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    Am very curious and becuase of that i love to gain knowledge of topics i dont know or understand, that's why i have joined. I love to read! My favorites are Mystery, which are fiction and Fantasy.

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  1. My Mum Is Amazing

    Dear brother, A truly lovable song.....got very teary at the end though. Makes a person really appreciate what he/she has, when you know others dont have that sort comfort in their lives. Insha-Allah ppl will watch this and think about adopting or giving charity to orphanages aroung the world. -asmaa-
  2. Assalamoalaikum!

    salaamualikum Hey sis Koolish, Welcome to the Islamic Forum sis! Insha-Allah you find many friends and inspirational pms here. I think you might enjoy the sister's room, if you havent been there yet. Have fun sis! :sl: -asmaa-
  3. Striving............

    Salaams wow pretty good brother! :sl: Its a very deep topic and seems quite like maricle nowadays that someone would leave their daily life behind for a bit to go to pray and read the Quran....but i truly hope that we still have those people around in todays day and age. -asmaa-
  4. Ephemeron

    salaams Thankx for the feedback brother. Glad ya liked it. B)
  5. G'day Everyone

    Salaams Hey brother Cameron! Welcome to the Islamic Forum. :sl: Im sure that you'll find many great topics to learn from on this site. Isn't it better to learn about the fundamentals of Islam from Muslims around the world and not just books? Anyways i hope you have fun on this site and meet great interesting people also. :sl: -asmaa-
  6. Ephemeron

    Salaams so....what do you think?
  7. Ephemeron

    Ephemeron When will my time come? How will it come What will I do Where will I be Why do I have to go?! I am 15 yrs old and these questions trouble me When will my last breath escape my lips? How will I feel What will I see Where will I go Why do I have to go?! I am 25 yrs old and these questions scare me When will they take me? How will I be judged What will I say to them Where will they take me Why do I have to go?! I am 35 yrs old and these questions frighten me When will I see the light? How long will the suffering last What have they in store for me Where will I lay to rest Why do I have to go?! I am 45 yrs old and these questions terrify me When will my eyelids shut forever? How will i say goodbye What will they do to me Where will they place me Why do I have to go?! I am 55 yrs old and these questions haunt me When will my time come? How will it come What will I do Why.... Author--Asmaa Abada
  8. Shes The One..................

    ....adorable :sl:
  9. The Words Flow Out My Heart...............

    lol.........ok brother ill respond to your poem....from a fellow poet i truly think that it was a very good poem. :sl: My favorite part was of course the mention of Allah, but also the repition you used, it gave great emphasis to your meaning. Way to go! Maybe i should post my poems up, huh? -your sis asmaa
  10. Hello

    Dear brother, A very big welcome to the IF! :sl: Its good to have you here and great to learn from you. More people should be optimistic about other's religions, wouldnt that solve most of the world's problems? Anyways, have fun here and dont forget to visit the brother's room to get aquainted with the other brothers on this site. Dont worry about your username.......everyone should be able to express themselves without problems here.....besides if you havent noticed yet, many people here have the samething (Muslim girl.....Allah's slave...and so forth) Its all fine! :sl: -your sis asmaa-
  11. Forgiving The Murderers

    Salaams, Wow, those parents have much faith. It must have been very hard for them to forgive the murderers of their children. Masha-Allah they are very strong people. Insha-Allah more people think of this incident before they turn to violence. -asmaa-
  12. Assalamu Alaikum

    Salaams brother, Welcome to the Islamic Forum! :D Visit the brother's room to meet the other brothers on this site. Enjoy posting and have fun learning more about other muslims around the world. B) -ur sis asmaa-
  13. As Salamu Alaikum

    Salaams sis, Welcome to the Islamic forum! Insha-Allah you will learn many things and meet many people. Remember to visit the sister's room, inorder to meet and talk with the other sisters on this site. :D -your sis asmaa-
  14. Merry X-mas?

    Dear brothers and sisters, Peace brothers and sisters. Im a shi'te and i have asked my parents and they said that it was totally ok to say 'Merry Christmas' to anyone really and not only Christians. I dont know if it's different for sunnis but all i know is this; Christmas celebrates the birthday of Jesus, and is not Jesus one of our prophets? Why would it be wrong to celebrate a prophet's birthday? Im not saying to go out and set up Christmas lights around the house and decorate Christmas trees, but what's wrong with attending a Christmas Party with your co-workers? Im sorry but i dont see anything wrong with it. :D -your sis asmaa-
  15. Petition For Halal Product Trademark

    Dear brothers and sisters, I just signed....and there is so far....283046 signatures! Lets keep it up. :D