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  1. How To Tell A Sorcerer

    AsSalamu alaikum, Look sister, The sunnah is as understood from how our beloved Rasulullah(Sall-Allahu alaihi was salaam), dealt with this. The Yahud placed sihr upon him , and the Mu'awwadhutain (Surahs 113+114) were revealed unto him . The malaika recited this to him and he was cured. Also Jibril (alaihi salaam) Instructed him about the where abouts of the device by which he was bewitched was and instructed him to bury it .Sufficent for us is the Mu'awwadhutain and trust in Allah. Also we have Al-Faatihaa and Ayat-ul-kursi about which we have been informed are a cure and drives away the Shaitan. Furthermore dispose of personal clippings (Nails and hair) in the proper fashion (i.e. bury or burn it). Last but not least make dua for Allah answers the prayer of the supplicant. We ask Allah for tawfiq.
  2. How To Tell A Sorcerer