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  1. Islam in IRAN!!!

    Asalamu Aleikum, THANK YOU brother.. and ditto on everything. To those of you who posted all those slanderous untruths-- come on, how many times does history have to show us what happens when we reject unity for the sake of our petty differences (most of which are contrived through ignorance)?
  2. Mosque

    asalamu aleikum hmm.. this site has a lot of weird restrictions for newbies
  3. So Happy

    Asalamu Aleikum brothers and sisters and thank you for your kind replies! May Allah bless and guide each of you, ameen. To clarify my post a little-- I am always happy of my descion since reverting to Islam, but today was one of those days where since the moment I woke up I kept thinking how much more joy I have now that I am a Muslim. You know? and it's a great feeling, Alhamdulillah.
  4. So Happy

    ...to be a Muslim! (and before I get scolded for neglecting to greet my fellow forumers: asalamu aleikum everyone! :D)
  5. Dear Looking By, As far as I understand, both the Jews ans those of the disciples who perverted the message of the prophet Jesus believe themselves to be eye-witnesses of the prophet Jesus' crucifixion. Regardless of who wanted him crucified, both groups believe they saw the same end result (Qur'an 4:157-159). However, you are correct that the Qur'an only mentions the Jews who rejected the prophet Jesus and demanded his execution. I will check with a scholar on the issue of what the Biblical disciples saw or did not see on this account. However, one must agree that both groups were in rebellion against God and rejected the prophet Jesus' message. The unbelieving Jews (as you call them) because they rejected that the prophet Jesus was the Messiah and a prophet of God. The disciples because they tried to deify Jesus despite the fact that he made it clear to them that he was only a prophet (Qur'an **5:116**, 4:171, 5:72-75, ). Again, when I refer to the disciples I am referring to those that are the authors of the New Testament gospels, as there were some true disciples of the prophet Jesus who did not pervert his message if I understand this correctly. (Qur'an 3:52-55, 5:111). To clarify a Protestant non-denominational upbringing. It's actually quite clear. Protestant meaning that my parents were not Catholic. Non-denominational meaning that they didn't associate with a particular Protestant denomination (i.e. baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Lutherans, etc). Their beliefs were theologically closest to the baptists'. I have always had a sincere faith in God, but what I did not have, before Islam, was a true path to Him. .
  6. Mosque

    salaam it only happens when you aren't trying. I think... like when you use it in a regular sentence... it's really tricky like that
  7. Mosque

    SEEE!!!! it did it again
  8. Mosque

    ok thats weird... I am so not making this up! lol. In my other posts in other threads when I wrote Masjid it would post as Masjid Im not crazy!
  9. Mosque

    it the forum only editing my posts??? that would be so weird ill try again: Mosque
  10. Mosque

    Asalamu aleikum all, one thing.. why does this forum edit the word m - o - s - q - u - e to Masjid? Why cant I say it in English if I want to? No like its a big deal.. but its a little obsessive-compulsive-control-freak like.... I dont know why but it really annoys me heh
  11. Islam In Czech Republic

