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  1. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    you can believe what you want but that is not logical to me beacuse i just cant understand and accept that "random events create smart and meaningful structures wich perform tasks" that is just illogical cal it whatever you want, God of gaps, like you atheist use to say, but my logic tells me than random events cant produce smart and meaningful structures wich perform tasks, i just cant accept it beacuse i dont see that as logical, if something is not logical automatically i reject it, does not matter what is said or who says it.
  2. New Research Confirms Consciousness Survives the Death of the Body http://themindunleashed.org/2015/08/new-research-confirms-consciousness-survives-the-death-of-the-body.html “The evidence thus far suggests that in the first few minutes after death, consciousness is not annihilated. Whether it fades away afterwards, we do not know, but right after death, consciousness is not lost. We know the brain can’t function when the heart has stopped beating. But in this case conscious awareness appears to have continued for up to three minutes into the period when the heart wasn’t beating, even though the brain typically shuts down within 20-30 seconds after the heart has stopped. This is significant, since it has often been assumed that experiences in relation to death are likely hallucinations or illusions, occurring either before the heart stops or after the heart has been successfully restarted. but not an experience corresponding with ‘real’ events when the heart isn’t beating. Furthermore, the detailed recollections of visual awareness in this case were consistent with verified events”. what more creduibility do you want when yo ucan listen to what scientist say about it who were present there and watch those things as objective people, to be sure that this is not fake, what more do you want???? no, that is not best evidence, i have better evidence than that, and that is actually Islamic exorcism, i have done isamic exorcism and other have done Islamic exorcism on me long time ago. that is in my opinion best evidence of Jinn presence, beacuse you can actually feel them physically with your own body. here is an Islamic exorcism video
  3. Let have a look now what happens if we count other words with those words, join Bahr+Yam and Bar + Baldat Yam 8 times Baldat (Land) 5 times (Balad means a city) Bar 12 times + Baldat 5 times = 17 times Bahr 33 times + Yam 8 times = 41 times 17 + 41 =58 water ratio on planet 41 / 58 = 0.70689 ---> 70.7%
  4. evidence Sea mentioned in singular 33 times in the Quran Land mentioned in singular 12 times in the Quran
  5. Amazing what else can i say :yes: Evidence from Quran search program , R mentioned in both 255 times
  6. why is it a joke, if we have 6 points wich shows that 9/11 was connected to those 2 verses even Islamic site about miracles in the quran copied material from me from my channel, look they copied Moon prophecy miracle and 9/11 prophecy in the quran http://aljumaareminder.com/reminder/1911/ 9/11 2011 South tower had 109 indoor floors and 1 outdoor, wich was observatory for tourists North tower had 110 floors indoors Chapter 9, Part/Juz 11, verses 109-110 109 Which is better, the person who founds his building on consciousness of God and desire for His good pleasure, or the person who founds his building on the edge of a cliff which is about to collapse, so that it collapsed with him into the fires of Hell? God does not guide the evildoers 110 the building they have founded will always be a source of doubt within their hearts, until their hearts are cut to pieces. God is all knowing and wise. you can only find about collapsing building in those two verses in the whole book. 1. 9 chapter 9th month 2. 11 Juz/Part 11th day 3. 109 verse 109 indoor floors in the south tower, 1 outside 4. 110 verse 110 indoor floors in the north tower 5. 109-110 talk about collapsing buildings 6. on the edge of a cliff and we can see in that photo above that buildings are near the edge.
  7. no beacuse in this case Oath is made of two first verses, when you say These are the signs....you automatically connect with first verse, so those two verses make an oath let see what verse 3 says Verse 3 [Prophet], are you going to worry yourself to death because they will not believe? is there any connection here with two first verses, NO. so we have an oath and rest of the text, in this case author of the Quran, God, scattered these letters after the oath to represent nummerical value of the chapter The Poets
  8. One more thing letter M is not mentioned in 26 verses in the Chapter 26 (The Poets) :)
  9. When we search for nummerical pattern, then it most be logical. let me give you example First logical counting 1.Oath 2.Oath 3.Text 4.Text 5.Text 6.Text 7.Text 8.Text 9.Text 10.Text To count all letters both Oath and Text, COunting letter in (Oath + Text ) Logical numerical pattern Second logical numerical pattern 1.Oath 2.Oath 3.Text 4.Text 5.Text 6.Text 7.Text 8.Text 9.Text 10.Text To count all letters after Oath in Text verses, Counting letter in (Text ) Logical nummerical pattern Now let me show you what is not logical 1.Oath 2.Oath 3.Text 4.Text<---- 5.Text <---- 6.Text 7.Text 8.Text 9.Text 10.Text If i start to count from Verse 4 or 5, that would not be logical to jump verse 3 That would be clear fitting number to match the numerical value of the chapter name. beacuse if you then would ask me why dont you count 3, or 4 if i start counting from 5, there is no logical explanation in that case but in this case Second logical numerical pattern 1.Oath 2.Oath 3.Text 4.Text 5.Text 6.Text 7.Text 8.Text 9.Text 10.Text To count all letters AFTER Oath in Text verses, Counting letter in (Text )THIS IS IN my opinion Logical nummerical pattern. it seems that author of the quran excluded counting in the Oath section do you understand now?
