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  1. Do You Back Western Intervention In Syria

    I appreciate your open-minded and amiable approach to an otherwise tense subject. If people like you were in the U.S. congress, it would be a lot easier for us Muslims to be a little less wary and critical of the U.S. Wanting to help an oppressed people is a noble thing, and it's something that we should all support. But after reading articles and listening to NPR and watching CNN for days on end since the attack in Syria, it's clear the U.S. is only looking out for its best interests. The government has made it clear intervention is meant as deterrence to make Iran and Hezbollah and North Korea think twice about crossing the U.S. in the future. As long as the U.S. puts its best interests first, there's no guarantee that these best interests will be what is good for the Middle East or for Muslims as a whole. And that's what troubles me. It's the same issue I have as to why the U.S. didn't act when reports of israel using white phosphorus came out. It shouldn't have surprised me. It clearly didn't benefit America to condemn and attack its strongest ally. So for me, the biggest problem isn't that Obama wants to attack. It's what he hopes to gain from it. Salam.
  2. Do You Back Western Intervention In Syria

    America's intervention in Syria is selfish and serves only the interests and agendas of its government. They're not doing it to stop Assad or to help the opposition or to avenge the 400 kids they keep referencing, but to send a message to other countries like Iran and North Korea in case they get any ideas. Interestingly enough, America wasn't so eager to bomb israel over its use of white phosphorus in Gaza.
  3. The distinction Islam has from other religions is that we don't work on our own schedule or whim when it comes to religion. We work on God's. This is why we have 5 obligatory daily prayers that are spread out throughout the day. So that we won't spend our day heedless of God except when it's convenient for us to remember him. They're like short appointments with him, to renew our faith and to cleanse our hearts. Fasting is also one of these things that work on God's schedule. I could mention the reasons why fasting benefits the believer, but ultimately, "we should be able to do it as we feel" isn't a concept that works in Islam. We are the creation. God is the one who should be able to choose for us. Religion isn't about the convenience of the creation, but the will of the creator. And as for Makkah, you say that going to a place to worship God is liking making an idol out of it. Do you consider going to church to be idol-worship? Because surely church has a significance for you as a Christian, even though God is already closer to you than your veins. Salam.
  4. Cutting Through The Chase...

    Interesting topic about hearsay. Considering nearly everything you, topic starter, have said is based on hearsay (I like the part about Allah being shy). For example, the pagans of Arabia called prophet Muhammad a madman and other names because of character assassination. This is not a reflection on his flaws, but on theirs. Because they were people so hateful that they called him a madman, a poet, a liar, a forgerer, a soothsayer, a sorcerer, all because they wanted to discredit the speaker and ultimately, the speech. I know what you'll say next. You'll insist that they were right. Well, fine. If you really believe that he was a madman/poet/liar/forgerer because they called him a madman/poet/liar/forgerer, do you also believe he was a soothsayer and a sorcerer because they called him those as well? No? Either you believe them completely (in which case you should be going around saying Muhammad was a magician who could see the future), or you don't believe them at all. Also, prophet Muhammad had two uncles. One who hated him (and whose wife was abusive toward him) and one who loved and supported him. Both were non-Muslim. You can't use the first uncle to discredit him while ignoring the existence of the second. You've given away where you're getting your info purely from this one line. Anti-Islamic websites. I should also add what everyone is probably thinking. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, my friend. I'm sure a non-Christian could say the same about your religion (that it's all hearsay), though I won't. I don't go around attacking people's religions based on what I've scraped together from websites that seek to spread lies about them. Salam.
  5. Sorry, what I meant was in reference to what everyone else responded with. That it's the loss or lack of Islamic ideals in Muslim countries that leads to them being so far behind, specifically because Allah has taken away the blessing. You responded by saying that Qatar is prosperous because of knowledge and education and tolerance. I responded by saying these are Islamic ideals, and their lack in other Muslim countries only reinforces the point that these regions don't do a good job enforcing Islam. Salam.
  6. Importance of knowledge and education are Islamic ideologies. So is tolerance of people, both Muslim and non-Muslim (though the whole Museum example is more of your personal preference than something that makes or destroys a nation). All of these are lacking in a lot of Muslim countries. You've just made our point for us. Salam.
  7. Why Is Indoctrination Okay?

