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  1. Adivertisin A Product

    A quick and effective product, would be some sort of refreshment drink? maybe a chocolate bar....you can advertise things but using radio/tv broadcasts, billboards, promotions, using the 4 P's and the marketing mix (if u've learnt thing), also by using pricing methods which result in a form of advertisement. hope it helps :D
  2. Dont Know If I Should Be Doing This?

    THANK YOU BROTHERS AND SISTERS, may Allah send his blessings upon you, ill let you guys know of the good news on the 20th of dec ( :D inshallah)
  3. Prayer Request!

    asalamu alaikum brothers and sisters in-Islam: can someone please tell me how to perform the witr (after isha) prayer please? also can someone tell me how to perform the prayer that you pray if you need guidance from Allah (S.W.T), for eg, if you lost something, you do this prayer and it helps you remember, also if you have 2 jobs and you dont know which job to keep, you do this prayer and it helps you....SORRY i dont know what the prayer is actually called? anyone help will be appreciated wasalamu alaikum
  4. Wuduh/salat Question!

    if someone were to accidently spill urine on himself, what does he have to do to make his prayer and wuduh acceptable again, also if someone were to ejaculate, what steps must he performed to purify himself for salat? thank you
  5. hi, im 18 years old, and i currently finished year 12 in Australia (last year of schooling, for people outside), i await my exam results on dec 19th and then my university enter on dec 20th, I need a UAI (mark allocated by the university on a specify course) of 81 or 80 to do my desired degree, which is either CIVIL Engineering, or Construction.... heres my problem: im always praying to Allah (THE MOST GRACIOUS, THE MSOT MERCIFUL) for me to achieve the marks for me to do my desired course. During and After my prayers, even before i sleep, im always praying for Allah (S.W.T) to give me the marks..... am i doing anything wrong?, is it aburd to pray for things like that?, is it not recommened? even haram? please help me!!