  10. 1 and 2 verse are an oath, the programing was done after the oath. That is logical numerical pattern. If the programing was done from the frist verse that i also logical programing. Incosistent would be if you start programing from verse 4 or 5 and oath was in first two verses. If God chose to program it after then that is logical, who can say that it is more logical to program from first vese and not after. The most important thing is that it must be logical pattern. Is it from begining or after does not matter.
  11. i want you to test the miracle with your own hands like i do copy this T letter ط and post it in MS word copy this S letter س and post it in MS word copy this S letter م and post it in MS word Do you see the miracle now :)
  12. here are the orginal quran text in arabic from verse 3 to 227. copy this in microsoft word and then search for these 3 letters ‏26:3 لعلك باخع نفسك الا يكونوا مؤمنين ‏26:4 ان نشا ننزل عليهم من السماء اية فظلت اعناقهم لها خاضعين ‏26:5 وماياتيهم من ذكر من الرحمن محدث الا كانوا عنه معرضين ‏26:6 فقد كذبوا فسياتيهم انباء ماكانوا به يستهزؤون ‏26:7 اولم يروا الى الارض كم انبتنا فيها من كل زوج كريم ‏26:8 ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:9 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:10 واذ نادى ربك موسى ان ائت القوم الظالمين ‏26:11 قوم فرعون الا يتقون ‏26:12 قال رب اني اخاف ان يكذبون ‏26:13 ويضيق صدري ولاينطلق لساني فارسل الى هارون ‏26:14 ولهم على ذنب فاخاف ان يقتلون ‏26:15 قال كلا فاذهبا باياتنا انا معكم مستمعون ‏26:16 فاتيا فرعون فقولا انا رسولا رب العالمين ‏26:17 ان ارسل معنا بنى اسرائيل ‏26:18 قال الم نربك فينا وليدا ولبثت فينا من عمرك سنين ‏26:19 وفعلت فعلتك التي فعلت وانت من الكافرين ‏26:20 قال فعلتها اذا وانا من الضالين ‏26:21 ففررت منكم لما خفتكم فوهب لي ربي حكما وجعلني من المرسلين ‏26:22 وتلك نعمة تمنها على ان عبدت بني اسرائيل ‏26:23 قال فرعون وما رب العالمين ‏26:24 قال رب السماوات والارض ومابينهما ان كنتم موقنين ‏26:25 قال لمن حوله الا تستمعون ‏26:26 قال ربكم ورب ابائكم الاولين ‏26:27 قال ان رسولكم الذي ارسل اليكم لمجنون ‏26:28 قال رب المشرق والمغرب ومابينهما ان كنتم تعقلون ‏26:29 قال لئن اتخذت الها غيري لاجعلنك من المسجونين ‏26:30 قال اولو جئتك بشئ مبين ‏26:31 قال فات به ان كنت من الصادقين ‏26:32 فالقى عصاه فاذا هي ثعبان مبين ‏26:33 ونزع يده فاذا هي بيضاء للناظرين ‏26:34 قال للملا حوله ان هذا لساحر عليم ‏26:35 يريد ان يخرجكم من ارضكم بسحره فماذا تامرون ‏26:36 قالوا ارجه واخاه وابعث في المدائن حاشرين ‏26:37 ياتوك بكل سحار عليم ‏26:38 فجمع السحرة لميقات يوم معلوم ‏26:39 وقيل للناس هل انتم مجتمعون ‏26:40 لعلنا نتبع السحرة ان كانوا هم الغالبين ‏26:41 فلما جاء السحرة قالوا لفرعون ائن لنا لاجرا ان كنا نحن الغالبين ‏26:42 قال نعم وانكم اذا لمن المقربين ‏26:43 قال لهم موسى القوا ماانتم ملقون ‏26:44 فالقوا حبالهم وعصيهم وقالوا بعزة فرعون انا لنحن الغالبون ‏26:45 فالقى موسى عصاه فاذا هي تلقف مايافكون ‏26:46 فالقى السحرة ساجدين ‏26:47 قالوا امنا برب العالمين ‏26:48 رب موسى وهارون ‏26:49 قال امنتم له قبل ان اذن لكم انه لكبيركم الذي علمكم السحر فلسوف تعلمون لاقطعن ايديكم وارجلكم من خلاف ولاصلبنكم اجمعين ‏26:50 قالوا لاضير انا الى ربنا منقلبون ‏26:51 انا نطمع ان يغفر لنا ربنا خطايانا ان كنا اول المؤمنين ‏26:52 واوحينا الى موسى ان اسر بعبادي انكم متبعون ‏26:53 فارسل فرعون في المدائن حاشرين ‏26:54 ان هؤلاء لشرذمة قليلون ‏26:55 وانهم لنا