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  1. I Have A Strong Crush Which Wont Go Away.

    Dearest Know that you are special and remember this. You know it deep in your soul. Never change. You will grow into yourself (love) just be strong and wait. It will come. Trust me I was there too. Not quite enough of any thing, now I am BEAUTIFUL. pardon me. And you are to. You just don't understand the beautiful that you are right now, because you are thinking of worldly things. Remember all things of beauty start off like weeds.
  2. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    Salams Everything works InshaAllah!When we remember to stay in prayer. :sl:
  3. Bismiallah-Ar Rahman-Ar Rahim Al-Salaam-Alaikum Dear brother's or sister's Please help me to explain that the call to prayer is not Singing
  4. Innapropriate?

  5. Fighting For My Soul!

    Bismillair ar Rahman ar Rahim Tell me Sisters and Brothers, I declared my love and belief for Islam last Ramadan. I was overwhelmed with Love and Joy. I felt as if I had made it back home. Like an Orphan who recieved a loving family at last. Al-hamdu Lillah, Al-hamdu Lillah, Al-hamdu Lillah. I cried and cried. I could have burst with joy. I want you to understand my feelings. My whole world was open. Along with this, I also recieved a husband. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. How much more mercy and blessings could a sister recieve in such a short time. I had prayed to Allah(swt) for a solid top (husband)for my family and my Lord(swt) granted me this. Wonderfully. However, Since those beautiful beginnings, I'm back to the hard cruel world. Not the world outside world. I can handle that. The world of my closest and dearest. My family and friends! They don't want me to change! I guess they love me just the way I am :sl: I never knew! So I feel stuck in the middle and it hurts me sooo much. Not being able to do what makes me happy to please others. AS ALWAYS! I feel as if I can't celebrate my religion. Inturn, thats creating a dual personality for me. One way for friends and family and the other way seems to be disappearing. If I didn't have my husband, who trys to keep me/us connected, as much as possible. I don't know where I would be. Please extend your love and advice to me. Insha Allah, I could use my Anniversary Ramadan to jolt my strength in this area. Sometimes, it makes me feel as if I don't believe enough. But, I know thats not true! La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah.
  6. Shahada Taken At Jumaa

    I realized and spoke my Shahadah last Ramadan. So this will be a whole year for me. I felt so relieved. As if I made it back home again. I no longer felt like an Orphan. I was so overjoyed with love. It was, and still is amazing! Al-Hamdu Lillah.
  7. I Dont Want To Lose

    Always hold onto the ropes of Allah.
  8. Every Muslim Must Read This! (life Changing)

    Lihub-bullah. So beautiful your words. Keep that feeling in your heart and continue to pass on the love. Al-Hamdu lillah
  9. Do You Shower/bathe Every Friday?

    I would not say that I am a clean freak. But, when I bath myself everyday I glow. And when I glow I feel special. And when I feel special, I feel Islamic. And when I feel Islamic, I love my Lord. More and more.
  10. Racists Everywhere...

    [using large font size is not allowed]Salam. We can and should be able to deal with all this, as Muslims. Very well, I might add. But, when the racism is from family members it takes on a different tone. However, the solution is the same. Be very loving and understanding. They know not what they do. Insha Allah, they will come to know the errors of their ways, through our gentle Dua's and constant prayers. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Rajiun