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  1. learn to speak, write, read arabic!! this is the closest you can get to a real life teacher. It is sort of a teacher becuase it respondese back to you when you talk! It will give you a free headset to talk to it. It is an amazing software. I am getting this when i get my paycheck. :D the catch is it is 200 dollers. :D (www.)"http://hilalplaza/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=294"]hilalplaza/index.asp?PageAc...&ProdID=294[/url]
  2. Islamercan

    Assalamu Alaikum, Islamercan-[using large font size is not allowed] the calaberation of the west and and the Islamic people to change thier religion. And to fit both their needs. This is not a real word, i made it up. I am saying this becuase many people in this forum follow this way of thinking, which is wrong. Of course non of them will come up say that they follow Islamercan way of thinking, as i am talking that they subconsestly do this. This forum is made up of all of these people who follow this way of thinking. Like loving the kafirs. Like pertispating in voting, like denouncing are brothers fighting to the death for Allah while they sit and watch their new HD tv. Like a bunch of muslims who try to view the Ayats of the Quran that soots them best. Look we are all brothers. We must not go and fall in the presures of america to change are belief in the religion. I met people who try to shun some topics and focus on morals. dont get me wrong i am not saying that they shouldent focus on morals but come on, Is not Allahs orders to you important yet you shun it!!! Look at this verse from the Quran And never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you till you follow their Millah (way of life, or religion). (2:120) If you noticed the christians and the jews are pleased with you!!This means we did one of those two things.
  3. Taking Music Form Youtube

    How do i do this? i knowit ispossible becase i was playing armed assualt (a game) and a muslim was there and changed thegame a little so he was able to make i charecter screem "allahu akbar"... everyone who plays armed assualt changes the game a little becuase there are thousands of addons and we just throw away the defualt one and add a user made one whichis usaully better. anywaydo you know how?
  4. Islamercan

    Well that is becuase you are at constant 'war' at each other in the political section. But other then political are you please with those who condomns the Mujahideens???
  5. The Truth About Our Brothers The Taliban

    WAS THAT A TAKFEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should ban you from this forum!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT!!! You do know that calling a muslims a kafir make you one! Repent and beg for forgivness from your lord! I am sorry but the people who follow the Quran and the Sunnah are not just the talabans and al-quada but also in bosnia, samolia, chechnya, and other muslims groups. Their is a place for woman to get educated but this is banned becuase of the constint war. ( check the history of Afhanistan to know what i mean). When has the Mujahideen ever raped a woman. There is not even one report that even states this as they are moral and they Fear Allah! Unlike you!!!
  6. Islamercan

    You know it is never enough. You out of any one divided muslims in such a big portion out of peer presure, so if i were you i would not be talking ther Yasnov
  7. Islamercan

    :no: Stating promblems in the way Islam is being taught becuase of Peer presure that is leading to even more and more kufr and intergration of are way of life and if that is divinding Islam that i agree with you. Let me use Russ as a dummie to my experiment. dont worry Russ you want get hurt there. :sl: Russ are you pleased with Yasnov??? And never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you till you follow their Millah (way of life, or religion). (2:120) I rest my case :sl:
  8. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    Not every section is a political section ther Yasnov. :sl: Are you encouraging sins??? It is not a haram fatwa. There are some people who will stand up alongside the ummah while some will just sit and watch and if they are loosing he will oppose them.
  9. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    Allah helps thoughs who put an effort. Like if you want to win a battle you dont just sit there and say Allah will make me win. This is the kind of Islamerican way of thinking i was talking about. Brothere you should read a bit more on Jihad to furthere understand this.
  10. I dont find that funny at all and i must say that you revise from saying that. I can see who you are by that little statement. You are a person who thinks of us as some crazy people who want to blow are self up. Look media is not exactly the most correct soucre you can go by.
  11. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    Really!!!!! :sl:
  12. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    for the 4 people who said no for the pole please come up. I am not seeking an argument rather a descicussion. We are brothers and sisters we should not denounce the people who are defending this religion with their lifes. Who are trying to liberate are lands. Who are spending their wealth to bring the ummah up and to take are brothers and sisters out of the arms of a solider who eye's can only see things that he lust for.
  13. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    Yes.. As a person writing a book with no knowledge the Islamic reasoning to his acts, can make him look as if he is some power hungry person. The books goes as if he knows why the caliph do this or that. He doesnt know as the caliph actions could have been based on the sunnah.
  14. Please!

