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  1. you are not a muslim, trust me, Islam does not recognize ahmedya as muslims, ahmedya has nothing to do with Islam. their are a sect.
  2. your sources are wrong, y oushall use real quran search program, this wich i use, is best on internet i think http://corpus.quran.com/ wrong, you sources are wrong, evidence here The triliteral root shīn ṭā nūn (ش ط ن) occurs 88 times in the Quran as the nominal shayṭān (شَيْطَٰن). http://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=$Tn and you can also see the list with chapter nr and verse nr where those words occur if you use wrong sources i will delete your posts, just so you know next time.
  3. evidence for your verification, copy this and put it in microsoft word and you will get 340 words before Chapter Moon Falamma raa alqamara bazighan qala hatha rabbee falamma afala qala lain lam yahdinee rabbee laakoonanna mina alqawmi alddalleena Faliqu alisbahi wajaAAala allayla sakanan waalshshamsa waalqamara husbanan thalika taqdeeru alAAazeezi alAAaleemi Inna rabbakumu Allahu allathee khalaqa alssamawati waalarda fee sittati ayyamin thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi yughshee allayla alnnahara yatlubuhu hatheethan waalshshamsa waalqamara waalnnujooma musakhkharatin biamrihi ala lahu alkhalqu waalamru tabaraka Allahu rabbu alAAalameena Huwa allathee jaAAala alshshamsa diyaan waalqamara nooran waqaddarahu manazila litaAAlamoo AAadada alssineena waalhisaba ma khalaqa Allahu thalika illa bialhaqqi yufassilu alayati liqawmin yaAAlamoona Ith qala yoosufu liabeehi ya abati innee raaytu ahada AAashara kawkaban waalshshamsa waalqamara raaytuhum lee sajideena Allahu allathee rafaAAa alssamawati bighayri AAamadin tarawnaha thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi wasakhkhara alshshamsa waalqamara kullun yajree liajalin musamman yudabbiru alamra yufassilu alayati laAAallakum biliqai rabbikum tooqinoona Wasakhkhara lakumu alshshamsa waalqamara daibayni wasakhkhara lakumu allayla waalnnahara Wasakhkhara lakumu allayla waalnnahara waalshshamsa waalqamara waalnnujoomu musakhkharatun biamrihi inna fee thalika laayatin liqawmin yaAAqiloona Wahuwa allathee khalaqa allayla waalnnahara waalshshamsa waalqamara kullun fee falakin yasbahoona Alam tara anna Allaha yasjudu lahu man fee alssamawati waman fee alardi waalshshamsu waalqamaru waalnnujoomu waaljibalu waalshshajaru waalddawabbu wakatheerun mina alnnasi wakatheerun haqqa AAalayhi alAAathabu waman yuhini Allahu fama lahu min mukrimin inna Allaha yafAAalu ma yashao Tabaraka allathee jaAAala fee alssamai buroojan wajaAAala feeha sirajan waqamaran muneeran Walain saaltahum man khalaqa alssamawati waalarda wasakhkhara alshshamsa waalqamara layaqoolunna Allahu faanna yufakoona Alam tara anna Allaha yooliju allayla fee alnnahari wayooliju alnnahara fee allayli wasakhkhara alshshamsa waalqamara kullun yajree ila ajalin musamman waanna Allaha bima taAAmaloona khabeerun Yooliju allayla fee alnnahari wayooliju alnnahara fee allayli wasakhkhara alshshamsa waalqamara kullun yajree liajalin musamman thalikumu Allahu rabbukum lahu almulku waallatheena tadAAoona min doonihi ma yamlikoona min qitmeerin Waalqamara qaddarnahu manazila hatta AAada kaalAAurjooni alqadeemi La alshshamsu yanbaghee laha an tudrika alqamara wala allaylu sabiqu alnnahari wakullun fee falakin yasbahoona Khalaqa alssamawati waalarda bialhaqqi yukawwiru allayla AAala alnnahari wayukawwiru alnnahara AAala allayli wasakhkhara alshshamsa waalqamara kullun yajree liajalin musamman ala huwa alAAazeezu alghaffaru Wamin ayatihi allaylu waalnnaharu waalshshamsu waalqamaru la tasjudoo lilshshamsi wala lilqamari waosjudoo lillahi alathee khalaqahunna in kuntum iyyahu taAAbudoona
  4. no i dont mean that verses end with N, i said N is used in 50 verses out of 52 verses it does not matter how many times N is used in each verse, the point it that it is used in 50 verses corresponding to its nummerical value from abjad System N is not used only n this verse verse 20 فَأَصْبَحَتْ كَٱلصَّرِيمِ and verse 40 سَلْهُمْ أَيُّهُم بِذَ‌ٰلِكَ زَعِيمٌ
  5. There are 52 verses in chapter pen, letter N was use in 50 verses of that chapter, only in verse 20 and 40 was it not used. N has nummerical value 50 in abjad table
  6. Word pair use once in chapter 36 in verse 36 Verse 36:36 Glory be to Him who created all the pairs of things that the earth produces, as well as themselves and other things they do not know about. Intresting thing here that verse about pairs in Chapter 36 is positioned in Verse 36 , creating a pair nummerically