لغائظون ‏26:56 وانا لجميع حاذرون ‏26:57 فاخرجناهم من جنات وعيون ‏26:58 وكنوز ومقام كريم ‏26:59 كذلك اورثناها بني اسرائيل ‏26:60 فاتبعوهم مشرقين ‏26:61 فلما تراء الجمعان قال اصحاب موسى انا لمدركون ‏26:62 قال كلا ان معي ربي سيهدين ‏26:63 فاوحينا الى موسى ان اضرب بعصاك البحر فانفلق فكان كل فرق كالطود العظيم ‏26:64 وازلفنا ثم الاخرين ‏26:65 وانجينا موسى ومن معه اجمعين ‏26:66 ثم اغرقنا الاخرين ‏26:67 ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:68 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:69 واتل عليهم نبا ابراهيم ‏26:70 اذ قال لابيه وقومه ماتعبدون ‏26:71 قالوا نعبد اصناما فنظل لها عاكفين ‏26:72 قل هل يسمعونكم اذ تدعون ‏26:73 او ينفعونكم او يضرون ‏26:74 قالوا بل وجدنا اباءنا كذلك يفعلون ‏26:75 قال افرءيتم ماكنتم تعبدون ‏26:76 انتم واباؤكم الاقدمون ‏26:77 فانهم عدو لي الا رب العالمين ‏26:78 الذي خلقني فهو يهدين ‏26:79 والذي هو يطعمني ويسقين ‏26:80 واذا مرضت فهو يشفين ‏26:81 والذي يميتني ثم يحيين ‏26:82 والذي اطمع ان يغفر لي خطيئتي يوم الدين ‏26:83 رب هب لي حكما والحقني بالصالحين ‏26:84 واجعل لي لسان صدق في الاخرين ‏26:85 واجعلني من ورثة جنة النعيم ‏26:86 واغفر لابي انه كان من الضالين ‏26:87 ولاتخزني يوم يبعثون ‏26:88 يوم لاينفع مال ولابنون ‏26:89 الا من اتى الله بقلب سليم ‏26:90 وازلفت الجنة للمتقين ‏26:91 وبرزت الجحيم للغاوين ‏26:92 وقيل لهم اين ماكنتم تعبدون ‏26:93 من دون الله هل ينصرونكم او ينتصرون ‏26:94 فكبكبوا فيها هم والغاوون ‏26:95 وجنود ابليس اجمعون ‏26:96 قالوا وهم فيها يختصمون ‏26:97 تالله ان كنا لفي ضلال مبين ‏26:98 اذ نسويكم برب العالمين ‏26:99 ومااضلنا الا المجرمون ‏26:100 فمالنا من شافعين ‏26:101 ولاصديق حميم ‏26:102 فلو ان لنا كرة فنكون من المؤمنين ‏26:103 ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:104 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:105 كذبت قوم نوح المرسلين ‏26:106 اذ قال لهم اخوهم نوح الا تتقون ‏26:107 اني لكم رسول امين ‏26:108 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:109 ومااسألكم عليه من اجر ان اجري الا على رب العالمين ‏26:110 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:111 قالوا انومن لك واتبعك الارذلون ‏26:112 قال وماعلمي بماكانوا يعملون ‏26:113 ان حسابهم الا على ربي لو تشعرون ‏26:114 وماانا بطارد المؤمنين ‏26:115 ان انا الا نذير مبين ‏26:116 قالوا لئن لم تنته يانوح لتكونن من المرجومين ‏26:117 قال رب ان قومي كذبون ‏26:118 فافتح بيني وبينهم فتحا ونجني ومن معي من المؤمنين ‏26:119 فانجيناه ومن معه في الفلك المشحون ‏26:120 ثم اغرقنا بعد الباقين ‏26:121 ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:122 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:123 كذبت عاد المرسلين ‏26:124 اذ قال لهم اخوهم هود الا تتقون ‏26:125 اني لكم رسول امين ‏26:126 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:127 ومااسألكم عليه من اجر ان اجري الا على رب العالمين ‏26:128 اتبنون بكل ريع اية تعبثون ‏26:129 وتتخذون مصانع لعلكم تخلدون ‏26:130 واذا بطشتم بطشتم جبارين ‏26:131 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:132 واتقوا الذي امدكم بما تعلمون ‏26:133 امدكم بانعام وبنين ‏26:134 وجنات وعيون ‏26:135 اني اخاف عليكم عذاب يوم عظيم ‏26:136 قالوا سواء علينا اوعظت ام لم تكن من الواعظين ‏26:137 ان هذا الا خلق الاولين ‏26:138 ومانحن بمعذبين ‏26:139 فكذبوه فاهلكناهم ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:140 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:141 كذبت ثمود المرسلين ‏26:142 اذ قال لهم اخوهم صالح الا تتقون ‏26:143 اني لكم رسول امين ‏26:144 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:145 ومااسألكم عليه من اجر ان اجري الا على رب العالمين ‏26:146 اتتركون في ماهاهنا امنين ‏26:147 في جنات وعيون ‏26:148 وزروع ونخل طلعها هضيم ‏26:149 وتنحتون من الجبال بيوتا فارهين ‏26:150 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:151 ولاتطيعوا امر المسرفين ‏26:152 الذين يفسدون في الارض ولايصلحون ‏26:153 قالوا انما انت من المسحرين ‏26:154 ماانت الا بشر مثلنا فات باية ان كنت من الصادقين ‏26:155 قال هذه ناقة لها شرب ولكم شرب يوم معلوم ‏26:156 ولاتمسوها بسوء فياخذكم عذاب يوم عظيم ‏26:157 فعقروها فاصبحوا نادمين ‏26:158 فاخذهم العذاب ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:159 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:160 كذبت قوم لوط المرسلين ‏26:161 اذ قال لهم اخوهم لوط الا تتقون ‏26:162 اني لكم رسول امين ‏26:163 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:164 ومااسألكم عليه من اجر ان اجري الا على رب العالمين ‏26:165 اتاتون الذكران من العالمين ‏26:166 وتذرون ماخلق لكم ربكم من ازواجكم بل انتم قوم عادون ‏26:167 قالوا لئن لم تنته يالوط لتكونن من المخرجين ‏26:168 قال اني لعملكم من القالين ‏26:169 رب نجني واهلي مما يعملون ‏26:170 فنجيناه واهله اجمعين ‏26:171 الا عجوزا في الغابرين ‏26:172 ثم دمرنا الاخرين ‏26:173 وامطرنا عليهم مطرا فساء مطر المنذرين ‏26:174 ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:175 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:176 كذب اصحاب الايكة المرسلين ‏26:177 اذ قال لهم شعيب الا تتقون ‏26:178 اني لكم رسول امين ‏26:179 فاتقوا الله واطيعون ‏26:180 ومااسألكم عليه من اجر ان اجري الا على رب العالمين ‏26:181 اوفوا الكيل ولاتكونوا من المخسرين ‏26:182 وزنوا بالقسطاس المستقيم ‏26:183 ولاتبخسوا الناس اشياءهم ولاتعثوا في الارض مفسدين ‏26:184 واتقوا الذي خلقكم والجبلة الاولين ‏26:185 قالوا انما انت من المسحرين ‏26:186 وماانت الا بشر مثلنا وان نظنك لمن الكاذبين ‏26:187 فاسقط علينا كسفا من السماء ان كنت من الصادقين ‏26:188 قال ربي اعلم بما تعلمون ‏26:189 فكذبوه فاخذهم عذاب يوم الظلة انه كان عذاب يوم عظيم ‏26:190 ان في ذلك لاية وماكان اكثرهم مؤمنين ‏26:191 وان ربك لهو العزيز الرحيم ‏26:192 وانه لتنزيل رب العالمين ‏26:193 نزل به الروح الامين ‏26:194 على قلبك لتكون من المنذرين ‏26:195 بلسان عربي مبين ‏26:196 وانه لفي زبر الاولين ‏26:197 اولم يكن لهم اية ان يعلمه علماء بني اسرائيل ‏26:198 ولو نزلناه على بعض الاعجمين ‏26:199 فقراه عليهم ماكانوا به مؤمنين ‏26:200 كذلك سلكناه في قلوب المجرمين ‏26:201 لايؤمنون به حتى يروا العذاب الاليم ‏26:202 فياتيهم بغتة وهم لايشعرون ‏26:203 فيقولوا هل نحن منظرون ‏26:204 افبعذابنا يستعجلون ‏26:205 افرءيت ان متعناهم سنين ‏26:206 ثم جاءهم ماكانوا يوعدون ‏26:207 مااغنى عنهم ماكانوا يمتعون ‏26:208 ومااهلكنا من قرية الا لها منذرون ‏26:209 ذكرى وماكنا ظالمين ‏26:210 وماتنزلت به الشياطين ‏26:211 وماينبغي لهم ومايستطيعون ‏26:212 انهم عن السمع لمعزلون ‏26:213 فلا تدع مع الله الها اخر فتكون من المعذبين ‏26:214 وانذر عشيرتك الاقربين ‏26:215 واخفض جناحك لمن اتبعك من المؤمنين ‏26:216 فان عصوك فقل اني برئ مما تعملون ‏26:217 وتوكل على العزيز الرحيم ‏26:218 الذي يراك حين تقوم ‏26:219 وتقلبك في الساجدين ‏26:220 انه هو السميع العليم ‏26:221 هل انبئكم على من تنزل الشياطين ‏26:222 تنزل على كل افاك اثيم ‏26:223 يلقون السمع واكثرهم كاذبون ‏26:224 والشعراء يتبعهم الغاوون ‏26:225 الم تر انهم في كل واد يهيمون ‏26:226 وانهم يقولون مالايفعلون ‏26:227 الا الذين امنوا وعملوا الصالحات وذكروا الله كثيرا وانتصروا من بعد ماظلموا وسيعلم الذين ظلموا اي منقلب ينقلبون ‏
