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  1. My Trip To Islam

    has anyone heard of the anti-christ, dajjal? or gog magog===>thats in da quran. but the dajjal was mentioned by the prophet saws. i think we're in kiyamah now, there are three stages ones da actual judgment day, ones on dat hour and da others when we're close and all the signs are clear. man everyhting is happening. and aparantly another thing is that our living like when ISA LAII SALAAM (jesus) comes to kill dajjal or before that or woteva is going to be like the olden days soo no computers or all of dese new machines, aparantly in about 1920 or somehitng scientists have discovered dat a rock or a planet might just hit earth, who knows maybe thats it. or maybe the wars coming up will cause all the destructoin and damage. omg its all soo scary May Allah swt be with all of us and protect us Inshallah. asalaam
  2. asalaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, have you guys heard of Khalid yaseen? he came down to melbourne at a few university's in melbourne and explained to students and people there about Islam, at the end of the night many converted, now he's not allowed in australia, coz he knows too much. you guys can find what he said and exactly what he spoke about at dis following site here: read it i highly recomend you guys to read it its exellent. the site is: (www.)"http://sultan/articles/purposeoflife.htm"]sultan/articles/purposeoflife.htm[/url] and you can also actually download the actual live audio from that night just go to limewire and type in purpose of life khalid yaseen and download it its beautiful.
  3. eyyyyy Asalaam Alaikum Yusuf mate, i live in melbourne aswell and i am more than happy to help and teach you, and i can help you INSHALLAH. by the way wen we pray we face the kibla, wich is where the sun sets, wich is west. which part of melbourne do u live in ? i live in the north like towards coburg and epping area. what tafe do you go to? i can help you and if you live anywhere towards dandenong there should be many Masjids up that way. please reply to me with your email address or otherwise we'll find a way to contact eachother Inshallah. anyway take care brother. hope to hear from you soon. asalaam alaikum
  4. hey joseph im from melbourne too mate where bouts in melbourne do you live? msg me your email addy id like to talk to you in person. asalaam
  5. lol asalaam alaikum bro's i really have no idea what you guys are on about (like with the jesus and other things) lol im confused can someone please point out the main idea you guys are explaining please lol just breifly. asalaam alaikum your afghan sister
  6. Assalamu Alaykum

