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  1. Does not matter what his intentions were the truth is he brought an amazing numerical prophecy,this is my field i know what i am talking about, i can see clearly the prophecy here beacuse 3 different stuff support eachother in same verse. This is same numerical programing pattern of future events in the quran among many other examples wich i have presented here before. I am really impressed and stuff cant impress me so easily, but that one did.


    And that example with locomotive is not correct beacuse 21 feb 1804 was 1218 not 1219

  2. if it was ta alif ya ....


    more believable 


    in arabic you dont need Alif there, it is enough with Letter T and wovel mark above it to represent "Ta"






    and we know that arabs dont have P, so they use B instead, Pepsi, in arabic it is said Bebsi.


    it is enough that letter (TYB) are present to represent then name tayyip since name Tayyip originates from arabic Word Tayyib. 

  3. the word turkey is mentioned so many times such as surah 105:1

    and its not TYYB 

    its TYBT


    you dont udnerstand man, you just dont get it, the point is that they should be mentioned in same verse, that they should be connected


    what does it matter if turkey is mentioned 105:1 when there is not other points wich suggest that it is programed.


    while verse 14:24 corespond to a year when Tayyip become prime minister and letter for tayyip are mentioned twice in that verse, wich is clear evidence of programming future events. 


    it is written like this


    verse 14:24(lunar 1424-gregorian 2003) Alam tara kayfa daraba Allahu mathalan kalimatan tayyibatan kashajaratin tayyibatin asluhathabitun wafarAAuha fee alssamai

  4. tht was just embarrassing tht u believe tht. 


    why is it emabrassing, that example is really amazing beacuse you have 3 connecting points


    1. Tayyip (TYB(P)) mentioned two times

    2. Turkey (TRKY) also mentioned in same verse wich is important

    3. verse 14:24--->lunar/muslim year 1424---> gregorian 2003 when Tayyip became prime minister in Turkey.


    these 3 points are clear evidence that it is programmed future event, just like there ar emany otehr examples.

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  5. New numerical prophecy:


    Tayyp Erdogan's ministery foretolded in the Qur'an [he started in 2003]





    this was is really amazing, just amazing


    and i confirmed it, only at that place you can find 2 words Tayyip  (letter TYYB, arabs dont have P so they use B instead), and also word turkey (TRKY)

    and is 1424 --->2003 when he became prime minister of Turkey


    How did you find this one ?  :D


    and Locomotive nummerical pattern is intresting but it needs more invectigation and analysis there.

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  6. Hi Andalusi


    So you are going to be the man who can't add 1 + 1 but want's to learn the maths of Quantum Physics right now is that it? Sorry that's impossible, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk Andalusi.


    If you are interested in doing that please tell me what bits of that article you had trouble with and I'll explain them, it's the same idea as creating those robots but on a much simpler level and over a much shorter timescale. If you really want to understand this stuff you are going to have to start at the beginning and I'm happy to help you with that but you have to be willing to put in a little bit of effort here to actually understand what evolutionary theory says.



    If you want to help me you need to answer the question :)

  7. why didnt u use quran corpus on this one?

    whats been counted singular?


    before chapter 76  

    http://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=Ans#(17:71:4)   human is mentioned more thn 46 times so whats been counted here singular?


    singular 46 times before chapter The Human


    Al Insan /The Human =46 times


    not counted Plural


    Unas, Nasya - Human beings / Humans

  8. muslim4life7, on 04 Apr 2016 - 12:42, said:

    can u show me the count of chromosomes mentioned 46 times before chapter 76 because on quran corupus u get something different i think


    We know that Human have 46 chromosomes


    word Insan/human is mentioned in quran 46 times before chapter Insan/Human, 46th word is "Servant" wich represent human (God's servant)



  9. Our ancestors had 24 pairs of chromosomes


    All members of Hominidae except humans, Neanderthals, and Denisovans have 24 pairs of chromosomes.[4] Humans have only 23 pairs of chromosomes. Human chromosome 2 is a result of an end-to-end fusion of two ancestral chromosomes.



    Word Rajul = Man mentioned in the Quran 24 times
    Im'ra-at = Woman/wife mentioned in the Quran 24

    Man 24 times

    Woman 24 times

  10. Hi Andalusi


    OK as I said we've got to get the basics working here first so here's an article on an artificial evolutionary experiment which tests Darwin's ideas outside the biological domain.  This makes it far easier to observe and to control so we get keener insights into it's power.  I've chosen a reporters edition rather than the original scientific paper for ease of reading but I can give you the original if you can grasp it form this and want more details.  The main thing you need to get from this is the fact that these evolved designs did not use human input, in fact humans can't understand them, yet they worked with far fewer elements than the best a human designer could come up with.  Random numbers plus a fitness test, analogous to mutation and selection, produced these circuits by themselves.  Please have a read and see if you can grasp what was happening here and come back to me with any questions you may have.






    i dont understand that


    i ask you again, explain in simple language how random events create Kinesin nanomolecular robot inside cells? 

  11. Hi Andalusi


    No you don’t skip to the end and say explain all this, what you do is you start at the beginning and look at simple things that evolve while we watch from random events and selection.  That way you’ve got a hope of understanding it, then you can work your way up to the big questions.  If you had never learned to add 2+2 you wouldn’t ask a maths teacher to explain the maths of Quantum theory to you, you’d start with your times table and simple addition, subtraction and division wouldn’t you?


