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  1. The American Way

    but an anti-islamic thread wouldn't stay, so why does this one. There are muslims in USA too, not only the religion that certain posters feel they need to attack for whatever reason. All it does is offend a large amount of the worlds population, and is a complete lie because the priest wasn't even from america. Which degrades the quality of this forum along with biased moderating.
  2. Rudeness Of Muslims

    I think it was clear(at least to me) that he was referring to you not to Islam. I think one of the tools that makes a good moderator is to not try and find something to be offended from whenever possible and to remain neutral on all issues.
  3. The American Way

    incorrect and to the thread creator: errr you do realize that the priest wasn't from america? he was from an arab nation that opposes the war on iraq. I don't know why you posted the way you did, but it seems your post is just aimed at creating hate towards america. (making threads just to create hate to other places when it's common knowledge what you're saying isnt true only drives away people that arnt fanatics from a forum, maybe you're trolling) imagine a chinese budda went around molesting people and it was blamed on an iran mullah or something that would be kind of dumb wouldnt it? not only could we blame it on a mullah we could also do what you just did and accuse every single arab in the world of doing it by calling it "the arab way" thats even dumber and more unfair isnt it? However if I created such a thread and made such a claim i'm sure the thread wouldn't stay like this one does. Also, I was wondering if this is allowed under Islam. you have to remove the spaces to see it I don't think it would be allowed in other places but lots of people are holding pictures of him so I guess hes famous or something