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    In the faint hope of clearing out a number of misconceptions. I will here limit myself to discuss mainstream christianity (f.ex. Catholic or Lutheran C.) Jesus the son of God Christians do not believe that Jesus is the son of God in a litteral sense. It is a manner of speaking (f.ex. "We are all God's children"). Christians believe that Jesus is the "embodyment of God's word" or as it is written: "God's word made flesh". The Trinty The trinity means exactly a threefold unity. Now, of course one can take the simpleton stance that: But allready here we are off track - the trinity does not concern "numerals" but instead "unity". F.ex. A Father, a mother and their children are one familly, God (the father), the word of God, and Jesus (the word of God in flesh) are one divinity. Christians promote the trinity inorder to claim strict oneness of God (strict monoteismen), something that would otherwise be logically impossible since christians (and jews) operate with the concept of the "word of God". The Prophecy With out heading into a tedious discussion, I think it's fair to say that the majority view by secular experts on John 14:16, is that it refers to The spirit of thruth, aka The holy spirit, aka God's word. The christian enterpretation of the entire passage is that christians are the keepers and carriers of God's word, spoken to them by Jesus.