    I'm sure you were also indoctrinated with morality and that you did/plan to do the same with your own children, right? Because clearly, teaching a child any beliefs is "indoctrination". Observable negative consequences? There is a negative consequence for become an apostate in an Islamic State. Clearly, this is a demonstration that leaving Islam is wrong. You seem to believe that human reaction to human action is proof that the action itself is wrong. That's false. If I lie and my parents punish me, that's not proof that lying is wrong. If I murder someone and become ostracized by my community or arrested, that's not proof that murder is wrong. Morality is something that is internal. It's subjective. It is based on belief. You're picking up one one thing "murder", in the scheme of childhood, and focusing on that. Think of the bigger picture. Think of the impact it would have on children as they grow into adulthood, if they've never been taught morality because someone's afraid of indoctrination. Most children won't go out and kill people if their parents didn't teach them not to murder, but most children would do a lot of other morally ambiguous things if they weren't "indoctrinated" with moral beliefs. No idea what your point is, perhaps you could clarify. But my point still stands. If you're arguing against indoctrination based on a system of religious beliefs, then you should also be against indoctrination based on a system of moral beliefs. If you believe that murder, as well as lying, stealing, cheating, bullying, etc, is wrong, then you shouldn't share these beliefs if you're afraid of indoctrination. Otherwise, when you begin to make distinctions that one belief system is more reliable than another, you're speaking double standards. And this subject belongs here as well. We're talking about the topic of "indoctrination". If religious beliefs are indoctrination, so are moral beliefs. Salam.
  8. The Issue of Music in Islam

    The reminder was more general for the members, though that no longer applies. Salam.
  9. The Issue of Music in Islam

    This section is for quoting the rulings and views of scholars regarding controversial issues, and whether its compulsory or voluntarily, permissible or unlawful. Post your views only if you are a scholar. That section is not open for discussing the logic behind them, nor for criticizing such issues. It is thus not suitable for non-Muslims to post here, unless they have questions or need more info. Other than that, please keep in mind that our Islamic rulings are not open for criticism in this section.
  10. Why Is Indoctrination Okay?

    Where do YOU get the crazy idea that religion is indoctrination? I'm merely copying you and using ugly words to describe something. Indoctrination has negative connotations as well. Secondly, on the one hand you say "don't teach them to accept anything without evidence" and in the same breath you say "you can easily teach your children moral values". Since when are moral values supported by evidence? Is there evidence that stealing is wrong? That lying is wrong? That murder is wrong? If you're arguing that children shouldn't be "indoctrinated", then don't indoctrinate them with morality. Let them decide for themselves. Tell little Johnny, "Whether or not you want to believe that murder is wrong is entirely up to you". Salam.
  11. Why Is Indoctrination Okay?

    Why is indoctrination okay? Because the alternative is rebellion and misguidance. Salam.
  12. What If Allah Evolves?

    Evolution means there is room for growth or improvement. Allah is perfect. Salam.
  13. Can A Man Love More Than One Wife?

    I have a feeling you don't believe it's possible for a man to have passionate/intimate love for two women, so there's no point for either of us to argue what we believe. No reason to apologize, I was only things might be getting a bit tense. I didn't mean that you made an intentional implication but rather, the underlying message is related to permissibility. But never mind any of this, I think we both made our beliefs clear on the issue. :sl: Salam.
  14. Racism Against Black People In Islam

    I think that a great distinction should be made in this topic between "Islam" and "Muslims". Saying, "Islam encourages dog beating because Ahmed beats his dog" is wrong. Missjupiter, the Hadiths that a majority of us Muslims follow have been compiled and recorded by two men: Bukhari and Muslim. We are not scholars and therefore can't say a lot about the authenticity of Hadiths because we are lacking their chains of narration and other important information. However, I can answer your question about the Hadiths you mentioned last, in the context of the Qur'an and Hadiths. Narrated AbudDarda' Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: Allah created Adam when He had to create him and He struck his right shoulder and there emitted from it white offspring as if they were white ants. He struck his left shoulder and there emitted from it THE BLACK OFFSPRINGS as if they were charcoal. He then said (to those who had been emitted) from the right (shoulder): For Paradise and I do not mind. Then He said to those (who had been emitted) from his left shoulder: They are for Hell and I do not mind. Transmitted by Ahmad. (Al-Tirmidhi Hadith, Number 38- ALIM CD ROM Version) The whiteness/blackness referred to in this Hadith is not skin, but the good and evil of man. This is evidenced by these verses of the Qur'an: "On the Day when some faces will be white, and some faces will be black: To those whose faces will be black, (will be said): "Did ye reject Faith after accepting it? Taste then the penalty for rejecting Faith." [3:106] It says some faces will be white and others black on the Day of Judgment. Is it referring to the skin color of the people? No, it's referring to whether or not they believed. The believers' faces will be lit up with joy and relief, whereas the disbelievers' faces will be black with gloom. Allah tells us in this verse that the people with black faces on the Day of Judgment are those who rejected faith. Meaning that they had the option of attaining white faces, but because of their disbelief, their faces are now black. I think these verse in Surah Abasa drive the point home: 38 . Some faces that Day will be beaming, 39 . Laughing, rejoicing. 40 . And other faces that Day will be dust-stained, 41 . Blackness will cover them: 42 . Such will be the Rejecters of Allah, the doers of iniquity. Another verse that emphasizes that it's not those with black skin color that are created for Hell, but rather, their faces will be MADE black because of their evil. Of course, this still doesn't mean that their skin color will be made black, since this refers to the blackness of gloom and fear and regret. "On the Day of Judgment wilt thou see those who told lies against Allah;- their faces will be turned black. Is there not in Hell an abode for the Haughty?" [39:60] Now in this context, look at the Hadiths again. If Allah says in the Hadith that those who are white will go to Heaven and those that are black will go to Hell, is He talking about the skin color, or is he talking about the contrast between black and white, with white representing light and guidance, and black representing the lack of the light and disbelief? This Hadith will answer that question. It also addresses the creation of Adam. "Narrated by Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: Allah created Adam from a handful taken from throughout the earth. So the sons of Adam vary as the earth varies, so they are white and red and black and colors in between, evil and good, easy-going or difficult or something in between." (Abu Dawud, #4693 - Classed Sahih By Abu Dawud & Sheikh Albani) This means that the soil that Adam was created from varied in color. Some like white sand, some red, some black soil, etc. And just like how soil is so different, man is also different. THIS Hadith refers to skin color. It makes no claim that black people are evil or that white people are evil. I hope you understand better now that you've seen the context. Salam.
  15. Can A Man Love More Than One Wife?