  7. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    just one question for you how can you believe that amazing structure like robots inside cells wich walks on two legs, motors, and machines are just random creation by nature, wihtout any inteligence behind it, how logical is that, that is totally illogical. even if all components existed before these motors how could non-intelectual nature assmble them and made it like functional motor you atheists are illogical if you disconnect engener from factory and it s product God--->nature--->product when you claim evolution did all this, you actually say, Nature/factory created its products without eneineers and workers, that is why your view is illogical.
  8. as long as the soul is attached to the body soul is also affected, as soon as soul separate from the body physical body have no impact on the soul, so if blind person cant see from the birth and soul get outside body it can start to see, beacuse it is not limited by the body, evidence here People Born Blind Can See During a Near-Death Experience http://www.near-death.com/science/evidence/people-born-blind-can-see-during-nde.html this can be explained by Jinns, for example Jinns can take shape of your relatives , this sort of Jinn is called Jinn kareen (the followers) when person dies, follwer Jinn continue to live, and can copy that person, both in shape and voice and it knows stuff only wich you know, that is how mediums contact these Jinn kareen and people think they speak to dead people while actually then dont speak with souls actually they only speak to these Jinns kareen these JInns and Jinn kareen have be proven in experiment by non-relgious group assited with scientists Scole experiments that doctor above in those 3 videos dont agree with you
  9. evidence from that manuscript wich even i can read in original language arabic, you can actually se separation of chapters and verses
  10. Birmingham Qur'an manuscript dated among the oldest in the worldPosted on 22 Jul 2015 http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/news/lat...-22-07-15.aspx A Qur’an manuscript held by the University of Birmingham has been placed among the oldest in the world thanks to modern scientific methods.Radiocarbon analysis has dated the parchment on which the text is written to the period between AD 568 and 645 with 95.4% accuracy. The test was carried out in a laboratory at the University of Oxford. The result places the leaves close to the time of the Prophet Muhammad, who is generally thought to have lived between AD 570 and 632.
  11. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    i will explain why your idea is irrational, why should it be supported by evolution if God creates these stuff, and even if evolution occured then it would mean that God evolved these stuff. let see what world expert on the flagellar motor says about your claim How do evolutionists explain away such exquisite design?Scientific American tried to explain this amazing miniature motor by evolution, by claiming that the parts were ‘co-opted’ from other functions: ‘The sophisticated components of this flagellum all have precedents elsewhere in nature … ‘In fact, the entire flagellum assembly is extremely similar to an organelle that Yersinia pestis, the bubonic plague bacterium, uses to inject toxins into cells. … ‘The key is that the flagellum’s component structures … can serve multiple functions that would have helped favor their evolution.’1 Scientific American’s argument is like claiming that if the components of an electric motor already exist in an electrical shop, they could assemble by themselves into a working motor. However, the right organization is just as important as the right components. Dr Scott Minnich of the University of Idaho, a world expert on the flagellar motor, disagrees with Scientific American. He says that his belief that this motor has been intelligently designed has given him many research insights. Minnich points out that the very process of assembly in the right sequence requires other regulatory machines.2 He also points out that only about 10 of the 40 components can possibly be explained by co-option, but the other 30 are brand new. Finally, Dr Minnich’s research shows that the flagellum won’t form above 37°C; instead, some secretory organelles form from the same set of genes. But this secretory apparatus, as well as the plague bacterium’s drilling apparatus, are a degeneration from the flagellum.Minnich says that although it is more complex, the motor came first, so it couldn’t have been derived from them.3 ReferencesRennie, J., 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense, Scientific American287(1):78–85, July 2002; refutation after Sarfati, J., Refuting Evolution 2, pp. 167–170, Master Books, Arkansas, USA; Answers in Genesis, Brisbane, Australia, 2002. Return to text. Unlocking the Mystery of Life, DVD, Illustra Media, 2002. Return to text. See Minnich, S <www.idurc.org/yale-minnich.html>, 25 August 2003. Return to text.
