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  1. Heavenly Order of Surah Sad - Nouman Ali Khan - Singapore 2015
  2. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    i am not scared of new infomration i just dont understand connection between random events and complex structures, that is not logical at all, for me it is more logical to believe that creator/God created these complex structures.
  3. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    as i said i cant accept that random events create complex structure, if you can beleive in that , then believe it i cant.
  4. compare with Allah in arabic
  5. if you count only with written letters without shadda counting then it will not produce this numerical pattern, that is why i dont like this very much even though it is just another way of counting, it is still valid counting.
  6. look MYKHLA ZYZALA VHV DRALA AS YOU CAN see RA--->AR letter next to eachother are after 18 letters
  7. actually i dont like this example since it counts with shadda not written letters so if there is shadda above they counted it as two letters, it is also logical way of counting , shadda stands for double letter, it is written as one but pronoounced as two double letters
  8. but 3 different counting styles produce alsmot same results , around 72 % wich is in reality now so how can that be coincidence?
  9. i agree, that is not good with 13 letters, so we can exclude 13 but 27 is accurate :)and logical
  10. you dont understand man word there is in singular but beacuse it is translated verse they translate according how it is said in english you cant say in english 12 month as it is said in arabic, you translate 12 months, even though it is said in singular in arabic look for yourself شَهْرًا http://context.reverso.net/translation/english-arabic/month [Nanjing - 1 month after takeover] [نانجينج بعد شهراً من السيطره عليها] Give him another month to think about it. فليمكث هنا شهرا اخر ليفكر في الامر as you can see same word Shahran but it is in singular not plural
  11. Shahran at 9:36:8 is singular while they translated it as months
  12. Not 14 you cant search there , search in corpus quran.
  13. As i said 12 times singular 9 times in plural
  14. i dont think you know what binary means, binary system is created by 0 and 1 digits what are you tlaking about, this is nonsence.
  15. i still dont understand what is binary-programmed Qu'ran ? how can it be coincidence when 3 different counting teachniques provide result somewhere around 72% wich is according to latest results from USA 1. 73.33 % 2. 73.98 % 3. 71.05% so this is not coincidence
  16. i have not search for all but for many i searched i found since we dont have letter O in arabic, if God wanted to programed it in the text, what letter would he use would he use Alif beacuse it stands for vocals, and O is a vocal so eighter it most be programed with number 8 or 16, it must be counted when it appears first time , unless there is a reason to count from second or third, and if it is second it may imply that 2 scientist discovered it, if it is counted from 3rd occurence then it may imply that it was discovered by 3 scientist. do you understand me now.
  17. you have to click on quran dictionary- the root at the bottom for month http://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=$hr
  18. 3 more numerical miracles Ship 23 times- Drowning 23 times 64- They rejected him. Consequently, we saved him and those with him in the ship, and we drowned those who rejected our revelations, they were blind. 7-The Purgatory, 64 Ship/Ships 23 times Drowning 23 times Few 75 times - Appreciative/Thankful 75 times The verse that connects these two words is like this: 13- Only a few of My servants are appreciative. 34-Sheba, 13 Trumpet 10 times -- Blow 20 times , blowing is mentioned twice more just like the verse connects two blows with a trumpet 68- The trumpet will be blown, whereupon everyone in the heavens and the earth will be struck unconscious, except those who will be spared by God. Then it will be blown another time, whereupon they will all rise up, looking. 39-The Throngs, 68
  19. The verse that connects these two words is like this: 13- Only a few(75 times) of My servants are appreciative(75 times). 34-Sheba, 13 there is a relation between the words “a few” and “appreciate.” The total number of the derivatives of “qalil” (a few) and “shukr” (appreciate) are just the same: 75 times each. http://corpus.quran....nary.jsp?q=$kr#(76:9:10) shukr 75 but http://corpus.quran....nary.jsp?q=qll#(2:83:26) 75 qalil, aqallat excluded since it means to carry, Muslim4life7 how did you find this one??
  20. Muslim4life7, you have found 2 more numerical miracles drowning-ship 23 times horn/truphet 10 - blow 20 and verse says trumphet will be blown twice, 1 horn ---> 2 blows
  21. actually that word means drowning, to be exactly, in google translate it is drowning غَرْقًا Drowned https://translate.google.se/?hl=sv#ar/en/%D8%BA%D9%8E%D8%B1%D9%92%D9%82%D9%8B%D8%A7 (غرقا) means drowning. https://sistersnotes.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/ihsan-surah-an-naziat-1-5.pdf it can mean voilently it can also mean drowning http://www.almaany.com/quran/79/1/2/#.VuigJJzhC70 Meaning of غَرْقًا to English in Holy Quran غَرَق drowning غَرْق violently
  22. that word in 5/97 is singular, but is translated by some in plural for example, in some languages some may say 21 month, while other translate it 21 months, in orginal text it is singular while in translation it is plural. do you understand now verse 5:97 Muhammad Ahmed - Samira : God has made the Ka'bah, the Sacred House, a means of support for mankind, as also the holy month, the sacrificial offerings, and consecrated cattle, so that you may understand that known to God is all that is in the heavens and the earth, and God has knowledge of everything. Ali Quli Qara'i : Allah has made the Ka‘bah, the Sacred House, a [means of] sustentation for mankind, and [also] the sacred month, the offering and the garlands, so that you may know that Allah knows whatever there is in the heavens and whatever there is in the earth, and that Allah has knowledge of all things. Amatul Rahman Omar : Allâh has made the Ka'bah, the Holy House (at Makkah) to serve as an anchor (-a means of support) and a means of uplifting for mankind, and also( each) sacred month and animals brought as an offering and animals wearing necklaces (meant for sacrifice during the Hajj). He has done this that you may know that Allâh knows all that lies in the heavens and all that lies in the earth, and that Allâh has complete knowledge of all things. Arthur John Arberry : God has appointed the Kaaba, the Holy House, as an establishment for men, and the holy month; the offering, and the necklaces -- that, that you may know that God knows all that is in the heavens and in the earth; and that God has knowledge of everything. some have translated it correctly
  23. these stuff wich i present are tested and verified stuff, this is amazing for me when i can see the miracle in front of my eyes, that is powerful feeling every time i discover new stuff in the quran.
  24. what binary word, what do you mean binary?????
  25. i am amazed beacuse it is logically programed infrmation wich we can testify and verify.