    The love that a mother has for her children is no less important than the love that a man has for his wives. If a woman can have children and love them at different degrees, then a man can most certainly have wives and love them at certain degrees. Provided both treat them fairly and justly to the best of their abilities. Secondly, have you ever been in love with two human beings? I'm assuming no. But don't say it's impossible just because you have no experience with it. There are plenty of people who have experienced differently from you. I suppose your religion permits you to be around women who have no relation to you. I have no desire to debate Christianity, so let's agree to disagree on this one as well. There are plenty of good reasons why someone wouldn't want to be a charity case beyond pride. Imagine a world where it's difficult for women to work or to provide for themselves and their children. Imagine women whose husbands and fathers have died. Women who have little if any resources and no single man offering them marriage. In your scenario, these women would be turned into beggars who do not have homes or their husbands' name and protection, and whose children have no father figures. They would have no esteem and integrity as human beings because, well, beggars have no esteem or integrity. On the other hand, Islam gives these women a place to belong, not as charity cases, but as wives who have rights on their husbands. They feel a sense of stability and security that beggars/charity cases don't have, which makes them better functioning people both in their personal lives and in society. Again, there are practical benefits of polygamy. Needless hostility aside, the point still stands that, by saying that polygamy is against the nature of creation, you are implying that it is not permissible. Keyword being "implying", consciously or not. Salam.
  16. Can A Man Love More Than One Wife?

    When you stated: Loving more than one spouse is a contradiction against the order of creation and God’s original plan. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Eve, Sarah, Belinda etc. The proof that it is against the order of creation lies in the husband’s absolute inability to treat his multiple wives exactly the same and the wives natural inclinations to jealousy is a protest for their demand of dignity not to be shared... You implied that it is not permissible, because it supposedly goes against the order of creation and etc etc. Salam.
  17. Can A Man Love More Than One Wife?

    You're saying clothing is a result of original sin, then you're saying I don't believe in original sin, which means you agree that your argument is invalid to me. It's like saying that parents shouldn't have children because they lack the ability to love them all equally. A Christian belief. Like I said, using religion as proof isn't convincing. A man has no right associating with a woman--let alone bring her under his roof--when he's married to someone else, unless she is also his wife. Secondly, what you're saying is that he should give her food and clothing (in other words, charity) but: 1) It doesn't give her the protection of the man as a husband. 2) Not all women want to be charity cases who are cared for by a stranger who has no relation to them. 3) Men aren't going to spend their entire lives looking after women who have no relation to them. And even if they are, in some bizarre alternate earth, it doesn't change the fact that no man should bring other women into his home and interact with them in the period of a lifetime unless they are married. Salam.
  18. Please don't quote me unless you're going to bother mentioning the context of my words. Thanks. Salam.
  19. Can A Man Love More Than One Wife?

