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  1. it is same as for 10 as you can see here 302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321 123456789,01, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 02, 12, 22,32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92, 03,
  2. Rusell you lost you credibility and logic when you said that oppposite words in quran wich are mentioned same number of time are just coincidence, that was big evidence for me that you are not logical i cant still understand you how this can be coincidence day 365 times month 12 times this world-next world 115 times angels-devils 88 times man-woman 24 times hot-cold 4 times and so on....
  3. beacuse that is not mirror number of the number above, let me clearfy it 151413121110987654321 then we start from behind, first 1, second 2 and so on...until we come to 10,, when we come to 0 in 10 from left , we write first 0 then 1 then we have 123456789,01,11, 21, 31, 41, 51..... when you write down numbers from right to left you get 0 first then 1, and 2 first then 1 in 12 from left to right <---------------------- 151413121110987654321 do you understand me now?
  4. i will show you the miracle visually check this out How can we see letters DNA 3 times mentioned next to each other only in verse 18:65 wich correspond the year of science of genetics DNA and not only that, we see that DNA and RNA are mentioned in the same chapter 7 times, just like other stuff are mentioned same number of times can you imagine to program 7 verses of the quran with 9 combinations wich are all divisible with 19, and 19 is aprime numberm it is divisible with 1 and itself. so in every 100 numbers 19 is divisible only with 6% of the numbers 1 , 19, 38, 57 , 76, 95 if someone would say this programming is only there by chance, then it is there by chance 6% then i ask you how can someone program a very long number wich is divisible with 19 from every direction, both left and right?
  5. here is another nummerical programming in the quran __________________ we can also see symtri between chapter and verse numbers Symetric organisation of the book (Sequence number of Chapter)-(Verses) = 4 combination: odd-odd odd-even even-even even odd example first chapter Fatiha has sequence number 1 and 7 verses, then it is in ODD-ODD section Homogenus are ODD-ODD, EVEN-EVEN Non-homogenus are odd-even, even-odd It is also constructed simmetrically Now we divide the book in half, first part of quran 57 chapters, and second part quran 57 chapters even this is also symetrical between homogenus and non-homogenus Chapters of which the number of verses are greater than sequence number Chapters of which the number of verses are smaller than sequence number Sequence Numbers Set and Number of Verse Set example: Chapter/Surah with sequence nr 3, nr of ayats/verses 3 can be found at seequence nr 108 and 110 what do you people say about these stuff?
  6. show me in any book you want somethine like this, you cant even come close to it, you cant even small part of it not to mention something like this Golden ratio in Nature and Quran Definition Here, we have repetetive nummerical values from the table above for example chapters 85 and 99 have same nummerical value 107, we summerize all repetitive nummerical values Here, we have non-repetitive nummerical values, and we summerize them also We can clearly see golden ratio between Reptitive and non-repetitive nummerical values from this table words equally mentioned in the Quran: 1.angels-devils 88 times 2.this World -next World 115 times 3.Adam-Jesus 25 times (beacuse God said in the verse that these two are equal in the sight of God) 4. Name of satan-seek refuge (from satan) 11 times 5. names of all prophets - root Word prophet 513 times 6. Human -(all components of human) 65 times 7. heat-coolness 4 times 9. Nigh+nights mentioned 92 times exactly as number of the chapter Night wich is also 92 10. 309 Words from the begining of the story to the Word 309 11. day mentioned 365 times, same as it is in one years 12. month mentioned 12 times, same as it is in one years 13. Seven heavens mentioned 7 times 14. Moon mentioned 28 times in 27 verses, The moon goes around the earth in 27.3 days, or 27 days 7 hours 43. 15. wine-intoxication mentioned 6 times 16. advice/preach - tongue 25 times 17. Golden ratio programmed in the nature, quran, and position of the Kaba 18. Man -Woman 24 times 19. Belief-Disbelief 25 times 20. DNA- RNA 7 times 21. consonant letters for Neutron mentioned only in 1 place out of 6236 verse in arabic orginal quran, you can find in verse 18:39, neutron is 1.839 times heavier than electron 22. 3 times mentioned DNA only in verse 18:65 out of 6236 verses, year 1865 science of genetics (DNA) began with Gregor Mendel 23. Kaba mentioned first time in verse 2:125, Kaba has latitude 21 minutes 25 degrees 23. Venus mentioned 3 times, from first time to second time there is 243 verses, it takes 243 days for Venus to orbit around its own axis, last time venus is metnioned is verse 17:7, venus has inclination od 177 degrees 24. Word Thunder mentioned only in two verses in the whole quran, totally different verses, but they have both 19 words, 86 letter, and word Allah is mentioned after 69 letters and there is much much more such intresting examples, can all this be coincidence, judge for yourself after those examples above
  7. if you think about those chemical elements in moby , you came up to 11 elements, i think tell me russel do you think quran is mathematically programed or not? if not explain to me, how can word Day in simple singular form be mentioned 365 times, just like in a year word Month, in simple singular form 12 times just like in a year or that two words Thunder. in two different verses, both verses have 19 words, 86 letters, and word Allah is mentioned after 69 letters in both and there are more such things do you honestly think that this is just coincidence?
