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  1. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoogle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5grmpk18UVAYzqu4fu2F0eNh8QIgA"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoogle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/hostednews/ukpress/a...u4fu2F0eNh8QIgA[/url] ??? Is this untrue propaganda?
  2. Having heritage isn't the same as being held back by antiquated systems of development. I'm sure that because of the time that has elapsed between the time of the Prophet and now means that many many individuals carry the capacity to pass on the baton of scholarship. It is also worth noting that during the golden age of Islam it appears there was still this system in place.
  3. that is extremely interesting thanks for your answer
  4. After reading the article on POWs in Islam these articles take on a different meaning. If the United States community is against the nations of Islam, that is permissible in an opponent, however if they attempt to divide the Umma, then they are ascribed a much more brutal status. Is this why you post articles on how they divide the umma?
  5. this is what I gained from that article so does this mean that someone has to study under a large body of individuals already recognized as scholars before they can enjoy that distinction? What path would a student usually follow to become a scholar?
  6. Question in the title. The reason I ask is in my opinion, a scholar is a learned individual who cites research to make conclusions, but considering the discernment between typical Muslims and scholars that I have witnessed on this board there must be a wider distinction than that. What is it? Does one have to be enrolled at a particular institution, or acknowledged by some group of individuals to officially be a Muslim scholar?
  7. Obama Photo In Turban, Robe Causes Stir

    I've encountered this argument, along with allegations that Obama had gay sex with someone who confessed on youtube. Both of which have been embraced by his opponents.
  8. Star Wars According To A 3 Year Old.

    a########################################## *pauses for breath* a####################################ww that was adorable
  9. I Need Your Advice About Marriage

    I hope for you the best of luck in your search and I hope also that you find a woman of a higher quality than tech diver, who seems to have the hots for you
  10. I'll narrow this down further, to avoid tangential discussions that we're voyaging off into. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I think that because both of us are busy guys we could use some focus. Let's assume it's 1970 and you have a choice to throw your lot in with Moscow, or with Washington. You know that both countries use some nefarious tactics to attain their political ends. Which of the two super-powers (The United States or Russia) would you prefer to join, assuming they are your only options? The point I'm trying to prove here is that in fighting communism, America had to reach some new lows in regards to political tactics. But in the combat of an even worse enemy maybe those atrocities were understandable, and now that we are not fighting an enemy that can defeat us, we can reform our country around higher standards in regard to civil rights.
  11. Kosovo Declares Independence

    It is interesting to see the israeli reaction to this subject, as they poured relief into Kosovo, and yet metaphorically the breaking off of this country is similar to what the Palestinians could do.
  12. Slavery

    This is what I mean by conditional slavery. I am certainly not proposing that eunuchs or Janissaries were entirely free in the Western sense of the word. As I understand it (and it would like the confirmation of an adherent of Islam to make certain I am correct in this) when someone converts to Islam if their master is Islamic then they are required to free the slave as all men are equal under Islam, a concept that was rather foreign to the time and region. It is also important that we tease out the difference between what Islam teaches, and what countries with a primary religion of Islam do, as often there is a large difference.
  13. The Issue of Music in Islam

    To both you and to Dot thank you very much for your enlightening posts. I hadn't fully understood the concept of Tajweed before. It seems similar to a Jewish custom when reading Torah, and the intention to ensure that the Quran is properly preserved reflects the diacritical notation used by the Jews in later years. It is interesting how the same verses can be expressed quite differently by several individuals, and slightly intimidating that to become a memorizer of the Quran you still must maintain understanding of Tajweed or else your memorization isn't worth nearly as much. Now I am straying off topic, thank you both again for your posts. I am almost sad that I am not doing a project on Quran reciting otherwise I would use the resources Dot has presented
  14. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    It's more complex than that. The individuals who objected to the behavior of the schoolteacher saw it as a Westerner taking whatever opportunity that she could to disrespect Islam. When their perception of Western society includes Danish cartoonists who intend to disrespect Islam then I can understand their paranoia. I'm sure that when the whole picture is presented, no one condones violence against a senior citizen schoolteacher who thought she was naming a bear after a child. It is easy to look at the world from the Western perspective and believe that we are in the right and that extremists are only a problem in the Islamic religion. However, if you look at it from the opposite point of view it may look less like there is a problem with Islamic extremism globally and more of a problem with recurrent intervention from the West, and that extremism is a reaction to that intervention. I'm sure more or less that these issues are political rather than religious, and those entities that wish to have an isolationist American policy use religion to manipulate to their political ends, rather than having religion be intrinsically violent. Why do we draw a line between the two? I could argue that when the United States conducts a war, it is based on tactics that do not focus on civilian populations, or that there is a line drawn between what Americans would or would not do (would use violence to eliminate a repressive cartel, will not use nukes to glass over a country) whereas it seems terrorist networks have not limited their options in this manner a "terrorist" is someone who tries to acquire his goals through fear. The United States has no need to do this. So the reason we apply the term 'terrorist' to Muslim extremists is very similar to the reason that calling Muslim extremists 'imperialists' makes little to no sense.
  15. Kosovo Declares Independence

    Well I'm not entirely sure. Those countries with separatist movements within their own borders (such as Spain) are generally against this movement, as it demonstrates the legitimacy of succession. Is there a separatist movement in Indonesia?