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  1. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    wow ajmal dude complitly got me wrong here... and ryo man get your head straight.. i m MUSLIM... LA ILAHA ILLALLAHU MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH!
  2. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    my answer to you noxious is... I DONT NEED TO ANSWER YOU.... muhahahaahaa! anyways i never said pornography is allowed. i asked how can a females voice be the factor of excitement for men when in this world now it is so normal for a woman to be less less than half-fully dressed? i mean how many of you men actually get excited when u hear a womans voice? seriously do any of you? or probably Muslim men are psychologically different? they get too excited easily? and the link you provided .. its said there that a man should not listen to a non-mahram womans nasheed... then can a woman listen to a non-mahrams nasheed or the adhan(some imams have great voices)? and i dont think i have been disrespectful att all (atleast not more than the dude righteous :sl: )... i was being honest of what i think... and thas how i am... i am sorry i cant change that way...atleast i was being honest and not being like some muslims over here who think they are the best muslims and anyone who has doubts and questions(respectfully or disrespectfully) Allahs orders are all less muslim than them and claim they r commitiing kufr.. names of whom i wouldnt mention :sl: and whats this madhab thing?i thought all i really need to be is just muslim .. and believe in the shahada the quran and sunnah... isnt following a madhab gona make me belong to a sect? i can be very wrong here with that.. do help me (this may be a different topic right?) so how many of you have heard about a rape case where the reason was the girls voice? salam
  3. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    i understand the logic behind All of the above.. but i still dont understand the whole womans voice thing... ok here is it to the man... how many of u actually get excited when u hear a womans voice? i am not questioning allahs law.. i just want an honest answer from the brothers here...forget about voice.... if you see a woman who is not wearing a hijab do u get excited and try to mess around with her..? lets be practical... where the world is now allowing pronography i seriously doubt if men woul actually rape women jut by hearing her voice... again please dont take it as an offence... and righteous ... i have said it before .. i didnt even see there was a thing where i had 2 select my religion... after i registered i saw that... (o god he seems to be the best muslim in this forum..)lol... peace
  4. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    u a human god dude? ordering me not to breath...? :sl: then why even bother trying to act like u can answer :sl: Rejecting or accepting is not the matter here. Simply show something that actually is bad for the man? the responsibilities ? come on that actually lets u think "Hey dude i am the boss so listen to me"... just kiding so what you are saying is... just accept a divine power in your life and not ask his reasons? i mean in order to know a divine exists... the first thing is to question.. may be not in a forum ... lol but in your mind?let me give you an example.. lets say an idolator... he has been told since he is a kid that idolatory is one of the best way to accept god in your life... now if he questions why ... then his elderes will be like.. do not question things u have no idea about... then it will always be in his mind not to question things... right? ohh and about these 4 wives thing what i actually want to know is how many women would like to share their husbands with other women? (you love him alot and can even give up your life for him... you wait for at nite so that u can have dinner with him... you simply love him more than anything)---since when did muslim men bvecome women and start answering for the women? lol... so how many of you would like it? this is what i would say... if my husband wanted to marry another woman.. then simply he doesnt love me at all... to begin wiht he doesnt even noe what love is.. right?---i need answers from women... i mean the whole marriage thing is not just about being with a man and having babies... is it? also just because a man is going to have secret relationships because he is not allowed to have more than one wife the same case can be applied to women who have secret relationships. peace. p.s: religuous people are geting weirder day by day... you ask them something and when they hav no answer they are like... stay steadfast to Allah and quran... that does not give an answer... that makes you more confused
  5. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    i am stupid...i agree but its stupider that there are no vivid answers to those stupid questions i mean u might say stupid questions have no answers but if Islam cant answer stupid questions then that means its not complete.. yo cheer up dude! and why souldn't i get an answer? if Islam is for everyone then it should also mean its for stupid people like me? right? :sl: Cheer up you all :sl: salam!
  6. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    wow now u r some sort of human Muslim god to judge who is Muslim and who is not? doesnt matter anyways coz i know what i am dude :sl: i did not even say i reject anything.. all i did was question... anwyas so how do people actually know which is right and which is wrong if they can't question anways i guess i am violating a rule here by changing topic, alredy got banned a couple of times, dont wana get banned again.. so what is the deal with a womans voice? and need sum lady responses... i just dont gwt why all the muslim men get so hyped up abt all this muslim lady issues.. they just think they r under their feet and they can rule them however they want .. no offence but thats how most men act like salam
  7. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    see what i mean? to be a Muslim is to keep your moths shut and not ask anything almost all Muslims have told me that.. logic is aplied no where.. questions asked are usually unanswered and leaves the questioner baffled and then acording to them he or she commits kufr... righteous dude.. if you wana shut your mouth and accept it no problems with that. why tell someone else to do what you do?peace out :sl: anyways believing that there is a creator for this world has nothing to o with the laws set by Him i know my parents have given birth to me but i might not simply agree with some of their ways of bringing me up even though i know that what they say is right..i know this is a stupd example... lol this is the thing...whats the big deal with a womans voice? what? are Muslim men that perverted that when they hear a muslim womans voice they are just gonna go and rape them? and you muslim women would love to think of your husbands being in bed with another woman? and you say when a husband is being too bad with the wife she should go to the local authority.NOW why cant that be simply allowed for the men instead of allowing men to beat their wives? and again muhammad(saw)'s hadith certainly contradicts allahs ayah here.. doesnt iT? oh thanks righteous ... for reminding me that women will burn more in hell.. another sexism... this is one bad thing among muslims.. some one who believes in Allah should not question him... that is just being so narrow minded...why cant we quetion?do we keep these questions in our hearts our whole life? and die with doubts? Muslims need to do something about this whole questioning thing... if you believe Allah you wouldnt ask such a question.. so this means you are just blind like people from other faith right? they simply belive and dont ask questions. peace out dudes... i just got only one response from a lady.... ladies now com on... i noe there r sum who hav beter answers than the other stupid sex :j: .. am just kidding.. please dont ban me :sl: salam
  8. Is This Sesxism In Islam?

