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  1. Inborn Homosexuality Or Media Hype?

    So why does Islam oppose homosexuality so vehemently?
  2. Evolution

    What would you need, to be convinced that we evolved? What sort of evidence would you consider sufficient?
  3. Inborn Homosexuality Or Media Hype?

    Homosexuality certainly seems to be as much nature as it is nurture. But even if this is not the case, the fact remains: homosexuals do not choose to be homosexual. So why should they be discriminated against for something which is out of their hands? You wouldn't discriminate against a paraplegic. But what's the difference?
  4. It's no coincidence that practically all great theistic scientists came before the time of Darwin.
  5. Protectors?

    Profanity removed I ask an honest question, and you tell me not to copy from anti-islamic websites?!?! screw that, and screw you.
  6. Not Enough?

    Are you really a Biology student? At what level? "now to say that a bunch of inorganic molecules randomly collided and then turned into a living cell is a bit far fetched don't you think?" randomly?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You know what? Forget about it. You lot are fundamentalists. All of you. I quit.
  7. Not Enough?

    ...and neither do I. But if you knew anything about Darwinian evolution, then you would realise that it doesn't require a God to be explained. Here's how it is: Everything we see around us can be explained by scientific processes. The universe -> the big bang Life -> Darwinian evolution (which is not random!!!) ... What came before the big bang is unknown; but the only difference between me and you, is that I say: "We don't know (at least not yet) what came before the big bang", and you say: "A God must have come before the big bang" (without any evidence.) So my response to that would be: My response: "But what evidence do you have to support this idea?" Your response: "The Qur'an.." My response: "The Qur'an is not evidence. It is a book." Your response: "The complexity of the world.." My response: "That can be explained by science." Your response: "Well how else was the universe created?" My response: "I don't know. How do you think?" Your response: "By God." My response: "So God must exist in order to explain our origin?" Your response: "Yes." My response: "But then how do you explain God's origin? Surely that's even harder to explain?" Your response: "God is infinite and needs no explanation. He is incomprehensible." My response: "So why must scientists provide an explanation for the origin of everything, but you get off with 'it was God', without having to explain where God came from?" Your response: "You're right, it's not at all fair. I realise now that it would be illogical for me to ever use that argument again." My response: "That is correct. Now read a science book....."
  8. Not Enough?

    I too should sleep. But I would like to say first: My beliefs aren't down to what I want to believe in. I am the complete opposite to a fundamentalist. I'm desperately waiting for some evidence to show, that supports a God - I really would like to believe in a God, it would change everything for me. But there's simply no evidence. And I'm not going to lie to myself just to make myself and my family happy. Good night.
  9. Not Enough?

    >"You could live your life now believing there is no God, yet once you die you could find out that there is a God, and your going straight to hell. Think about that." A friend of mine, who happens to also be an Atheist, has recently been randomly staring up at the ceiling while we're in class. Someone finally asked him today "why do you keep looking up at the ceiling?", he had been waiting for someone to ask this for the past few days; his response was "I'm praying to the ceiling". Everyone laughed - not sure if he was being serious or not. He stood up, and said "If the ceiling is not a God, then I won't lose anything - and you lot won't gain anything. However, there is a small chance that the ceiling is in fact a God, in which case I will gain massively, and you lot will regret laughing at me". He was using this ridiculous act to counter-argue the exact same point you just raised - which some of our class mates had raised recently. >"You are a mere human, while these advanced dudes have created you from some science which you can't even imagine." As advanced as it may be, I doubt it's beyond our own science. It would use similar techniques to what we use already - in cloning and genetic engineering. Perhaps that's beyong the point?? (..sorry..) >"You can't can you, does that mean more colours don't exist?" That depends on how you define colour. I define it as something like: A visual representation within the mind, produced by EM radiation within the 400-700 nm range. In which case, we could say that we have seen all of the colours. I can't help but think that I'm being pedantic here; but I can't see any meaning behind what you've said, after my above comments... >"We believe that EVERYTHING has to have some kind of creator.. right?" I disagree (obviously).
  10. Not Enough?