    So do you actually want to do that?  Do you want to start to learn how evolution works and how it can design these things using randomness and selection?  Yes even those robots that seem to so bamboozle you?




    then explain it if you can explain

  12. Sorry, I means dual



    I don't think so. 


    As I told you, water change every time. 


    Earth's Surface Area Covered by Water 70.8%


    Source: http://www.eoearth.org/view/article/154984/


    So, it is near to 71, not 72. Anyway, is indeed pretty close enough.


    However, from the article of your akhi Osama Abdellah [http://www.answering-christianity.com/land_sea_ratio_miracle.htm] I read:


    Again, in the Glorious Quran:

    "Land" is mentioned 14 times, and "Sea", which means Seas, Oceans and Rivers in the Glorious Quran, is mentioned 39 times.  14 + 39 = 53.



    • (14 / 53) * 100 = 26.415%


    • (39 / 53) * 100 =  73.584%

    -- OR --

    "Land" is mentioned 12 times (if you want to exclude #13 and #14, above, because they're talking about land-creatures or creatures on land, and not exclusively about land only), and "Sea" is mentioned 39 times.  12 + 39 = 51.

    • (12 / 51) * 100 = 23.530%


    • (39 / 51) * 100 = 76.470%


    What we make SURE is that the ratio of water is indeed in the 70-80%



    As I told you, water change every time. 


    Earth's Surface Area Covered by Water 70.8%


    Source: http://www.eoearth.org/view/article/154984/


    So, it is near to 71, not 72. Anyway, is indeed pretty close enough.


    No according to US geological survey



    How much water is that? It's roughly 326 million cubic miles (1.332 billion cubic kilometers), according to a recent study from the U.S. Geological Survey. Some 72 percent of Earth is covered in water




    However, from the article of your akhi Osama Abdellah [http://www.answering-christianity.com/land_sea_ratio_miracle.htm] I read:
    that is not correct what he counted. i have already presented to you list of singular words Land and singular word for Sea(Bahr)

  13. Hi Andalusi


    Yes I understand that you don’t understand enough of this to believe it, the evidence is there if you are willing to study it but you aren’t are you?  The details of those bacterial experiments directly contradict your statements here and I suspect that is why you won’t study them in detail.  You’ve already found “the truth” and don’t want to expose yourself to evidence that will undermine it.  That’s sad really; the evidence from science and the theories that come out of that are too scary for you to look into because they may upset your pre-existing belief system.  One of the beauties of my position is that I am not scared to look into, to read and study, any ideas because I believe that the data will lead us to the truth so I don’t need to be scared of any new information no matter what it’s source.


    “I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.”




    i am not scared of new infomration i just dont understand connection between random events and complex structures, that is not logical at all, for me it is more logical to believe that creator/God created these complex structures.

  14. Hi Andalusi


    I understand that you believe that god ‘programmed them’ to adapt to different situations as you say like switches turning on and off but we know that’s not true.  Imagine a book, a long complex book of instructions, that is basically what the RNA in these bacteria represents.  Now you could have instructions in the book that say use this bit in this situation but ignore it in this other situation.  Conditional instructions much like a computer program that’s basically what you are suggesting.  That is not just possible but it’s real, it happens all the time in organisms.  It’s how our one DNA line can produce heart cells, and blood cells and brain cells etc all with exactly the same DNA code.  It’s a well understood and often observed phenomenon but that’s not what’s happening with those Bacteria.


    In the bacteria you have to understand that the chapter which explains how to digest fructose isn’t there.  It’s not just turned off, we know what it says because we’ve sequenced its RNA since it arose so we can search for it and in the original RNA pattern it’s not there.  The progenitor of those colonies could not digest fructose so if that was all the food they had to use they would simply die.  Now after thousands and thousands of generations we see a new chapter in that book.  One that didn’t exist before.  We’ve watched it appear piece by piece by tiny changes to existing RNA until the new chapter which allows these bacteria to digest fructose is there and working and now, for the first time, one of the 8 colonies who began from a single bacteria, can digest, can live on Fructose while the others are still incapable of it and will still die out if that is all they have to ‘eat’.


    The critical things about this are that the original colonies all started from just one individual bacterium.  Bacteria are not sexual; they reproduce by simply duplicating their one loop of RNA then splitting into two.  Unlike humans, which are diploid, in other words we carry two strands of DNA one from each parent, they don’t have two strands of RNA.  For bacteria there is literally no variability within a single individual.  Bacterial RNA is also very tight, any RNA that is not necessary to the organisms’ survival is pruned out because it costs energy to reproduce it so, unlike our DNA, it does not contain large segment of ‘junk’ code.  Their code is virtually all functional and contains exactly one copy of each gene.


    So all of those colonies started from just one individual which contained no variations on the RNA code it possessed yet over thousands of generations that code has changed, has adapted to a new environment, has written a new chapter, has evolved while we watched one step at a time to the many varieties we see today.  Do you really believe that god spends so much time in biology labs to do that one small step at a time while we watch his every move? Why? Why only one of the 8 colonies?  This makes no sense!  The evolutionary view makes sense but your view just doesn’t when faced with this evidence.


    So what do you think, does your god really spend that much time in biology labs trying to fool scientists into believing that evolution is true?  Is that trickster really your god?  The evidence doesn’t allow for an alternative here, new chapters appear piece by piece while we watch, no switches involved, they just appear slowly just as evolutionary theory describes.




    as i said i cant accept that random events create complex structure, if you can beleive in that , then believe it i cant.