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  1. Then I fail to understand why you would therefore think that 'scientists' who had a faith belief would 'suspend' their faith belief to do science. You maintain a dualistic view that suggests some sort of cognitive dissonance must be present ... that a scientist who has faith belief is busy leaping from one paradigm to another ... which perhaps says something about you rather than the scientists.
  2. Science is as much faith as it is science ... Just because things appearing the same are said to be a 'theory' does not somehow make faith redundant ... They only 'appear' the same because humans live in small space inside time which has no boundaries. And who cares about what novelists write ... Western novelists are out to make a fast buck and the best way to do that is to raise something controversial ... And benefit from the following free publicity ... Dan Brown did the same ... Why not mention him ... Running out of arguments perhaps ....
  3. The Season/merry Christmas

    That the Western corporatization of Christmas now means outspending the neighbor in order to keep the stock market ticking over ... but then have a look at what the Saudis have done with the Hajj.
  4. The Season/merry Christmas

    Names ... that is the limit of our understanding ... names ... that is why there is soooo many names ... we cannot 'known' the nature of that which we have trouble naming ... grand as such names may be ... So my question remains ... not knowing the 'nature' of God we cannot know what is ultimately sin and what is not ... and remember the serpent never lied ... Santa Clause is the Westernization of Saint Nicholas who gave gifts to the poor and needed at Christmas when the snow is thick and deep and food is scare at the height of a northern winter ... which seems pretty compassionate, and wondrous and loving and represents all that is good.
  5. The Season/merry Christmas

    All lying is a sin. Anything that is against the nature of God is a sin. Lying is against the nature of God so it's a sin. Forgive me ... how would you know what is the 'nature of God'?
  6. Understanding American Poor

    Have a look at the history of 'big corporations' ... they all come from the West ... the East India Company for instance actually ran a war with the Indians on behave of the British Government ... big corporations in the US do the same with any number of impoverished states ... now China is getting in on the act. The ideology is essential Western that dismisses 'religion' as superstitious nonsense while the corporations get on with the real business ... that is, rational ... of raping the country and making even bigger profits for the very well off. Both Christianity have become essential ineffective and bloated while Judaism has been hijacked by the zionists and declared war on the rest of the world ... Islam is the only hope for the future. So the answer is pretty simply really.
  7. Congratulating An Atheist

    'Interest' is of little interest unless it leads to something otherwise you are merely playing.
  8. Congratulating An Atheist

    Interesting question ... and why do they pound Islam forums? ... if God does not exist ... why the interest ... ?
  9. Why ...because you say so? What makes you think Muslim scientists have to live in some sort of liminal duality ... what of Christian scientists ... are they the same ... again, how would you know? You don't know at all ... you are making assumptions that are unsupported ... in fact, cannot be supported. Your thinking is wrong and if my saying so bothers you so be it ...
  10. Traditions Around The Birth In Islam

    You are a Christian living in Tunisia ... right? Your OP was about whether to donate to charity instead of slaughtering a sheep but as you are a vegetarian I understand this is not something you would wish to do ... so I still fail to see where you have a problem making a decision ... that was my point.
  11. The Season/merry Christmas

    Misled ... in what way? The story of Saint Nicholas who gave presents to the needy at the time of Christmas is probably as true as the story of Jesus.
  12. The Season/merry Christmas

    ... and those reasons are that the time when the birth of Jesus, peace and blessing be upon him, is celebrated has to do with the winter equinox in the northern hemisphere ... it is the deepest part of winter when food supplies, before the days of refrigerators, were carefully measured to make sure the family could survive the rest of the dearth until the return of spring. So, once the winter solace had been reached it was a time to look forward to the return of the sun and the return to regeneration ... not insignificant qualities when considering the Christian theology.
  13. You keep asking about the 'Western mindset' but when given the opportunity to read about the subject you are busy elsewhere ... Allow me to try to illustrate. I was recently in another country where the road rules are the reverse of Australia ... drivers pass of the left, not the right ... and this I learnt from day one in Australia to the point I can negotiate crossing traffic on foot without thinking about it ... But I was in another country where other rules applied and as I enjoy walking inevitable I had to negotiate the traffic and although I 'rationally' knew traffic was traveling on the opposite side to what I use to I would continue to look right then left ... even after some weeks I was still doing the same thing even though I consciously knew I had to look left first then to the right ... ingrained habits die hard. You are ingrained with Western ways of thinking which continue to limit you in 'understanding' that which you wish to understand.
  14. I could but I'm wondering why you are not apparently following the various leads that have been offered to you ... I would suggest that these may well answer your questions a whole lot better than I am able ... those concerned are far more qualified scholars than I hope to be.
  15. Congratulating An Atheist

    Sounds like you are trolling ... get a life ... bye