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  1. I don't know, man. Sounds like a 'bad actor' to me. He may need to 'have it kicked in' a little.
  2. Title is pretty self explanitory. Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, it's a 'no brainer'. I say 'YES, DALLAS BITES !!!'
  3. Should Sadaam Be Released To Rule Iraq Again ?

    Give him three days rations, $1000 U.S. , and a Glock 19 with three clips and let him loose. How friggin' funny would that be ????
  4. ~ French Complicit In Rwanda Genocide ~

    Say it aint so, ZMAN !!!
  5. What Happend To Reconstruction Money Sent To Iraq?

    The Zionists stole the money !!! You happy, now ?? Does that 'fit your plan' ?
  6. Treaty Is Left In Shreds By New Race

    Ever wonder why , when you post these stupid 'stories', that you never get a reply ? The reason is, they are STUPID, UNBELIEVEABLE STORIES. People, even on this site, read them and laugh. They sit home and wonder what type of person fills their day looking up and posting this type of fertilizer. When you've got over 1100 posts in less than six months, you need to 'STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER AND GET A REAL LIFE !!! You know, interacting with REAL people.
  7. Have A Drink ?

    I'd like a Stella Artios with a small Patron, Blanco, on the side, thank you.
  8. Hamas Calls For New Wave Of Terror Attacks

    Makes sense, no ?? If this day ever dawns, look out !! When you see Americans jumping around in the streets chanting 'Death to Iran' and setting embassys afire, it'll be a very dark day indeed for Muslims. Can anyone tell me why this hasn't happened yet ? The opposite happens every day in the Arab world.
  9. ~ French Complicit In Rwanda Genocide ~

    The French ??? The Great Appeasers ?? Can't be !!
  10. So the U.S. should have left Sadaam in power to expand his mass graves and keep the oppression of the Shia and the Kurds to continue ? True, ditching Sadaaam did open an ugly can of worms, but the dudes' time was up. He had to 'go'. One thing most people forget, also, is when the first Bush visited Kuwait, Sadaam had a plot, that was foiled, to whack him. So I say, 'you take a poke at me, I'll take a poke at you !!! Turn about is fair play. Just so happens, our poke hurt a lot more than yours.
  11. Hamas Calls For New Wave Of Terror Attacks

    So I guess, using that logic, it would be proper for Americans to attack anything Iranian or Syrian or Saudi or...
  12. Hamas Calls For New Wave Of Terror Attacks

    When has that ever happenened ? It's always on a bus or at a shopping mall.
  13. And everyone has gotten away from the most ridiculous quote in the whole article. It said that penetration during rape is a 'pleasurable act'. Can you believe that ?!?! That one line makes anything that person says insignificant and stupid. And anyone who puts any stock in that article is insignificant and stupid, also !!
  14. That's a pile of baloney. The sectarian fighting is killing about 100 Iraqis' a day. And it IS Iraqis' who are doing it. Along with the handful of foreign fighters.
  15. What is that supposed to mean, genius ?.