge on", yes?
  5. Terrorist

    Al-Qaeda is not just one small group of people.. It is a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups; has cells in more than 50 countries Many governments around the world (especially the US, as you'd expect) have a large list of known and suspected Al-Qaeda 'members' (that is, terrorists linked with Al-Qaeda..) Does that clear things up for you?
  6. Is Salvation Possible For Non-muslims?

    "To be quiet about things that you have no knowledge on" I will be sure to quote you on that sometime.
  7. The Morality Of Atheists

    Some muslims (and also believers of other religions) that I've either seen on TV, or spoke to in person (in addition to at least 1 muslim on this forum), seem to think that atheists lack morality, simply because they do not believe in a god.. Who agrees?
  8. I Feel Sick When I See This Picture

    Well, that's a very revealing question... Are you saying that you would thieve from, rape, and even murder others, if you didn't have a god to suck up to? You think that you cannot have morals without a belief in god? ..I once saw a muslim on TV saying very similar things; he said that he hates atheists because they have absolutely no morals!!!!!!!! A christian also once said that he feels that if we could get away with something, then most of us would do it...... How bloody ridiculous and naive!!
  9. A Cloned Being.

    With our knowledge so far, yes, most things we clone become ill. But what does that have to do with the concept? That does not eliminate the fact that we can create life; a soul... What are you talking about? What scientific arguments have you "blown out of the water"? I'll also have you know that I'm not trying to disprove Islam; I thought that the entire point of this site was for people to gain knowledge of Islam; so (for example) we can propose apparent issues in Islam, and hear the solution.. So far, i'm not getting a very satisfactory answer to any of these problems...
  10. The Non-muslim Hereafter..

    Well, you'd better start believing it, because it's true. Within the past couple of years, we discovered a tribe living on an australian island that had never been explored before (also, several new species of animals were discovered on it). There are also many other places in the world that we have not explored. Additionally, many tribes speak their own language, so their's no way to communicate with them in such depth. I'm confident that there will always be someone in the world that knows nothing of Islam... It may be a world religion, but you have to be terribly ignorant to believe that everyone will know of it. ..So when will the day of judgement happen? (I doubt you have a date; but surely it will occur when 'something' happens?)
  11. In The Eyes Of Islam...

    What's the problem?.. What would you have added to the "no" option?.. I wanted to make it clear that those were what science says is correct. Obviously, the "no" options would imply that science is wrong, so there was no need to put that; also, a "no" option doesn't necessarily mean that Islam is right (for those who are creationists etc).
  12. In The Eyes Of Islam...

    That clearly shows how little you know on the subject of evolution.
  13. A Cloned Being.

    But animals have souls; and we've cloned animals before...
  14. In The Eyes Of Islam...

    Please vote. Feel free to debate here if you wish.
  15. The Non-muslim Hereafter..

    This is basically a repeat of a previous topic which didn't seem to recieve much attention... There are people in the world who have no access to TV, the internet, books, let alone the Qur'an.. And they have absolutely no way to learn about Islam... So, it is inevitable that they will go to hell? Even though they had no choice of where they were born, etc etc..? Fair?