    Augustine, I'm sure there are plenty of men in the world, who love more than one woman, and who disprove the basis of your argument. Secondly, the argument of Adam is erroneous. We cannot take something from the life of Adam and make widesweeping generalizations from it. That would be like saying, "Adam and Eve wore no clothes, so clothing contradicts the order of creation and God's original plan". Secondly, you are using religion as a basis of proof and I can do the same. We believe that Abraham was married to both Sarah and Hagar. Isn't that also what Christians believe? If not, it's strange that such a righteous and pious man who was created to love one woman would have sexual relations with another. Thirdly, there was no NEED for multiple wives for Adam. One sufficed for the sake of procreation. But in a world where there are many women without husbands or fathers or anyone to care for them, polygamy is permissible. Not preferred. Not required. Permissible. It has a practical purpose. Salam.
  20. I Think Free Will Is An Illusion

    The only way that we would have no choice is if God's foreknowledge caused us to do what we do. Think of it this way. I was given knowledge that, ten years from now, you will do something. Does that mean the choice is no longer yours because I know that you will make it even before you do? If yes, then we don't seem to have a similar understanding of what free will entails. If no, then think of free will like that, in a simplified way. Choice is not dictated by foreknowledge. God's foreknowledge doesn't decide our choices for us. We, in this very present, are actively living out the choices that we have control over. Unless there is a causal relationship in effect, there is no association that if one exists, the other doesn't. Salam.
  21. Also similar to "Islamist". Salam.
  22. Definition Of God

    Absolute nothing? Not sure where something like this is stated in the article. Nor do I see anything about infinite nothingness in the article. Perhaps you are responding to another user. What the article means is that God's attributes of mercy mean that His mercy is vast, and that it is both general (for all of His creation, especially in this life) and specific (for those of His creation who are believers). Salam.
  23. The Problem Of Evil

    To separate the worthy from the unworthy. To test our faith. To purify us of our own evils. To save us from attachment to this world. To bring us closer to Him. To, again, separate the worthy from the unworthy. Death is a transition from this world to the permanent one. It's not a punishment. And then this person, who I prevented from being disabled, traveled far and wide and became a thief. Whereas being confined to a wheelchair has given him time to reflect on his life and the universe, and has ultimately brought him closer to God. Things that seem bad might actually lead to better things. Why doesn't God? So that this man will be punished for his wrongdoing rather than being exempt from any punishment because God intervened. Or what, should God punish the rapist for a crime he didn't have the chance to commit? You might say that it's not nice or fair to the innocent girl, but that brings us back to the second quote. You don't appreciate the good until you've experienced the bad. You won't have the capacity to work hard to avoid Hellfire if you have never experienced a moment of pain or suffering. It's human nature. And that girl who was raped: thousands upon thousands of years after she has died and been brought back to life in the afterlife, that moment when she was raped won't even be a blip in her life. It won't register. It will be inconsequential. We have to think of a much bigger picture. Life lasts for 100 years at most, but the afterlife is forever. On the Day the Last Hour arrives, the evildoers will swear they have not even tarried [on earth] for an hour. That is the extent to which they are deceived. [surat ar-Rum: 55] Salam.
  24. Definition Of God

    That definition (All-Merciful) is misleading. There are two attributes of Allah: Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem that refer to His mercy. Please read this article for more information: What is the difference between al-Rahmaan and al-Raheem?. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_islamqa.info/en/ref/22200/rahmaan"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_islamqa.info/en/ref/22200/rahmaan[/url] Praise be to Allaah. Al-Rahmaan and al-Raheem are two of the names of Allaah which refer to Allaah’s attribute of Mercy. Al-Rahmaan refers to the vastness of Allaah’s mercy, and al-Raheem refers to its effect on His creation. So al-Rahmaan is the Owner of vast Mercy, and al-Raheem is the Owner of Mercy that encompasses His creation. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “Al-Rahmaan is the Owner of vast mercy, because the fa’laan form in Arabic indicates vastness and abundance, as it is said rajal ghadbaan (a very angry man) when he is filled with anger. Al-Raheem is a name which refers to the action, as the fa’eel form refers to the doer of an action. So the phrase al-Rahmaan al-Raheem indicates that the mercy of Allaah is vast, as is understood from the name al-Rahmaan, and that it encompasses His creation, as is understood from the name al-Raheem. This is what some of them meant when they said that al-Rahmaan refers to mercy in a general sense and al-Raheem refers to mercy that is specifically for the believers. But what we have mentioned is more accurate.†From Sharh al-‘Aqeedah al-Waasitiyyah, 1/22 And Allaah knows best. Salam.
  25. I Think Free Will Is An Illusion

    Are you saying there's a causal relationship between God's foreknowledge and free will? In other words, if one exists, the other is affected? In other words again, if God knows that you will do X on this very day, will that affect whether or not you make that choice? If He did not have this knowledge, would you still make that very choice? Let me give you an example. On this day, Jack decided to take his car for an oil change. Do you believe that God's foreknowledge had an effect on whether or not Jack took his car for an oil change? If God's foreknowledge did not exist, would Jack have made this very choice or would something have caused him to make another choice? If the second, what would have made him choose otherwise? Salam.