    This is the quote of the article Yasnov wanted me to read. So which one of them is benifiting the muslims. The person who wants to invade pakistan or is it the person who wants to invade Iran ( and take the Wealth of Iran and becoming a stronger empire to attack us). Or if you say Ron Pual. then i still have to disagree with you. It is clear in Islam that adding the enemy is HARAM, it is so Haram that it is kufr for adding and the uprissing of an enemy of Islam, so arent we not adding an enemy??? The muslims in over seas made it clear that they are not going to leave america alone. The plan is to destroy america so Isreal doenst get any more weapons and military aid and then they go to destroy Isreal. And will Ron Pual denounce his military aid to Isreal. It will most lickly be bigger. So their is no benifits in voting for any of these men. This is such a big promblem so i sujjest you look into the sititution more as it might take you out of the fold of Islam. I wll help by bringing in more articles
  15. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    And plus i dont trust sources that are from kuffars.. Like the book i am reading said the Ottoman empire (Islamic Empire) was allied to Italy secretly. Itlay also helped them take over some country.
  16. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    I dont know that munch about the afghan war but wasn't America secretly allieing with them?? So secret that the Taliban dint even knew about it.
  17. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    The thing i plan to release is now released.. It is in my sig.
  18. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    I am?? :sl: I am going to release somthing which will explain why i was so mean to you Russ. You can check it out if you want to see why.. Note: it doesnt mean that i am going to be nice to you though. I am proubly going to be mad like crazy at you Russ for the pass mounth. And like i said you will see why after i release what i plan to release.
  19. Please!

    It is really HARAM to vote! We should not pertisipate in voting for these murders.
  20. Is This Forum Islamic?

    Assalamu Alaikum, Apparently i have gotten many warnings becuase of one reason. I supported the actions of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Why are the moderators giving me warnings??? Isnt this an Islamic fourm yet supporting the prophet of Allah (saw) is against the rules in this forum!!! I demand an answer and apology aswell as changing your rules immeaditaly!!! Would you Ban Muhammad (saw) if he was on this forum??? According to your rules you have to!!! My warning level just shows to me that i am braking the rules and according to the radical rules of this forum i am glad i am.
  21. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    I am just angry there Yasnov. I will come back when i callemed down. Stay here as long as you dont promote the American Version of Islam.
  22. Is This Forum Islamic?

    sure. The american version of Islam is what the muslims and the non-muslims help to create. It droped anything the non-muslims did not like. Like Jihad. Like defending are brothers and sisters. Replacing Islamic stuff and using christianty as a base of the change. So if you follow the american version of Islam the kafirs love it. And never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you till you follow their Millah (way of life, or religion). (2:120) So we see that we did to things change the religion that is labled Islam to christianty ( i can further explain this if you dont understand what i mean). Or we have just intergrated and accepting of doing Haram acts. It is pointing more to the religion changing then any other.
  23. Have they??? The last time i recalled they were morall people who dont go raping people and little girls and call it liberation. This is a crusade and you are on the side of Shaton! And i will answere your question.. Yes and no. If they go get slaves then america calls it kidnap and rape then i will not condemn them but if they go and rape woman i will condemn THAT MAN ONLY!!! One person is not a representive all of them. Like MR. bush is does not represent how americans are... What is this only for you and not for the muslims??? Are you special, If dogs are considered special then i agree. :sl:
  24. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    You offended??? I never knew people like you get offended. I thought they were to stupit dumb and blind to be offended. Russ it will be better for everyone if you just leave this forum. This forum has to many non-muslims in it, which has contributed to the fact that most follow the american version of Islam, (if it can even be considered Islam). And we dont need more people putting pressure on muslims to change the religion of Allah t please you.
  25. Is This Forum Islamic?

    I did. But it doesnt mean i am going to leave this forum. Yep you people are just stuck with me until you give up the American version of Islam