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  1. if you are to choose wich verse to put those letter, where would you put them, i would put it in verse 76 since it is normal orbit of the halley comet.
  2. i told you it is only one written Alif, even your site wich you posted above say it is one alif =a Letter Sound Transliteration End Middle Beginning Isolated (Original) Form ’alif ā ـا ـا ا ا i just dont know where you get two AA from, when we all can see that it is one alif written there, and even if it was i told, you it would still mean halley, cant you uderstand this?
  3. NASA says it is 76 years http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2015/01may_halleyids/ Encyclopedia britannica says also 76 years http://global.britannica.com/topic/Halleys-Comet Another astronomical site say it is 76 years http://solarviews.com/eng/halley.htm MOst popular astronomy site Universetoday says it is 76 years http://www.universetoday.com/48991/halleys-comet/ if it comes 75 that is only due to the gravitational impact on its normal orbit http://www.universetoday.com/48991/halleys-comet/
  4. did i not tell, you before, it varied trough history 6 different years, from 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 and 79 this is beacuse of gravitational fields of sun and planets but normally it has its orbit 76 years, do you understand this?
  5. i am tolerant if you give clear and valid proofs, but you dont bring any so far, and if you claim without proof that i cant tolerate.
  6. no, it is written with one letter A, but sometime it is pronaonced longer so it feels like two AA, but it is written with 1 letter, remember this, one letter written only. and even if it was, written with two AA, HAALLY, it would still be connected to Halley, beacuse you need to use existing words, so connecting two words ALYH ALLYH next to each other and place it on correct positon you actually program scientific fact. Do you expect God to use exactly word Halley, and then nobody would understand what it means in all generations, but now we have double programed text, by using existing words let me give you an example Let me give you an example how quran numemrical programming works. Let say i write a sentence: Chapter 18, Sentence 65 Edna was a beautiful girl, who lived in Ednabelle city let say i know future, so even though i gave some information about this girl Edna in Ednabelle, i also choose to place this at position Chapter 18, Sentence 65,i choose to place letters DNA only at this place in the whole book out of 6236 sentences. to correspond the year in future when science of DNA will be officially started in year 1865 this is how quranic nummerical programming works, giving double information what is the chance that this occur by coincidence it is 1/6236 = 0.00016 %
  7. i say Alif stand for one letter not two letters, get this once for all. next time you insist i want clear proof from you for that and if you dont bring it your post will be deleted NASA website http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2015/01may_halleyids/ May 5, 2015: As May of 2015 unfolds, Halley's Comet is more than 5 billion kilometers from Earth, receding into the inky blackness of the outer solar system, where its looping orbit takes it every 76 years. Dim and distant, history's most famous comet won't be back until sometime in 2061.
  8. not true, Alif is one letter, not two letters AA and if yo ustill continue to insist in that show us proof that one letter Alif is like two AA, if you insist in your claims without proof i will delete your posts , just so you know that. if there is something called DNO and something wich can support it from the text or the chapter and verse position, then show me you dont remeber what i told you today, when i claim something i have backup to support it what i claim, for me it would not mean anything letters DNA if they where not on correct position
  9. there is no DNAA, only DNA there is only one Alif there, if you dont believe me ask any arab speaker and see what he will tell you how many alifs are there. and you call me a joke, while you invet extra letter wich does not exist, only tro debunk me :no: ooh man...
