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  1. How Far Away Is The End?

    also, somewhat offtopic, but i really want to recommend to those of you with the means to download music, that you get some mozart/beethoven/vivaldi/bach moonlight sonata=what im listening to right now, along with pachelbel's canon true beauty can be achieved through music o, and i will gladly take classical music-genre song suggestions from the muslim world if you guys have any favorites btw, what kind of music do muslims listen to?
  2. How Far Away Is The End?

    well, because i do not own a quran, would someone please inform me on what Allah says about armageddon? from a christian standpoint, the book of revelations gives one the chance to see when it could be possible if christianity was correct, or at least revelations, things are coming together, and whenever a part of a mountain slides into the ocean and creates a tsunami that kills a massive amount of life, the end will be coming within a few years of that i respect that you show your lack of knowledge from an Islamic informative point of view, but if in fact the quran does show what will happen before the end, i will expect you to identify what, of that, has or has not yet happened, and when and how you think it will happen it just takes an imagination, and i wont crucify you for making a bad guess, because there are no bad guesses until im dead, i wont care as long as ive lived a moral life (overall, lol), and i'll hope that a justified god will approve of that choice and life path taken
  3. How Far Away Is The End?

    not of the week, day, or hour but im sure people can give their best guess according to comparison of prophecy and the world around them it is a simple question, and you can choose to hide your opinion, or you can give it those willing to give it will, and those seeking an image of intellectual superiorty will avoid the test of hypothesis
  4. How Far Away Is The End?

    (im pretty sure that this includes both christianity and Islam)
  5. The Best Age To Marry?

    18-25 is when two people still have time to grow into compatibility with eachother but if they dont start with enough maturity, rarely will they achieve it unless they are alone im 18, im signing 6 years for the u.s. coast guard, as an AST, and i hope that i can get it done in that time btw, i scored high enough on the ASVAB to get california guaranteed HERE I COME CALIFORNIA! OPEN WIDE!
  6. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    humans tend to screw it up and women might do great, but the fact still stands that men and women werent created for the same reasons, and they are physically and mentally designed differently these differences weigh on their decision-making skills they might do better in today's world, but back when government was the tip of a sword, i doubt they could have held the same influence
  7. Was Islam Spread By The Sword

    "Because the muslim governments needed money. Non-muslims paid higher taxes." sounds like Islam really supports racial equality
  8. Is Salvation Possible For Non-muslims?

    hey, you didnt answer my question fully the aspect still remains as to why 99% of the population of iraq or iran is muslim those people were born and raised, and sheltered/forced into believing that religion if Islam is true, and i could choose my birthplace, i would have chose iran oddly enough though, the place where nearly everyone is muslim, is also the place where it was made, and the people for whom it was made what if christianity is right? what will you do then? i know what you'll do if you lived your life morally, and without proper opportunity, god will treat you as a child, and you will be judged as one o and btw, the only real difference between Islam and christianity, is that one is older than the other (christianity will be 2000 years old in a few years)
  9. Genuine Question To Ask To Learnt Muslim ?

    im sorry, but someone has to say it the liberal feminists need to relax a minute, and realize that their hormone situation does in fact make them more vulnerable to a 'gut feeling' type decision, less based on logic, more based on intuition therefore a woman makes worse decisions when there is a lot of pressure on her sorry, it is true men and women are not equal, and you're wearing rose-colored equality glasses to think so o and btw, this info came straight from a woman i know, and im simply paraphrasing it
  10. im a young american, and im just wondering, none of us chooses our birthplace, and im sure that god/Allah wouldnt place me here with an unequal chance at salvation than anyone else on the planet, who also did not choose their birthplace but i do see that 99% of particular middle-eastern countries are made up of muslims, so, even if 10% of them fail at being a true muslim, 89% will still be aproved by Allah 89% of those people did not choose their birthplace, yet around the world you will find that there is no chance at all that that ratio of believers can be acheived does Allah treat the rest of the world equally, so that 89% of them on average will be approved? what if i was raised to be a christian, as they were raised to be muslim? has Allah shut me out, simply for my involuntary locationing? i would really like some insight on such a thing, which really applies to most religion altogether as long as i know that the universe didnt just pop into action by itself, i consider myself 1 step ahead of the game
  11. sorry to burst your bubble but the prophecy of the messiah came about quite a while before the existence/popularity of Islam
  12. Is Bible The Word Of God

    sometimes when something is written in one language, and then transferred to another, AKA translation, mistakes may happen this and a few other translation mistakes are in the bible, as are in just about every text of it's age, including Islamic texts, mainly because they aren't the original piece as someone else inferred, this is relatively normal, and it has no bearing whatsoever on the truth of the original text besides, since when did the quantities of people or goods have anything to do with whether or not god was real?