  13. i believe also like that exactly no human want or have energy to keep track how many times certain letters are mentioned in a chapter to have meaningful pattern, it is irrelevant for us when we write a text, but for God this is easy job, he can track them and organise the text to have nummerical logical pattern. this is obviously work of God, no human can do such job with so many different nummerical miracles, scientific miracles, ryhiming text, linguistic precision, symtrical text like baqara 255 verse, and finally ring composition structure of whole chapter like chapter Cow. In other words these are clear visual signs/evidence for people of understanding
  14. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    so far i have not seen logical answer wich i could accept how these motors, robots and machines were evolved especially how can a walking robots in our cells, wich has two legs two arms, hauling cargo to different desitination, equiped with GPS re-route like system to avoid obsticles on their path to destinations. And they can help eachother to haul the cargo if it is too heavy for one of them. who taught robots to walk in the cell on two legs? when we look into the cells we see amazing factory with machines and robots, ATp synthese power plant of the cells, wich produce energy for these robots
  15. these are experiences from people who were blind from birth if they lie, then i lie too no, here are latest study about NDE Near-Death Experiences May Not be Hallucinations: We Could Have Real, Postmortem Awareness A new study finds that consciousness might continue to occur minutes after the heart has stopped beating. http://www.alternet.org/personal-health/near-death-experiences-may-not-be-hallucinations-we-could-have-real-postmortem beacuse Jinn have free will and emotions like we humans What if Jinn want to console the relative of the dead person, if Jinn is a good person, if he is evil person he may divert relative from ending his life as righteous person scole experiment is non-relgious experiment wich prove JInn in my opinion, since they experienced dematerialisation of mattter same as magician experience dematerialisation of matter during tyheir trick when Jinn assist them in their tricks stuff leviated in scole experiemnt just like stuff leviate in magician tricks, and magician claim that they are assisted by demons wich we call Jinn. that is how i connect Jinns with scole experiment and magians magic wich they preform.
  16. we cant rely on tafsir to explain us all those scientific miracles from the quran since these stuff were not yet discovered how can you expect that Ibn Kathir explain to you big bang, expanding unievrse, pulsars, black holes and such stuff when these stuff were discovered in our times. QUr'an most be reinterpretate quranic scinetific verses by people who know arabic language and science, so they can really understand what God is saying. ISIS are enemies of Islam, ahmedya are not muslims i explained to you why You should follow Islam wich prophet muhammed taught and his followers who helped him in his mission.
