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  1. Islam in England

    Dear Righteous, Assalamu Alaykum and thank you for your reply, jazak Allah kheyran! Would you feel comfortable giving me a name, age and where you're from in the UK (via pm if you wish)? As we need to put those details after the person's quotes. If you don't want to give me a real name, you coudl give me a pen-name. Jazak Allah Kheyran and look forward to more replies, Nouran :D
  2. Islam in England

    Assalamu Alaykum everyone, I've introduced myself before, I'm a Muslim journalist in England. :D I'm writing a story on Gordon Brown's latest comments that if he became prime minister his top priority would be fighting terrorism, this means tapping phone calls, extending the 28 day period for questioning suspects, allowing the police to question suspects after they have been charged, a ban on people covering their faces and burning flags at demonstrations. Do you think this is bad news for Muslims in Britain? If so, why? What effect you think this will have on the average, law abiding Muslim in Britain? Do you think Gordon Brown's plans will further ailenate innocent Muslims in Britain since they are being pin-pointed as the problems of society that Brown will tackle if he becomes pm? I would be grateful if you (Muslims and non-Muslims are welcome) could give me a brief quote so I could include it in my article as soon as possible, I look forward to your replies, Nouran
  3. Islam In Germany

    Jazak Allah Kheyran sister :D My deadline is today, so inshallah I hope to receive some replies. If not that's alright though! :D Take care and thank you for your kind welcome sister, Nouran
  4. Islam In Germany

    Dear forum members, Assalamu Alaykum, I'm happy to join your forum. I am a Muslimah in the United Kingdom, originally from Egypt, but I have lived in the UK all my life. I work as newspaper journalist. I'm not sure if we have any german muslims here, I am looking for a sister or brother who can share their comments with me as I am writing an article about a priest in germany who burned himself to call for action against the spreading of Islam. If someone is interested to give me a quote about what they think/feel about this story, please feel free to reply here inshallah or pm me. You can find the story by visiting google and typing in Reverend Roland Weisselberg, you will find a link that says german pastor kills himself over Islam fear. Thank you for your time, may Allah be with you all, Nouran