  12. beacuse soul is connected to our body, what body feels soul feels also imagine what would happen if soul use its vehicle(body) and is disconnected from it, something hits you, you dont feel the pain, just movement, or someone sticks you with iron nail, you dont feel anything except that you see blood gushing from the wound i do not neglect that there are methods wich can decive the soul beacuse soul is connected to the body, if you do something with the brain , or give halucination drugs of course soul is also affected beacuse you play games with the brain nerves. but this is clear proof , that people during NDE go outside body, and could see what doctors do to them, and not only that they could also see and hear doctors, they could hear and see what they relatives say and do in the waiting room. And seeing dead relatives during NDE could be that they see Djinn kareens, these djinns are attached to us whole life and follow us, when a person dies, JInn kareen continue to live and they can take shape and voice of the dead person and they can know secrets wich dead person could only know. These DJinn kareens can distract you from the right path by using shapes and voices of dead relatives and urge you to die in another state wich God is not statified.
  13. http://resources.yesican-science.ca/.../sh_table.html Specific heat capacity J/(kg . Co) Iron or steel450 https://www.coursehero.com/file/p4dj...iron-L-is-289/ The specific heat of iron c is 450 J/(kg °C) http://www.engineerstudent.co.uk/spe...t_capacity.php SubstanceSpecific heat capacity in J / kg °CIron450For an example from the table above, to heat 1kg of iron by 1°C you would need to transfer 450J of heat energy
  14. if a doctor talks about something wich he investigate for several years i think that is good evidence against your claim humans consist of body and a soul, when death comes angel of death separate the soul from the body and in that case death occur, souls is actualy you, and your body is a vehicle wich the soul use in this world to move in this materialised world. Soul is taken up by angels and is registred in heavens and then sent back to grave (barzah period) waiting period until bodies are reacreated on the day of judgment and eneter bodies to be like we are today body and soul, and people will get out of the graves to be judged by God. in a paralel universe. he is outside his creation, space and time, he is not in place, he is in his own dominion.
  15. if you only connect life to chemo-electrical activites then you live in delusion, beacuse this doctor disproves you and proves that soul exist and can be outside body blind people from birth during NDE begin to see for the first time when their soul got outside the body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9AfJbXe3rc
  16. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Toothed gears in jumping insects just like in mechanics Living creatures have the most amazing machinery, which should be obvious evidence of a Designer. Darwin on the other hand believed that all the machines were built by a blind process of tiny changes and natural selection picking the advantageous ones, over eons of time. However, this would be problematic for machines that would not function unless many parts were organized. That’s because a partly-formed machine would not work, so natural selection would not pick such an irreducibly complexmachine. Indeed, decades ago, evolutionists claimed that magnets and wheels could not be found in nature, precisely because they would not work unless fully formed. Yet we have found many such machines in living creatures.1 Plant hopper gears The plant hopper Issus coleoptratus is found in European gardens, and can hop from leaf to leaf. The distances involved are much longer than the insect’s body length. The baby insects, called nymphs, take off in only 2 milliseconds. Unless the jumping legs push off at almost exactly the same time, their jumps would be lopsided, and they would spin out of control. Indeed, the legs start within 30 microseconds of each other. Nerve impulses are too slow to achieve such