    My poem: failure is the key to success: this poem i made from my heart because its mainly about not losing hope and believing that when you really want something INSHALLAH you will get it no matter how impossible it seems INSHALLAH INSHALLAH INSHALLAH YOU WILL GET IT unless its something bad your asking for, and its also about going through a hard time and no matter how hard it is on you to be thankfull always because even if you really did have nothing at all in this world, you have the most important wich is Allah Subhanah Wa Tallah, this poem is made by me while experiencing a hard time still am sort of but being strong about things. anonimous afghan. Lately Allah (most gracious, most merciful) has forwarded difficulties to me I’ve been dealing and trying hard to cope with problems repeatedly I prey, A’amal, dua & beseech my hajaat most desperately and extremely However it is still not being answered or fulfilled Although no matter how long it’s taking I will still wait with patience and persevere until the response Insha-Allah But it always brings me to thank Almighty Allah For what I do have Masha Allah There are definitely Muslims out there who are experiencing more Makes me think about those Muslims who have no friends or even a family to adore Those Muslims who have no food to eat & those who are poor I take into consideration the fact that there are Muslims going through something more awful The thought that there are Muslims with a problem more dreadful Or going through a horrible phase, feeling or stage that is more terrible There are people out there that don’t even want to be alive Who go through & experience a hard time then don’t survive These are the thoughts that make me feel grateful At the end of the day I feel like the lucky individual I then thank the Mightiest Mighty Allah for each bit of my life Despite the fact that I myself am experiencing a hard time MAY BE I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF IT BUT WHAT I ASK FOR IS HARMFUL MAY BE Allah HAS KEPT IN STORE MUCH MORE MAGNIFICENT THING FOR FUTURE THAN THAT I ASK FOR OR Allah KNOWS BEST WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD FOR US IT IS MENTIONED IN SOME HADEES THAT WE SHOULD NOT STOP ASKING FOR OUR DEMANDS FROM Allah EVEN IF WE SEE THAT IT IS NOT FULFILLED, BECAUSE FOR EVERY UNFULFILLED HAJAAT THERE IS A SURPRISE GIFT FOR US IN THE NEXT WORLD, THE GIFT WHICH IS SO MARVERLOUS & INDESCRIBABLE THAT WHEN IT WILL BE GIVEN TO US THERE WE WILL WISH THAT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD IF ALL OUR HAAJAAT IN THE WORLD WERE NOT ANSWERED and just a little bit of my own advice and from what my heart naturally understands: Allah is The Trustee-Al Wakil: so have trust in what ever situation unexpectedly approaches you or what ever Allah swt makes happen in your life, whatever difficulty it might be have trust in Allah and Allah is The Protecter-Al Muhaymin Allah is The Patient-As Sabur: So have Patience for it is a big part of success (people mostly go wrong when they lose faith and give up, so no matter how long something takes persevere with patience, its one of the most important key aspects that leads to success) Allah swt is with those who have patience and He is The All Hearing-As Sami and hears all who calls unto Him. Allah is The Guardian of Faith-Al Mu’min: So dont lose faith, be strong, feel special when your experiencing a hard time because a lot of times it may seem to you that you’ve lost whatever it might be but in reality its for the better for you and you have no knowledge of it, for Allah is The All Knowing-Al Alim, and Knows best about everything. Allah is The Most Great-Al Kabir: so don’t ever think that something is not possible, For Allah swt can make anything happen (nothing is hard for Allah swt) just as Allah swt creates hard times he also is able to undo because Allah is The Able-Al Qadir and The Powerful-Al Muktadir Allah is The Source of Peace-As Salaam The Responsive-Al Mujib The Honourer- Al Muizz The Aware-Al Khabir The Loving-Al Wadud LOVE YOU ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS take it easy and i hope my poem has kind of helped even to those who are having troubles in with family when they have converted. to my indian sister if i was in you situation as hard and as impossible it may seem to ever try and convince your mum about Islam i would tell her that i have converted. it would probably start off with going through very hard time but however i will persevere because Allah swt is with me (and the thing is that most times when people are too afriad to do somehting coz they think its too hard for this to be possible they dont think that For Allah nothing is hard and this is reality with any situation as hard as something might seem in reality it isnt, you should think of all the maraculous possiblities because most situations inshallah it becomes true). back to what i was saying is that even though at first u tell your mum be strong dont worry how hard its going to be on you because maybe you converting will be the cause that results in your mum converting (did you ever think of it that way?), yer probably first month she'll be very angry upset and hatefull but maybe maraculously that is what makes her come to realise that "wait a minute y did my daughter convert? maybe i should look into it" maybe like ur the cause to make ur mum convert, because with any situation at first the affected person goes through many phases like phase number 1: person is very shocked, angry, stressed, hateful, 2nd phase: gets used to it, 3rd phase: comes to accept and loves you anyway 4th phase: starts to actually think themselves about converting, or wotever situation it might be. this can all take up from 3 month or even a week to 3 years or more but the point is most important keys to success and fullfilment of desire: have patience no matter what, persevere, and TRUST IN Allah SWT. ALLAHO AKBAR ALHAMDOLILLAH SUBHANALLAH. anyway im probably not making sence. ASALAAM ALAIKUM BROTHERS AND SISTERS
  7. Assalamu Alaykum

    Asalaam Alaikum sister your story really touched me alot, it filled my eyes with tears. You know i can help you and i want to but you probably think "how can a girl who lives in australia help me?" or think "no i dont think anyone can help" then try me plz, talk to me and ill talk to you through email you can contact me on its_me_man_187[at]hotmail##### . hope to hear from you sister Inshallah, asalaam alaikum
  8. Why I Reverted!

    Asalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, im new to this website, its nice i like it Marshallah its really nice to hear people that revert, i know i few people (like australians) who actually think Islam makes sence to them. theyre the type of people who drink go out wear really revealing clothing who go clubbing, and when i explain to them things about Islam they actually rekon that it makes sense to them (and they never even heard anything like it, like their new to hearing all these things). Inshallah more people convert. Now that girl isnt talking to me, i think maybe because her boy friend and mother think im a bad influence hey i dont preech or lecture she's the one who's always very very very curious and asks many questions and finds that it makes alot of sense. Some other girl i know aswell rekons that outa all religions only Islam makes sense to her, but she still hasnt converted because her parents will shoot her, and she's not allowed. Anyway i hope that Inshallah all convert. Ameen. asalaam alaikum.