    Asalamu Aleikum sister Zabrina! Some of the immigrant Muslims here are citizens, although I would say most are not. Usually they have permanent or long term visas. However, many of them have had children born to them here, which makes their children Czech citizens (usually with dual citizenship). We have a lot of natively Arabian Muslims here from mainly the following countries: Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Morocco and Kuwait. These Muslims tend to come from large poor families where they had to sacrifice education in order to work as soon as they were able and support their families. As a result, they work here mainly opening their own small food stores, kiosks and currency exchange businesses. If they don't have enough money to open one, they work for another Muslim who has one. The other large group of Muslim immigrants are from Bosnia or the former USSR countries such as Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, and all the other "stan"s. Imigrants from these countries usually had better access to education, and as a result tend to work in better paying jobs. Such as working in technical/computer companies etc. The Muslim population is increasing at a good speed with native converts. However, there is not much dawah going on here. Every so often the Masjid has an "open house" day, which brings people in and offers information for them about Islam. But there is no regular programs etc for Dawah. Mainly it's been people who were interested on their own and came to the Masjid to ask questions. The majority of our reverts are women. This in part because maybe half of them learned about Islam from Muslim men they later married. But plenty of the reverts came entirely on their own. In my opinion, Czech people are beginning to look for faith. The affects of communism are finally wearing off. And they are searching. It leads many to discover Islam, Alhamdulillah. InshaAllah as the Ummah grows here there will be the funds and enough dedicated people to develope Dawah in this hungry country and lead others to Islam.
  12. Dear Looking By, to get to the root of this. You beleive it makes more sense to go with the consistent consensus of all Christians that Jesus was crucified. Why do all Christians beleive this? Because all of the eye-witness accounts in the Bible report this consistantly. And Muslims AGREE that the eye-witnesses who wrote the crucifixtion accounts in the Bible sincerely think that they saw that. In other words, no one is disputing that they thought they saw Jesus being crucified. Allah tells us that they think they saw that. He made it appear this way to them and closed their hearts because they were in rebellion against Him and the message that He sent the prophet Jesus with. So in this argument no one can win. You beleive what you beleive because of the Bible says so, and we beleive what we beleive because the Qur'an says so. So we are at an impass. Now, I am the daughter of protestant non-denominational Christians. My father was a pastor for 5 years and a missionary for 10. If any one has been thorougly emersed in Christianity, its doctrines, its history, the Bible and its commentaries it's me. And yet, here I am today a Muslim. Why? Because of logic. I beleived Islam with every drop of logic I possesed for weeks before I could allow it to enter into my heart as well. It was like being in shock-- it made sense-- and it answered all my stifled questions that I'd had in Christianity (the ones where the pastor/youth leader/parent always ends up giving you the "you have to just have faith" or "we wont know until we get to heaven" answers). But at first it was so hard to accept that my parents were wrong. Everything I had ever been taught was wrong. It made perfect sense that it was wrong in my head, but in my heart I had trouble letting go. When I did though, I had an amazing peace and suddenly living a godly lifestyle was no longer the struggle it had always been. I think you are ignoring the logical answers members of this thread have given you, and twisting them. You are looking for holes in Islam, trying to rip them out of the Cloth yourself. But it won't work. Open your heart and take your head out of the sand (and I absolutely dont mean that in a rude way) and maybe then you'll really get some answers, insha'Allah.
  13. Asalamu Aleikum, so I thought I'd share about Islam where I live in Czech Republic. In the entire country (Czech Republic is small - about the size of the American state of Pennsylvania) there are only two Masjids. One is in the capital city of Prague and the other is in the 2nd largest Czech city called Brno, where I live. There are more Muslims in Prague, because as the capital city it is very international and there are many immigrants from Muslim countries that live work and study here. Brno has around 250 Muslims to its name. Many Muslims living 1-2 hours outside of Brno come here to our Masjid because it is the closest option. The Brno Muslims are, in my estimation, about 70% born Muslims from Islamic countries (Arabs, Bosnians, and Muslims from Islamic countries of the former USSR) and a healthy and ever growing 30% of Czech Muslim reverts (which I can proudly count myself among). to check us out online visit: (www.)"http://islamweb.cz/"]islamweb.cz/[/url] Muslims are an unusual sight in Brno (there really arent many of us) and in Czech culture it is not considered rude to stare. So you get a LOT of stares in hijab. Occasionally the stares are hostile, but most often they are just curious. I have never been harassed as a Muslim here, and Czechs are in general accepting and passive of what they don't understand (--religion -- CR is 98 percent atheist by surveys made in the last 15 years, and they are bewildered as to why anyone would want to beleive in God). A lot of people are interested in hearing about what Islam means and as a result there are more and more converts. Downsides to being a Muslim here though- there is not a single singular shop or restaurant that sells/serves halal meat in Brno. There are a few places in Peague, but not here in Brno. Occasionally the Masjid gets frozen halal sent to it, and it sells that directly in the Masjid. But it runs out quickly so you have little chance of getting any. : / If anyone was interested in comming here and opening a halal foodmart I'm sure theyd get great business.
  14. How To Perform Wudhu.

    Is the leather sock bit sarcasm? heh because i think thatd be reallz impractical. but anyway, of course you have to wash your feet for it to be valid. the question here isn't about whether or not you should wash your feet, its about HOW you should wash them. My point was simply that I do not think scholars will tell you that you have to put your entire foot under a stream of running water. It is enough to use your wet hands and wash each foot three times with the moisture on your hands. Just as we dont put our entire heads under running water-- we use wet hands and rub them over our scalp.
  15. Forced To Wear Headscarves

    I have to agree with this 100 percent. The popular protest among the Muslim community is against the ban on hijabs in public schools, not private one. The school being discussed in this thread is a private school, and therefore just as entitled to its religious standards of modesty, as expressed in the school uniform, as a private catholic school which has its own strict codes on the uniform. If the parents don't like the school's uniform requirements they'l just have to find another school.