  10. i said officially science of genetics began year 1865 http://www.npr.org/news/specials/dnaanniversary/ A Brief History of DNA's Discovery 1865 Gregor Mendel, in experiments with peas, theorizes about how traits are passed on from one generation to the next. 1869 Swiss Scientist Friedrich Miescher isolates a material in cells that will eventually become known as "deoxyribonucleic acid" or DNA. He calls it "nuclein." 1909 German geneticist Wilhelm Johannsen coins the term "gene" to describe units of heredity. 1911 America scientist Thomas Hunt Morgan shows that these units of heredity are located on chromosomes. He receives the Nobel Prize in 1933. 1929 American biochemist Phoebus Levene determines the chemical makeup of DNA, identifying its four bases - - adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. 1943 English biochemist William Astbury makes the first X-ray diffraction images of DNA's structure. 1952 Work with viruses and bacteria by American scientists Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase supports the theory that genes are made of DNA. 1953 At Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge, Francis Crick and James Watson describe the double helix structure of DNA and suggest how genetic material is copied. Their idea of a double helix formation is based on X-ray diffraction images made by Kings College's Rosalind Franklin, who was part of a lab led by Maurice Wilkins. Watson, Crick and Wilkins receive the Nobel Prize in 1962. https://books.google.se/books?id=2rfMBQAAQBAJ&pg=PA1&lpg=PA1&dq=DNA+history+1865&source=bl&ots=lH7oWKn-cn&sig=aZZRoEI6eqWwdVDUGVIxYdWa0-M&hl=sv&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjh59_9n77LAhVqP5oKHfoMDLk4ChDoAQhPMAc#v=onepage&q=DNA%20history%201865&f=false
  11. letters DNA are there, ask any arabic speaker and see what he will tell you
  12. dont play games with me, i say there is no extra A written between H and A look for yourself ‏6:76 فلما جن عليه الليل راى كوكبا قال هذا ربي فلما افل قال لااحب الافلي AeLyH ALLYL Quran in arabic http://www.answering-christianity.com/cgi-bin/quran/quran_search.cgi?search_text=&search_type=The+Entire+Noble+Quran&arabic=1&B1=Search if you cant speak arabic nor read you are not in position to teach me how it is written
  13. let me explain how i felt physically when i tried exorcism long time ago, just to see if that is fake or something real when recitation began, i felt these stuff, my eyelids move very fast, i felt something pulled me back like magnet, i felt presure in some parts of the body, my arms levitated, i felt something moved under my skin. so how do you explain that a simple recitation of text could have such impact on my body phisically, this was most shocking and supernatural experience in my life. this is nothing mental stuff, this is physical impact, not mental impact on mean. for the first time i could feel with my body supernatural power, then i thought, whaaaaaaaaaaat is this book????? how powerful is this book actually?? so if you can explain how recitation of quran could make me feel thse stuff physically , go for it :)
  14. why, you see all thse words have backup, something wich support that it is indeed that and nothing else for exanmple letters DNA can only be found 3 times only in verse 18:65 ---> year 1865 began science of genetics (DNA) by gregor mendel officially when he had his presentation of his findings on a university. in same chapter DNA letters are found totally 7 times, and we find also RNA letters also 7 times in same chapter, and we know that in quran similar stuff are mentioned same number of times, like woman-man. angel-devil, this world-next world , wine-drunk and so on... RNA is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNA Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a polymeric molecule implicated in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes. RNA and DNA are nucleic acids, and, along with proteins and carbohydrates, constitute the three major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life. Like DNA, RNA is assembled as a chain of nucleotides, but unlike DNA it is more often found in nature as a single-strand folded onto itself, rather than a paired double-strand. Cellular organisms use messenger RNA (mRNA) to convey genetic information (using the letters G, U, A, and C to denote the nitrogenous bases guanine, uracil, adenine, and cytosine) that directs synthesis of specific proteins. Many viruses encode their genetic information using an RNA genome. and not only that even text itself talks about giving knowledge to a human being 18:65 and found one of Our servants- a man to whom We had granted Our mercy and whom We had given knowledge of Our own. discovering science of genetics is indeed great knowledge given from God to a man, God dont nede to talk and come personally to talk to human being, all he need to do is, say Be and idea clicks in your mind, and you get "Ahaaaaaaa" feeling :D
  15. there is no extra A between H and A, only one alif, so only one A is there the answer is, chapter and verse position explains more what it is beacuse meaningful connection bwteen chapter number 6 and verse number 76 points towards halley comet we have 4 things wich points towards halley comet 1. word Hally ---> Halley 2. Word Kawkab---->celestial object wich need light to be seen, planet, asteroids, comets, metheors and so on 3. Verse 76---> halley comet orbit around the sun 76 years 4. Chapter 6---> 6 different orbital years of halley comet (74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79) trough history so 4 different things points towards halley comet if there is no connection you cant find anything as i told you 4 different stuff points towards halley comet and not melitta, beacuse melita word cant be find in the text while halley=hally can be found, that is why you assutmption is wrong
  16. Trust me it does not work like that. If there is no numerical pattern then you cant find it no matter how hard i try, i have search for some specific numerical programing but i have not find what i have searched for, i cant make it up to delude you and myself. But that which i present here that is for sure numerical miracles