synchrony. Instead, to solve the problem, the insects achieve synchrony with another example of irreducible complexity: intermeshing cog gears. These comprise tiny teeth about 30 micrometers high covering a curved strip about 400 micrometers long.2 However, these gears are lost in the adult. The likely reason is again a case of irreducible complexity: if a single tooth is broken, the whole mechanism is ruined. But with nymphs, this problem is not so serious, because it can molt, and the new exoskeleton will have the intact gears. Conversely, the adults are stuck with their exoskeleton. But they are large enough and rigid enough so that friction will achieve what the gears did. One report states, “Gears are ubiquitous in the man-made world, found in items ranging from wristwatches to car engines, but it seems that nature invented them first.”3 ‘Nature’, or rather the One who created nature, has also invented a screw joint in weevil legs.4 And the journal Nature says “The discoverers, Zoologists Malcolm Burrows and Gregory Sutton at the University of Cambridge, UK, say that this seems to be the first example in nature of rotary motion with toothed gears.” This seems to be right. All the same, a tiny germ has an amazing system with seven flagellum motors and 24 interlocking gears driving a single filament, so it can swim 10 times faster.5 These nanogears don’t seem to be toothed, though. Designed or evolved? One report pointed out some of the remarkable design features: However, Dr Sutton made the usual fact-free homage to evolution, “These gears are not designed; they are evolved—representing high speed and precision machinery evolved for synchronisation in the animal world.” “The gears in the Issus hind-leg bear remarkable engineering resemblance to those found on every bicycle and inside every car gear-box. Each gear tooth has a rounded corner at the point it connects to the gear strip; a feature identical to human-made gears such as bike gears—essentially a shock-absorbing mechanism6 to stop teeth from shearing off.”7 However the problem is how they evolved by a Darwinian step-by-step method, since no such mechanism is suggested. And gear parameters such as the gear ratio, the module and many others need to be carefully picked before the gears are installed in any application. Incorrect or half-formed gears would not help the organism, and could potentially give it a disadvantage. Yet evolution has no reasoning or planning ability. It is a purposeless process, and would thus be unable to ‘design’ such a system. Indeed, Sutton previously said, “We usually think of gears as something that we see in human designed machinery, but we’ve found that that is only because we didn’t look hard enough.” This suggests that evolutionary dogma held up progress in discovering such machinery. Rather, progress might have been much faster if we had realized that there is a Master Engineer behind nature References and notes Sarfati, J., By Design: Evidence for Nature’s Intelligent Designer—the God of the Bible, CBP, 2008; see also the many articles at creation.com/design. Return to text. Burrows, M. and Sutton, G. Interacting gears synchronize propulsive leg movements in a jumping insect, Science 341:1254–1256, 13 September 2013 | doi: 10.1126/science.1240284. Return to text. Lewis, T., Creature with Interlocking Gears on Legs Discovered, livescience.com, 12 September 2013. Return to text. Beetles beat us to the screw and nut, New Scientist 211(2820):17, 9 July 2011; Brilliant engineering: the weevil ‘hip’-and-leg joint, Creation 34(2):9, 2012, creation.com/focus-342#weevil. Return to text. Juanfang Ruan and 8 others, Architecture of a flagellar apparatus in the fast-swimming magnetotactic bacterium MO-1, PNAS 26 November 2012 | doi:10.1073/pnas.1215274109; Sarfati, J., Germ with seven motors in one! creation.com/7motors1, 15 January 2013. Return to text. Actually, the rounding reduces the stress concentration that makes a sharp corner vulnerable. Return to text. Functioning ‘Mechanical Gears’ seen in nature for first time, sciencedaily.com, 12 September 2013. Return to text.