  17. barr means land, while ard means earth it is more appopriate to use for land sea ratio to use land and not ard wich means planet earth, Ard(earth) is both sea+land My advice to you is, to accept Islam and leave ahmedya since they are not muslims, muslims dont consider them as muslims, beacuse they dont believe in the Quran when they deny verses from the quran. Following ahmedya you actually choose the path to hell in hereafter.
  18. yes they can find miracles in it beacuse all these nummerical miracle are logical nummerical pattern, if there is no such logical nummerical pattern you cant create it if there is no such thing http://signsandscience.blogspot.se/2014/08/kawakib-planets-comets-and-other-rocky.html Kawakib: Planets, Comets and other rocky bodies? The term ‘كَوْكَبٌ’ used in the Quran seems to refer to objects which do not produce light, but shine due to the light of another source. I think they are solid objects made from sand/soil/clay, and have rocky features. Planets, asteroids, meteoroids and comets, all fit in this description. Some translators translate the term ‘kawkab’ as star, but the Quran uses the term ‘najm’ to refer to a star. As the Quran has very precise and appropriate usage of words, its critical to explore this word in detail for an understanding and comprehension of the heavenly phenomenon being described. Why not stars: Translators of the Quran generally tend to translate ‘kawkab’ as star, as found in the lexicon and various translations, as also in the examples of 24:35 below. However, Quran uses the word ‘najm’ for stars. Where the Quran employs the word ‘kawkab’, it appears that a more plausible translation would be a body which shines due to another light source. In Quran 24:35, the word ‘kawkab’, as explained in the verse itself, is something that is illuminated and shining due to another light source. In contrast, the the stars glow by their own light. 24:35 God is the Light of the heavens and the Earth. The example of His light is like a concave mirror within a lamp, the lamp is within a glass, the glass is like a radiant planet(kawkab), which is lit from a blessed olive tree that is neither of the east nor of the west, its oil nearly gives off light even if not touched by fire. Light upon light, God guides to His light whom He pleases. And God sets forth parables for mankind, and God is aware of all things. Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah : Allah is the Lighter of the heavens and the earth. The example of His Light is like a tube, in which there is a wick. The wick is in a lamp and the lamp is as a glittering planet kindled from a Blessed Tree, an olive that is neither of the East nor of the West. Its oil would almost shine forth though no fire touched it. Light upon light; Allah guides to His Light whom He will. Allah strikes parables for people. Allah has knowledge of all things. Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali : Allah is The Light of the heavens and the earth; the similitude of His Light is as a niche wherein is a lamp, the lamp in a glass, the glass as it were a glittering planet-kindled from a Blessed Tree, an olive that is neither eastern nor western, whose oil would almost illuminate, even if no fire touched it, Light upon Light; Allah guides to His Light whomever He decides, and Allah strikes similitudes for mankind, and Allah is Ever-Knowing of everything.
  19. beacuse sea is mentioned first time in chapter 2 and last time in 82 to understand this why 81 move backwards 1 step <---1<---81 so as you can see there are 81 chapter from 1 to 81 same it is from 2 to 82, 81 chapter also if it was mentioned in chapter 3 and last time in chapter 83, it would be 81 /114, beacuse there is 81 chapter if you count with 3,4,5,6,7.....81,82, 83 = 81 numbers beacuse so so many chapter have quran imagine, earth is land and sea/water, so quran is like earth/114 chapters first chapter land, second chapter sea begins, sea ends at chapter 82, 83-114 chapter represent rest of the land so many times word sea is mentioned in singular no it does not represent land, it represent water on earth 33 times water(sea, river, lake, ocean) in singular 12 times land in singular this verse dont talk about adding another sea to the existing one, but adding 7 seas to existing one, here it does not mention Like it 31:27 And if all the trees on Earth were made into pens, and the ocean were supplied by seven more oceans, the words of God would not run out. God is Noble, Wise. this verse talk about adding of another sea to th existing one. Here it mention Like it (bimithlihi) 18:109 Say [Prophet], ‘If the whole ocean were ink for writing the words of my Lord, it would run dry before those words were exhausted’- even if We were to bring another like it(bitmithlihi) for its aid.. we can conclude that God choosed this 18:109 to place it just between two gruops of 19 verses where it is mentioned sea/ocean 1 ocean - verse 18:109 (adding another sea like it)- 1 ocean 1 ocean - verse 31:27- 7 oceans (does not mention like it) that is the difference in my opinion, Allah knows best
  20. it is changed now, that was my error in writing, it should be 41 not 42.
