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  1. Help Required With Dissertation

    Hello I am currently studying BA Multi Media Design at Huddersfield University, and have decided to base my dissertation on the current hotly debated topic, the veil. The objective of my dissertation is ‘does the veil hinder integration?’ I need women who would be willing to participate in my research. I am searching for women in particular who wear the veil and who are currently employed or have been employed wearing the veil. All you will be required to do is answer some questions regarding the veil and integration. Full list of the questions that will be asked is available to view before the interview takes place. You are not obliged to any questions that you wish not to answer. If they are any areas that you do not wish to talk about, please inform me. The information you provide will be treated in full confidence and your identity will remain anonymous. You also have the right to withdraw at anytime from the interview. If you wish to participate in the interview or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank You Maryam Munir Baby_no4[at]hotmail Mobile number: removed for safety reasons Moderator Shiningstar 01/11/06 [at] 1535GMT