  17. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    if something is true does not matter where it comes from i have absolutely no problem copy material from christian apologetic site if they speak the true
  18. Visualisation of the nummerical miracle in the Quran From the begining of the Chapter iron to then only verse wich talks about Iron in the chapter iron, there are 450 words.What is special with that number, Iron specific heat capacity is 450 j/kg evidence, copy this orginal text of the quran , from the begining of the chapter iron to the verse 57:25, there are 450 words Sabbaha lillahi ma fee alssamawati waalardi wahuwa alAAazeezu alhakeemu Lahu mulku alssamawati waalardi yuhyee wayumeetu wahuwa AAala kulli shayin qadeerun Huwa alawwalu waalakhiru waalththahiru waalbatinu wahuwa bikulli shayin Aaaleemun Huwa allathee khalaqa alssamawati waalarda fee sittati ayyamin thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi yaAAlamu ma yaliju fee alardi wama yakhruju minha wama yanzilu mina alssamai wama yaAAruju feeha wahuwa maAAakum ayna ma kuntum waAllahu bima taAAmaloona baseerun Lahu mulku alssamawati waalardi waila Allahi turjaAAu alomooru Yooliju allayla fee alnnahari wayooliju alnnahara fee allayi wahuwa AAaleemun bithati alssudoori Aminoo biAllahi warasoolihi waanfiqoo mimma jaAAalakum mustakhlafeena feehi faallatheena amanoo minkum waanfaqoo lahum ajrun kabeerun Wama lakum la tuminoona biAllahi waalrrasoolu yadAAookum lituminoo birabbikum waqad akhatha meethaqakum in kuntum mumineena Huwa allathee yunazzilu AAala AAabdihi ayatin bayyinatin liyukhrijakum mina alththulumati ila alnnoori wainna Allaha bikum laraoofun raheemun Wama lakum alla tunfiqoo fee sabeeli Allahi walillahi meerathu alssamawati waalardi la yastawee minkum man anfaqa min qabli alfathi waqatala olaika aAAthamu darajatan mina allatheena anfaqoo min baAAdu waqataloo wakullan waAAada Allahu alhusna waAllahu bima taAAmaloona khabeerun Man tha allathee yuqridu Allaha qardan hasanan fayudaAAifahu lahu walahu ajrun kareemun Yawma tara almumineena waalmuminati yasAAa nooruhum bayna aydeehim wabiaymanihim bushrakumu alyawma jannatun tajree min tahtiha alanharu khalideena feeha thalika huwa alfawzu alAAatheemu Yawma yaqoolu almunafiqoona waalmunafiqatu lillatheena amanoo onthuroona naqtabis min noorikum qeela irjiAAoo waraakum failtamisoo nooran faduriba baynahum bisoorin lahu babun batinuhu feehi alrrahmatu wathahiruhu min qibalihi alAAathabu Yunadoonahum alam nakun maAAakum qaloo bala walakinnakum fatantum anfusakum watarabbastum wairtabtum wagharratkumu alamaniyyu hatta jaa amru Allahi wagharrakum biAllahi algharooru Faalyawma la yukhathu minkum fidyatun wala mina allatheena kafaroo mawakumu alnnaru hiya mawlakum wabisa almaseeru Alam yani lillatheena amanoo an takhshaAAa quloobuhum lithikri Allahi wama nazala mina alhaqqi wala yakoonoo kaallatheena ootoo alkitaba min qablu fatala AAalayhimu alamadu faqasat quloobuhum wakatheerun minhum fasiqoona IAAlamoo anna Allaha yuhyee alarda baAAda mawtiha qad bayyanna lakumu alayati laAAallakum taAAqiloona Inna almussaddiqeena waalmussaddiqati waaqradoo Allaha qardan hasanan yudaAAafu lahum walahum ajrun kareemun Waallatheena amanoo biAllahi warusulihi olaika humu alssiddeeqoona waalshshuhadao AAinda rabbihim lahum ajruhum wanooruhum waallatheena kafaroo wakaththaboo biayatina olaika ashabu aljaheemi IAAlamoo annama alhayatu alddunya laAAibun walahwun wazeenatun watafakhurun baynakum watakathurun fee alamwali waalawladi kamathali ghaythin aAAjaba alkuffara nabatuhu thumma yaheeju fatarahu musfarran thumma yakoonu hutaman wafee alakhirati AAathabun shadeedun wamaghfiratun mina Allahi waridwanun wama alhayatu alddunya illa mataAAu alghuroori Sabiqoo ila maghfiratin min rabbikum wajannatin AAarduha kaAAardi alssamai waalardi oAAiddat lillatheena amanoo biAllahi warusulihi thalika fadlu Allahi yuteehi man yashao waAllahu thoo alfadli alAAatheemi Ma asaba min museebatin fee alardi wala fee anfusikum illa fee kitabin min qabli an nabraaha inna thalika AAala Allahi yaseerun Likayla tasaw AAala ma fatakum wala tafrahoo bima atakum waAllahu la yuhibbu kulla mukhtalin fakhoorin Allatheena yabkhaloona wayamuroona alnnasa bialbukhli waman yatawalla fainna Allaha huwa alghaniyyu alhameedu
  19. it does not matter if kabah word is not mentioned it nickname is mentioned the House, wich is house of God. God speak about kaba in that verse even though he does not mention word Kaba but House.
