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  1. You're mum is cultural I bet, How about some insight on your background, like what country you grew up in. It would help in giving you advice. This sort of behaviour is to be expected from cultural parents.
  2. Urgent Answer Needed

    This is too vague to respond to my friend
  3. Really Messed Up

    Just ask for forgiveness, Sometimes we are put into difficult situations, and you are new to Islam, In time you'll be happy to say you are muslim
  4. Shahada

    Salam, The person who told me was a family friends mother, and ONE example she gave was that you cannot even say something incorrect about Islam in a joking way (and later state that you were just joking) and that you have 'left the religion' which to me sounds obscure. Her source is a 'well trusted scholar' or someone on that level.
  5. Shahada

    Salam all, Recently I was told by someone that if you do or say certain things that are incorrect (islamically) then you are immediately taken out of the religion, and you must say the shahada again. This is news to me. Can anyone verify this for me, are there any hadtihs that support it? Spartan 786.
  6. Salam Just wondering again.
  7. For Those Who Are Married

    Salam Just wondering.
  8. Kind Of A Rant About Friends

    Well said haha.
  9. Should I Pursue Marriage With This Guy Or Not?

    Salam, Hey, I'd be happy to help you out on how to fix things on a day to day level, my email is (email address removed by admin), so If you email me (make the subject: Gawaher Person, so that i know its you) I can help you, Coz i've looked into this topic alot and I can help you out. I'll be waiting for ur reply Salam
  10. My Muslim "boyfriend's" Possible Fianceé

    Tell her the truth
  11. My Muslim "boyfriend's" Possible Fianceé

    Tell the girl, she has the right to know what she's getting herself into, he is leaving you for a stupid reason, he's a fool
  12. I Don't Like My Father, So Am I Going To Hell?

    Salam, You're not going to go to hell because he whinges. Islam is a complete system, if someone is not upholding their part, then the system is no longer complete and so there are conditions. You're father needs to learn of a thing called self improvement. If he is so foul mouthed and arrogant - as far as I'm concerned, he doesn't deserve such respect. But that doesn't mean to start disrespecting him. Just find a middle ground where you don't feel guilty but can still maintain the relationship.
  13. Broken Heart/ramadan Ruined!

    Salam, You family is a victim of culture clash. People have associated cultural standards with Islam and decreed it as the right interpretation of Islam. It doesn't exist in Islam alone, happens in any religion. But the culture associated with Islam particularly clashes and damages the direction you take in life, be it with career, spouse, way of thinking or any dreams the person may have. With Christianity its a bit different, but we're talking bout Islam here. Seems that they think the only way to live life is through their way - their proof that they are right - the fact that they are still alive. When one of them (parents generation) is successful in life - careerwise particularly - they say it is from Allah, but if a non muslim is successful then its because he's been given everything in this life. How convenient - the system they have employed works in their favour, no matter what you say, they 'win' by default. They also cannot take any sort of criticism. The only way to show them - which I've been working on, is to SHOW them (tell them) people of the Ummah who are in similar situations. I'm still working on showing my mum - lots of stories, people I know personally, peoples stories from this forum etc etc These people are brainwashed, like their parents before. They don't actually understand Islam - they just think they do - and they will use things against you like - we are older and have more experience etc. I have spoken to a psychiatrist about all of these things (culture clash), you're not alone. Seems that most of the people with this culture clash story that went to him, are girls who are at uni. I don't feel you should give up, 7 years of work ended in this way? Its not about being broken hearted or Allah testing you, its about the stupid systems set up in play that tell you how to live your life. If people submit to the system, which they do, then you have the situations of the youth of today. Its hard to undo so many years of indoctrination with these older generations. So so many people are in situations like you.
  14. Broken Heart/ramadan Ruined!

    Salam, If he was really so loving why would he stop now after 7 years? When things get a little sketchy he just gives up? Would he do this if you had problems later in life? even after you got married? If he cared how you felt, would he be looking for someone else instead? or would he stand by you?
  15. Feeling Overwhelmed...

    Salam, He gave up on you? what a cheap one. Screw him. Doesn't seem like he liked you at all, if he gives up just like that.