  17. how is it made up letters NTRN in this construction are found only at this place, and it is most pure for using for neutron but your finding NTR(ALIF)N -->NTRAN is also valid word for neutron beacuse consonants are in correct order According to my logic NTRAN is ok word for neutron, but someone can say, letter A is between R and N, and we know that neutron has O between R and N, but Alif can be used for vocals, A, I, E, U , since letter O does not exist in arabic, we can say we can use even alif for If we want to see if there is connection between verse or chapter with neutron, we can see one similarity, like that verse is 143, and Atomic Bombs wich fell over Hiroshima nad Nagasaki had Uranium 235 wich had 143 Neutrons, Uran 235, with 143 neutrons is used in atomic bombs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium-235 Neutrons 143 if this is something judge for yourself
  18. it is written like this ALYH ALLYL so A,L,Y,H,A,L,L,Y,L
  19. yes, there is a difference between Islamic and christian exoricism, christian exorcism is done by sining while Islamic exorcism is done without sining if you only do it by quran recitation. while christian joinpartners to God wich is most greatest sin they can do, and they do it trough the christian exorcism
  20. consonant letters for halley and some vocals can be found in two words next to each other written like this AeLyH ALLY only in one verse in the whole quran, in verse 76 in chapter 6 normally halley comet has 76 years, but beacuse of gravitatinoal field of the sun and planets it has varied trough history from 74 to 79 years, 6 years= (74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79) and chapter is 6, so, we have actually meaningful verse 76 wich is normal oribital period of the halley comet and meaningful chapter 6th chapter = 6 different orbital years, Letters Hally (halley) Kawkab(celestial object wich needs light from star to be seen) are found only in that verse next to each other only in verse 76 So it is wrong to use different words to program future events? this is not only case we have also another example in verse 18:39, two words are found with these letters next to each other IN TRN = "if you see" NTRN are consonant letter for neutron, what does it tells us that it talk about neutron, it is chapter and verse position, 18:39 and science tells us that neutron is 1,839 times heavier than an electron letter NTRN are found only in this verse 18:39 in the whole quran out of 6236 verses. who says that it must be done like this 7th chapter 6th verse why not put it like this 6 chapter = 6 different orbital years of halley comet (74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79) trough history 76 verse = 76 years , normal orbital year of halley comet when it is stabilised
  21. there is no other explanation than God if you have any other explanation the show me since when halussionation and sexual desires na fasting created such skill to come up with scientific facts wich will be discovered in future, program text numerically, prophecied future events and many many other stuff. since when could mental problems create such magnificent book?? there is apsolutely no proof for your claim, that is just assumption without 0 proof.
  22. but Quran explain in one verse what kind of object is a kawkab, that is an object wich needs light from outside to be seen, tose objects are planets, moon, asteroids, metheors, comets if there is no light from the sun we could not see it. letters for name Halley can be found in that verse 76 in chapter 6 next to the word kawkab wich is celestial objects wich needs light from outside to be seen and we know that halley comet has its orbit around the sun in 76 years so why am i joke?
  23. there is no natural explanation of such info in one book, it points towards God. let say, that it is not from God, then i ask you who can program the text and verses to correspond of future events wich will happen in the future? he was not dumb, he was illitarate, that is huge difference. There is no evidence that he could read or write, but we have historical and quranic evidence that he could not read nor write. Adn even if he could read and write he could never write such amazing quran beacuse humans cant know what will happen in the future to program it in the book. If he could read and write, his enemies would say, you are writing this by yourself, or you are copying this from the books you read, but they never said that, even though they tried to find an explanation for the quranic verses.They knew that he was illitarate and if he was not illitarate he could never write quran beacuse of impossibility of programing future events in the text and verses
  24. evidence that Qur'an is from God is based upon 6 points 1. Scientific stuff in the Qur'an wich was discovered in our times 2. Numerical programing of the Qur'an 3. Future predictions in the Qur'an 4.Lingustic miracles of the Qur'an, linguistic structure and simmetry 5.Historical scientific proofs that Qur'an must come from God 6. Healing properties of the Qur'an, used in Islamic exorcism No errors nor contradictions in the Qur'an is also a good point I used one out of many example from point 2, Numerical programming of the Qur'an Quran came trough prophet Muhammed wich was illitarate, could not read nor write, and then we see all these stuff in the Qur'an, for us these stuffs are evidence that Qur'an from God and not from humans. Who could organise Quran like this only in his mind without any editing process, here is an example so you can understand why it is a miracle Let say you need to do this: You have to create such nummerical system only in your head, wihtout using, paper pen, computers or calculus, just only in your head and your scribers write everything you say and if you say it once, you cant take it back, so there is no editing process. Can you create such nummerical programing system in your book only in your mind? is it possible for any human to do something like this in his mind only? That is why this is a miracle, beacuse prophet Muhammed could not read or write, he did not have computers or calculus, when he recited quran verses his scribers wrote it down on different materials and there was no editing process except if scribers write and error and prophet corrects it when a scriber recite back to prphet to check that everything is written correctly. Do you understand now why this is a miracoulus book? everything support that it comes from God, so my belief is based on that when i see that people can create such structures in their minds without using any tools and can make future propechies in their book, then i shall stop believe that Qur'an is a miraclous book,.