  21. 19 verses where sea is mentioned before verse 18:109 where it talk about adding another sea, and connecting God's words to sea, and 19 verses where sea is mentioned after it, so the text is precily positioned to correspond to another sea after it. Just look where sea is mentioned in the quran first and last ime chapter 2 first time, last time in chapter 82 we have 114 chapter totally, so from first to last time 81 chapters if we assume that those are borders of water and land 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.........82, 83, 84....113,114 if we assume that sea begins at chapter 2 and ends at chapter 82 81/114= 71.05 % water 33/1114= 28.9 % land Sea-Land ratio in The Quran Sea mentioned in singular 33 times in the Quran Land mentioned in singular 12 times in the Quran 12+33= land +sea = 45 totally on earth 33/45= 0.733333 ---> 73.3% water covering the earth how is it according to latest study from the U.S. Geological Survey http://www.livescien....-on-earth.html How much water is that? It's roughly 326 million cubic miles (1.332 billion cubic kilometers), according to a recent study from the U.S. Geological Survey. Some 72 percent of Earth is covered in water
  22. http://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=lyl 71 words in Chapter Night Waallayli itha yaghsha Waalnnahari itha tajalla Wama khalaqa alththakara waalontha Inna saAAyakum lashatta Faamma man aAAta waittaqa Wasaddaqa bialhusna Fasanuyassiruhu lilyusra Waamma man bakhila waistaghna Wakaththaba bialhusna Fasanuyassiruhu lilAAusra Wama yughnee AAanhu maluhu itha taradda Inna AAalayna lalhuda Wainna lana lalakhirata waaloola Faanthartukum naran talaththa La yaslaha illa alashqa Allathee kaththaba watawalla Wasayujannabuha alatqa Allathee yutee malahu yatazakka Wama liahadin AAindahu min niAAmatin tujza Illa ibtighaa wajhi rabbihi alaAAla Walasawfa yarda 21 words in those Oath by the night verses Waallayli ith adbara Waallayli itha AAasAAasa Waallayli wama wasaqa Waallayli itha yasri Waallayli itha yaghshaha Waallayli itha yaghsha Waallayli itha saja
  23. proof for your verification, 579 words before spider verse 29:41 to the begining of the chapter Spider Aliflammeem Ahasiba alnnasu an yutrakoo an yaqooloo amanna wahum la yuftanoona Walaqad fatanna allatheena min qablihim falayaAAlamanna Allahu allatheena sadaqoo walayaAAlamanna alkathibeena Am hasiba allatheena yaAAmaloona alssayyiati an yasbiqoona saa ma yahkumoona Man kana yarjoo liqaa Allahi fainna ajala Allahi laatin wahuwa alssameeAAu alAAaleemu Waman jahada fainnama yujahidu linafsihi inna Allaha laghaniyyun AAani alAAalameena Waallatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati lanukaffiranna AAanhum sayyiatihim walanajziyannahum ahsana allathee kanoo yaAAmaloona Wawassayna alinsana biwalidayhi husnan wain jahadaka litushrika bee ma laysa laka bihi AAilmun fala tutiAAhuma ilayya marjiAAukum faonabbiokum bima kuntum taAAmaloona Waallatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati lanudkhilannahum fee alssaliheena Wamina alnnasi man yaqoolu amanna biAllahi faitha oothiya fee Allahi jaAAala fitnata alnnasi kaAAathabi Allahi walain jaa nasrun min rabbika layaqoolunna inna kunna maAAakum awalaysa Allahu biaAAlama bima fee sudoori alAAalameena WalayaAAlamanna Allahu allatheena amanoo walayaAAlamanna almunafiqeena Waqala allatheena kafaroo lillatheena amanoo ittabiAAoo sabeelana walnahmil khatayakum wama hum bihamileena min khatayahum min shayin innahum lakathiboona Walayahmilunna athqalahum waathqalan maAAa athqalihim walayusalunna yawma alqiyamati AAamma kanoo yaftaroona Walaqad arsalna noohan ila qawmihi falabitha feehim alfa sanatin illa khamseena AAaman faakhathahumu alttoofanu