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  1. British Queen Made A Mockery Of Herself

    Oh totally, the Pope issued a death warrant on Brown and urged young christian men to murder him and thus martyr themselves.. Brown had to go into hiding out of fear for his life. It was an entirely murderous, illogical and insane reaction... Oh wait, that wasn't Dan Brown or the Christians.. maybe I'm thinking of someone else... Rushdie has the right to slander Islam if he wants to, so do I, so does everyone else in the world. If you're offended, too bad. You have the right to free speech, but you do NOT have the right to never be offended. Admit it, art, literature and independent thought are anathema to Islam and that's why you people are attacking Rushdie.
  2. Beard Week (this Week)

    Say it with me folks... Satire
  3. Pre-9/11

    LOL at Fun sucking Vampires... Isambard, hang some garlic around your neck to word them off.. or pork maybe.. Tasteless...
  4. A Bigot Uses His Bigotry Slander Islam And Muslims

    That's a stone Groove. Go man GO!! I feel like reading some Kerouac now...
  5. Pope And Catholic Churches Promotes Terrorism

    ######, are you just throwing out the same links in every thread, no matter how relevant they are...?
  6. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    Turn israel into a Glass parking lot, probably. Or try to "settle" conflicts within their borders and end up nuking themselves...
  7. A Bigot Uses His Bigotry Slander Islam And Muslims

    If there is a God, he's going to scourge the lot of you who can't write properly. ######, the Catholic-Protestant conflict is similar to the Sunni-Shia conflict. Does it mean a Religion is evil if there is infighting among its various sects? Would you attack Islam for it's divisive battles?
  8. A Bigot Uses His Bigotry Slander Islam And Muslims

    I am definitely on that, count me in.
  9. Doin Ma Duty!

    The spelling and grammar in that post moves me to gouge out my own eyes. Please cease butchering my language. I am definitely not Left Wing, by any stretch of the imagination. Other than having a good laugh, posting this video had no purpose.
  10. Doin Ma Duty!

    HA HA ha, that was entertaining. Bored grunts are better than prime time television. Good to see that the boys are having fun and keeping their morale up in theater. I don't get the reason behind this post though... it shows the Marines goofing around and having fun, so they must be evil? What?
  11. Pope And Catholic Churches Promotes Terrorism

    With the whole Nazi support thing... yes the Catholic church in Germany did support Hitler. So did the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh al-Hussaini, who was the ceremonial commander of the Muslim SS Handschar divisions, and Hitlers guest throughout the war. Every Monolithic religion has a history of conquest and barbarity. The problem is that Islam's hasn't stopped yet.
  12. Chechnya’s Women, Raped And Martyrs

    As long as they don't go back to gunning down schools full of children, I'm all for them... but that hostage situation in the elementary school was just bad business...
  13. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    Those bombardments are aimed at military targets, and sometimes take civilian collateral damage with them. Were Islamist terrorists to attack only US, Canadian and israeli MILITARY targerts, yet accidentally take out civilians, they would get some resepect. As it is, the primary targets are cafe's and metrobuses, at least in israel...
  14. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    That would mean banning every israeli from the boards. It's mandatory for every israeli to serve in the IDF once they reach a certain age. And the IDF is not a terrorist organization, they are a standing military, so one cannot compare them to a terrorist gang. It would make much more sense if they were compared to the Turkish or Iraqi Army. They do kill children and innocents sometimes, by accident. Hamas and Hezbollah hill children and innocents sometimes, on purpose. Worlds of difference.
  15. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    Alright... The defeat of the Nazi's in Germany led to Germany becoming an open, democratic multicultural society, the defeat of Italy turned the country away from Fascism, the defeat of Japan led to that country giving up it's racist ideology and imperial ambitions. Were it not for the actions of America, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc. HUGE tracts of this world would still be slaves under the yoke of the Swastika or the Rising Sun flag, Italy would be rampaging through Africa and taking over land left right and center ( once they booted Mussolini...) America is the largest provider of foreign aid in the world, America develops and distributes most of the drugs that heal people around the world, America hosts the UN, an international body working for the good of the world, which often acts at odds with American interests. I am not American, and I vigorously disagree with some of their policies, but simply because you dislike a country and it's latest movements does not mean you can diminish its history. Americans have played a large part in making this world better, they have made missteps and have enacted tragedies, but sins do not erase good deeds.