    I'd prefer to keep this discussion in this topic if you don't object -- I've tried discussing similar subjects on this site before, and I just get flooded with soo much nonsense, with so many members trying to get their point across... I think it would be easier with just the two of us (and the occasional other who pops in..).. Firstly, this statement bothers me: >"Scientists do not have all the answers. Yet you listen to them." There is a difference between believing what a scientist says, and what a holy book says; scientists provide solid evidence for their claims - and if you're still not happy, the beauty of science is that you can test it yourself!! A belief purely in a holy book however, is based entirely on faith - and is what many would consider "the acts of a fundamentalist". So please note that difference. >"There's something which no one can answer - how was the world created." I assume by "world" you mean "universe" -- (because we can explain the formation of the Earth from straight after the big bang..). But yes, you're right, no one can explain the origin of the universe (that is, prior to the big bang). >"You believe in the big bang theory I am guessing?" Yes. Although "believe" makes it sound like it's down to opinion......the evidence is phenomenal. (Yet there's more supporting evolution than there is the big bang!) >"How do you explain the big bang theory?" I assume you mean prior to the supposed-singularity? We do not have a testable theory/explanation yet. So in short: I can not. >"Don't you believe it "just happened"?" For our universe, I suspect that cause and effect played some role; so, no, it didn't "just happen". M-theory proposes an interesting explanation - but we won't be able to test that until later this year (at the earliest) - so it's just (logical) speculation. >"Then why can you not believe in God." For the exact same reason that I don't believe in the tooth fairy, or the spaghetti monster.. *edit* >"To me your ignorant, to you I am ignorant" hahaha, indeed. But there is a difference between the fundamentals behind our beliefs; and that is: yours is based on faith and a holy book, mine is based on logic and evidence. I strongly believe that what ever the cause of the universe was, it will have been incredibly simple. A God however, is not simple. A God is an incomprehensibly complex being, who fails to solve the problem that He was created to explain (..origin).
  11. Not Enough?

    - You don't need to learn about evolution because you believe in a Creator. - I don't need to learn about Islam, because not only am I an Atheist, but I know that evolution is correct (because it's something that can be tested and observed - and is not based on faith). So it is evident that if either of us could go without education on another subject, then it's me. Yet, I'm studying Islam, and you're not studying evolution...............??? (This is an honest observation; I don't mean to sound like a tw*t.)
  12. Not Enough?

    Again, you're proving your ignorance of the subject. Read carefuly: Scientists do not have all the answers. Scientists do not claim to have all the answers. Scientists currently cannot explain all processes of evolution, but they can however explain enough, and have enough evidence to demonstrate that it is correct. (For example: you perhaps cannot explain all of the exact processes that create steam when you boil your kettle; but you know that the steam is produced, and can give a reasonable explanation as to how and why the water turns to steam. You accept that steam is in fact produced -- because you can see it, and you understand it to some extent. So just because you cannot explain the exact causes of all processes on the Quantum scale and such, doesn't mean that steam isn't produced. Do you see the analogy?). A very very tiny minority of renowned scientists, who have been born since the birth of Darwinian evolution, have believed in a God. I can guarantee that there are no leading experts within any scientific discipline in that "video" of yours. But I, however, can equally list videos and books where actual leading experts in their fields demonstrate that a belief in God is irrational, unjustified, non-evident, and quite ridiculous. Many of the worlds leading scientists (since Darwinian Evolution) have been Atheists -- and you find that many of those who are not self declared Atheists do not really believe strongly in any religion, and often are more agnostic than religious. Faith goes completely against the scientific method.
  13. Not Enough?

    Why do I get these insults every single time I ask a question here?! For a non-Muslim, I think I'm doing pretty well; I seem to know more about Islam than a number of my Muslim friends.. so perhaps you could cut me some slack?? Furthermore, I could easily turn your argument around on yourself: wouldn't it be better if you studied evolution, became knowledgeable (about facts that you can test and observe, rather than base it on faith and theory), and THEN ask your questions?!?!?
  14. Not Enough?

    There is not a single flaw in evolution. I would know - seeing as I've in fact studied it a great deal. There's UNDENIABLE evidence if you would only look at it. Not a single public school or renowned university teaches intelligent design. It is accepted as fact in the scientific community (by those who actually know everything about it -- as opposed to theists who want it to fail). I could also justify that there are many flaws in religion (as this topic seems to be heading towards doing...) As for your last comment: This PROVES that you know absolutely nothing at all about evolution!!!!!!!!!! Tell me, how much have you looked into the subject??!
  15. Not Enough?

    Not as obvious as you may think. The way I see it, is that either: 1- Allah is selfish and arrogant, by considering a mere faith in Him to be much more important than being good and helping others; or 2- Allah is loving, and cares more about his creations being happy than having His creations acknowledge Him. (Note that some issues arise if the (2)nd choice is correct...) Either way, Allah is either unpleasent, or contradictive (at least, it would seem...)