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  1. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    please explain how i offended such a "tolerant" man
  2. From what I see here. 20 muslim dark skinned kids call the bear mohammed and 1 white lady called it mohammed and they want to cut the white lady's head off. What i see is a racist society that obviously hates white people.
  3. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    Its amazing how many names there are for different people outside the muslim faith. Myself I am offended by the name calling.
  4. So are you saying its OK to condemn a woman to death because the pupils in her class named a bear mohamad?
  5. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    There cant be dialect if you keep blaming others for problems. You didn't even answer my questions.
  6. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    How and why do you refer Christians to American army soldiers, how do you know they are Christian? Are they killing in the name of Jesus?
  7. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    We aren't talking about Christians here, I am talking about mulims cleaning up their image. 10,000 muslim related attacks around the world since 9/11
  8. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    By the way I have looked on the forum and cant find one thread on how to fix the muslim faith, not 1 thread on what to do with all the people and groups killing in the name of Islam. these extremist are ruining your religion that has been around so long. Doesn't anybody here want to kick the extremist out and change the perception of Islam?????? Look here's my point, I don't agree with the muslim faith but i don't judge people for what they believe, I just don't understand why mulims are letting the extremist run wild under the muslim banner and ruining it for the "moderate" peacefull muslims. It almost makes me think there are no moderates and that the extremist point of view is the true Islam.
  9. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    Nobody wants the muslims to clean up their religion more than non-muslims. I am not muslim but would love to see this faith first admit there is a massive problem with extremist then after admitting it find ways to clean it up. I would love to see a peaceful Muslim society but what I am seeing is the extremist side of the muslim faith taking over. Peaceful muslims all over the world are just rolling over and letting their religion get dragged through the mud by these extremist. Please clean up the muslim faith it is getting harder and harder to accept it
  10. There are massive problems with a religion when not just a few people are rioting but in this case thousands are rioting. So thousands are rioting ans a few are quietly being moderate. I would like to know which group is true to Islam?