  8. as a muslim believer it is not excluded for me to believe that bible also contains some kind of miracle since God told us in the quran that God gave revelation to christians and jews and others, so it may contain some kind of miracle, but Quran tells us also that bible is corrupted book, so it does not matter if it orginally come from God if it is corrupted book now.
  9. so far i have not seen anything in other books like i have seen in the quran
  10. Simple to understand, beautiful and amazing programming of future events
  11. ypu repeat stuff i allready posted long time ago on this topic, you have not read all this topic and you post same material wch allready exist from now on, you read whole topic and if you dont see new stuff you post here, if you see it on this topic then you dont repeat yourself.
  12. how many bismillah is in the quran? it is 114 every time you find bismillah you write 1 in begining of every chapter there is bismillah except chapter 9, that is why there is 0 and in chapter 27 there is bismillah in begining and in the middle of the text that is why 2 is written at 27th place
  13. i posted here hundreds examples of nummerical programming in the quran, show me such nummerical programming in any book on earth if you say is true.
  14. of course Quran points to number 7 “And indeed We have already brought you seven of the oft-repeated (Al-Mathani ) and the magnificent Qur’an.” (Al Hijr: 87)
  15. here we can clearly see how quran is programmed with number 7 From Chapter 2 ( chapter with the first seven ) to Chapter 78 ( chapter with the last seven ), if we also add up all the Verse Numbers together, we will get 5705, which is also divisible by 7 ! ( 5705 = 7 x 815 )
  16. of course is quran also programed not only with 19 but also with 7 there are several example of programming quran with 7 and i have posted them here on this forum
  17. and about my incosistancy, maybe i made error somewhere but when it comes to counting letters if we take example above counting letter between Bi (bismuth element) you shall Count stand alone hamzah also, if we Count it then countig starts from "i" in first "Bi" to the front of next Bi we get 83 letters totally B-->(i.............................counting these letters)--->Bi as you can see this is logical counting beacuse those 83 letter connect two of "Bi" elements and when it commes to shadda Shadda is like double letter in pronunciation , so if we Count letters how we pronaounce then we Count it as 2 letter extra Alif are in standard arabic quran, while in original text of quran Uthmanic style there are no extra Alifs, that is why we should count in original uthmanic style of quran.
  18. that example with 7, 5705 / 7 = 815 is good example, next time you shall post my original post and add your findings to it, just like you did above
  19. it cant be coincidence beacuse there is too many nummerical patterns in the book it is impossible to claim it is coincidence it mentions letters DNA 3 times only in one verse out of 6236 verses, in verse 18:65, year 1865 science of genetics started officially by Gregor mendel letters for Venus, appear 3 times in the quran, from first to second time, there is 243 verses, it takes 243 days for Venus to revolve around its own axis. last times venus was mentioned was in verse 17:7, Venus has inclination of 177 degrees first times Kaba in mekka was mentioned, was in verse 2:125, Kaba has coordinates 21 degrees and 25 minutes Letters for Neutron (NTRN) are mentioned only once in verse 18:39, out of 6236 verses, neutron is 1,839 times heavier than electron. Halley commet(kewkeb in arabic, kewkeb is celecstial object wich reflects sun/star light, mentioned onky once in verse 76, it takes 76 years for halley comet to orbit the sun. and there are much more such examples.
  20. brother you adding to already existing material on this forum, you have not even read this topic and you post same material i posted long long time ago, i will remove it just so you know that.,
  21. Olaf, if you have more questions about this topis feel free to ask, dont be shy :D