    so Islam is sexist ? :sl:
  9. Can a woman sing nasheed or read quran aloud in front of men(such as a competiotion etc.) Can a woman give a divorce instead of asking for a divorce? Can a woman call for prayers(adhaaN)?Can she be an imam? Can a woman rule a country? Can a woman have 4 husbands if all these men are infertile(the probabilyt may b zero but please do not give twisted answer.. just say yes or no) Can a woman be the head of the family(why a patriarchy all the time?) Can a woman live alone in a foregin unislamic country? Why cant woman do hajj without a mahram?(so sexist) And also when a couple is divorced... after seven a son can stay with whoever he wants... but the daughter has to saty with a father... is this true ? and if it is it fair? and why is it that after 3 divorces if stil the couple wants 2 get back together then the women need to get mnarried 2 some other man? and what is mutah marriage? is this leagal? and is it true that men were allowed to have sex with slave women during the olden times? How many of you women would like it if ur husbands had 3 extra wives?how many of you can actually bear it that your husbands would be actually having sex with someone that is NOT YOU? why is that a man can marry a woman of the book but not a muslim woman?(completely sexis) why is it that the woman always need a male guradian? why cant a man hit her wife if she is bad yet when a womans husband is bad she has to go talk o the authority... simply why cant a man go to the authority isntead of hitting.... prophets hadiths contradict the quranic message here... and why is that hijab for the men is from navel to knees(less than half the body) and completely from head to toe for the woman(95%) and also these sort of answers are usually answered by men... i would like to see some women answering... salam peace out...
  10. I Feel Like I've Been Lied To

    i did not stil understand what your last paragraph meant unaligned. peace
  11. Prophet (pbuh) And His Wives

    You necessarily dont need to have a child do you? i mean did muhammad(saw) hav kids from evry single wife?we can rule ibrahim out(since it was only one kid) ... getin my point? peace out salam
  12. Dogs

    again what is the logic behind this? i mean it just doesnt make sense... i mean... woh God is discriminatory towards dogs now? :sl: peace salam love
  13. Saddam Hussein Executed In Iraq

    wo surprising o see how muslims are supporting a killer?who are we kidding? Islam? salam
  14. Random Incoherence

    wow its funny i always thot subhanallah was a girl! dam bro sorry for that! i feel prety dumb for that! salam
  15. Timing Of Execution Risks Arab Backlash: Analysts

    lovely brother... yeah imagine if iraq kicked americas *** (sorry but i have no other ways to put it)... and they got bush and he got hung on christmas(wow i am too brutal but love imagining that) saLam PeacE LovE