  20. you miss the point bro the intresting part is the location for those letters not letters itself, if those letters were not on that location in the quran it would absolute mea nothing to us. but NTRN consonant for neutron is mentioned only once in the quran in that verse 18:39 wich correspond to the weight compared to electron, 1,839 times heavier than electron. evidence
  21. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Olaf question for you is Tell us how did Kinesin molecular robots evolved in the cells, how did they learned to walk, how did they know how to haul cargo to destinations, how did bypass system (like in GPS) evolved in those little robots? how do they know that they need to help eachother to haul the cargo if it is to heavy for one robot bring it to the destination? If these little robots dont give you connotation to inteligent design then continue to believe in evolution you dont deserve better :D
  22. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Germ with seven motors in one! by Jonathan Sarfati Published: 15 January 2013 (GMT+10) www.pnas.org Over the last two decades, scientists have uncovered some of the amazing machinery in microscopic living cells. These include germs with a miniature motor that generates waves in a tiny tail that allows germs to swim—thebacterial flagellum.1 This even turns out to have a clutch to disconnect the motor from the tail.2 Even more miniaturized is the tiniest motor in the universe, ATP synthase, which makes the vital energy molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate).3 Remarkably, a virus has a tiny motor used to wind up DNA into tight packages.4 This design must be playing an essential role in the fast, smooth rotation of the flagellar apparatus that allows the rapid swimming of MO-1.—Juanfang Ruan et al. Some germs have more than one flagellum. Sometimes they work individually but still the germ manages to coordinate the motors. Other germs have the tails loosely bundled. But the marine bacterium MO-1 is different again. Here, seven flagella are tightly bundled in a sheath. The mystery was how they could all rotate in the same direction without interfering with each other. Now a research team from French and Japanese universities5 has worked out how. They produced a series of 2-dimensional images of cross sections to build up a 3-dimensional picture (electron cryotomography—like a CAT scan, but with an electron microscope and very cold temperatures). The seven flagella are actually surrounded by 24 fibrils (tiny fibres), in a hexagonal array. And these fibrils rotate in the opposite direction to the flagella, allowing them to rotate freely. The researchers’ diagram shows the flagella as large gear wheels with the fibrils as smaller gear wheels. These gears or bearings enable the flagella to spin very fast—so the germ can swim about 300 μm/s, or 10 times faster than E. coli and Salmonella. www.pnas.org Schematic model of 7 flagella and 24 fibrils rotating in a tight bundle smoothly within the sheath by the counter rotation of neighboring flagella and fibrils. Click here to view an animation. The researchers evidently had no use for evolution in their research. Instead, they referred to “complex and exquisite architecture”, and said: “This design must be playing an essential role in the fast, smooth rotation of the flagellar apparatus that allows the rapid swimming of MO-1.” Famous evolutionist J.B.S. Haldane predicted that we would find no wheels or magnets in living creatures. This is because these would not work unless fully formed. But in the last paragraph, the researchers paid the obligatory fact-free homage to goo-to-you evolution: “Taken together, these features of the MO-1 flagellar apparatus represent an advanced level of evolution of a motility apparatus. It is also intriguing that the same pattern of an intertwined hexagonal array in two evolutionary distant systems: the basal bodies of flagella and fibrils of the MO-1 flagellar apparatus, and the thick and thin filaments in vertebrate skeletal muscle. Similar architectures of filamentous structures presumably evolved independently in prokaryotes and eukaryotes to fulfill the requirements for two very distinct mechanisms to generate motion: counter rotation and axial sliding.” This is yet another example of appealing to ‘convergence’: the same design feature allegedly evolved not just once but twice. But more to the point: in the late 1940s, the famous evolutionist J.B.S. Haldane predicted that we would find no wheels or magnets in living creatures.6 This is because these would not work unless fully formed. Thus natural selection could not have produced them step by small step, each an improvement over the previous one. Such motors thus falsify evolution by Haldane’s own words. MO-1 also senses magnetism,7 following Earth’s magnetic north pole in a helical path. So MO-1 provides two strikes against evolution.