wahum thalimoona Faanjaynahu waashaba alssafeenati wajaAAalnaha ayatan lilAAalameena Waibraheema ith qala liqawmihi oAAbudoo Allaha waittaqoohu thalikum khayrun lakum in kuntum taAAlamoona Innama taAAbudoona min dooni Allahi awthanan watakhluqoona ifkan inna allatheena taAAbudoona min dooni Allahi la yamlikoona lakum rizqan faibtaghoo AAinda Allahi alrrizqa waoAAbudoohu waoshkuroo lahu ilayhi turjaAAoona Wain tukaththiboo faqad kaththaba omamun min qablikum wama AAala alrrasooli illa albalaghu almubeenu Awalam yaraw kayfa yubdio Allahu alkhalqa thumma yuAAeeduhu inna thalika AAala Allahi yaseerun Qul seeroo fee alardi faonthuroo kayfa badaa alkhalqa thumma Allahu yunshio alnnashata alakhirata inna Allaha AAala kulli shayin qadeerun YuAAaththibu man yashao wayarhamu man yashao wailayhi tuqlaboona Wama antum bimuAAjizeena fee alardi wala fee alssamai wama lakum min dooni Allahi min waliyyin wala naseerin Waallatheena kafaroo biayati Allahi waliqaihi olaika yaisoo min rahmatee waolaika lahum AAathabun aleemun Fama kana jawaba qawmihi illa an qaloo oqtuloohu aw harriqoohu faanjahu Allahu mina alnnari inna fee thalika laayatin liqawmin yuminoona Waqala innama ittakhathtum min dooni Allahi awthanan mawaddata baynikum fee alhayati alddunya thumma yawma alqiyamati yakfuru baAAdukum bibaAAdin wayalAAanu baAAdukum baAAdan wamawakumu alnnaru wama lakum min nasireena Faamana lahu lootun waqala innee muhajirun ila rabbee innahu huwa alAAazeezu alhakeemu Wawahabna lahu ishaqa wayaAAqooba wajaAAalna fee thurriyyatihi alnnubuwwata waalkitaba waataynahu ajrahu fee alddunya wainnahu fee alakhirati lamina alssaliheena Walootan ith qala liqawmihi innakum latatoona alfahishata ma sabaqakum biha min ahadin mina alAAalameena Ainnakum latatoona alrrijala wataqtaAAoona alssabeela watatoona fee nadeekumu almunkara fama kana jawaba qawmihi illa an qaloo itina biAAathabi Allahi in kunta mina alssadiqeena Qala rabbi onsurnee AAala alqawmi almufsideena Walamma jaat rusuluna ibraheema bialbushra qaloo inna muhlikoo ahli hathihi alqaryati inna ahlaha kanoo thalimeena Qala inna feeha lootan qaloo nahnu aAAlamu biman feeha lanunajjiyannahu waahlahu illa imraatahu kanat mina alghabireena Walamma an jaat rusuluna lootan seea bihim wadaqa bihim tharAAan waqaloo la takhaf wala tahzan inna munajjooka waahlaka illa imraataka kanat mina alghabireena Inna munziloona AAala ahli hathihi alqaryati rijzan mina alssamai bima kanoo yafsuqoona Walaqad tarakna minha ayatan bayyinatan liqawmin yaAAqiloona Waila madyana akhahum shuAAayban faqala ya qawmi oAAbudoo Allaha waorjoo alyawma alakhira wala taAAthaw fee alardi mufsideena Fakaththaboohu faakhathathumu alrrajfatu faasbahoo fee darihim jathimeena WaAAadan wathamooda waqad tabayyana lakum min masakinihim wazayyana lahumu alshshaytanu aAAmalahum fasaddahum AAani alssabeeli wakanoo mustabsireena Waqaroona wafirAAawna wahamana walaqad jaahum moosa bialbayyinati faistakbaroo fee alardi wama kanoo sabiqeena Fakullan akhathna bithanbihi faminhum man arsalna AAalayhi hasiban waminhum man akhathathu alssayhatu waminhum man khasafna bihi alarda waminhum man aghraqna wama kana Allahu liyathlimahum walakin kanoo anfusahum yathlimoona
  24. no, beacuse quran denies that it is a star, according to quran kawkab is celestial object wich need light from outside to be seen, it does not produce its own light. and by the way word for star in quran is Najm there is no H"i" written there, only H in orginal text of the quran, it is written ALYH, but it is pronanounced as ALEYHI, so "i" is not there at all. you only count how it is written not how it is pronaounced. no you cant as i said kawkab is not a star, quran denies that kawkab is a star, word Najm is star in the quran.