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  1. Language Barrier

    how true :sl:
  2. Yet Another New Member...

    welcome to the forum, i do hope that you have a nice stay with us.:biggrin: its best to be open minded here...that way you wont be baised about Islam. welcome.
  3. Christians Condemn Christians

    :sl: how confusing the christians Are :sl:
  4. Praying For Non-muslims...

    :j: how true :sl: :sl:
  5. Using Miswak

    :sl: in Africa where come from....it natural to use the miswaak as it part of our culture. we hardly it find it natural to use the so called toothpaste... thanks for the posts and replies i really benefited from it. :sl:
  6. Ar-Ruqyah

    :sl: youu are welcome may Allah Make you see more in this forum to benefit you.A'ameen :j: :sl:
  7. Please You Reply This Question

    :sl: I totally agree too.....especially now that we r the cynosure of all eyes. May Allah guide us to the right path,A'ameen. :sl:
  8. mashaAllah, sis read most of it somewhere b4. :sl: :sl:
  9. Every Muslim Must Read This! (life Changing)

    :sl: Aameen :sl:
  11. The Issue of Music in Islam

    :j: :no: for this..i agree with you too. May Allah SWT guide us to the right path A'ameen :sl:
  12. Quran Refutes Itself!

    ignatius, can you pls show me where in the Bible Jesus himself says that he is the son of God. Just one Verse Pleasee!!!
  13. Rewards For Waking Others Up For Fajr

    :sl: bro for this question, well since i am not aware of any mention of it in the Qur'an ..i will say this waking any body 4 fajr is really beneficial and rewarding because it is a good deed and no good deed goes unrewarded by Allah. so keep it up bro ...Allah knows your intentions and as such will reward you accordingly. :sl:
  14. I Converted To Islam From Christianity

    mee tooo!!!! j: sis u r welcome.
  15. Since The Quran Is True

    :sl: well to dufman,spamsicke,lars and the others who still do not... and cannot comprehend the simple fact that no matter what they think and do and say, Islam: this great DEEN will continue to grow and spread out to evry where .... perhaps the fear that they have is that they must have read it some where in the Qu'ran that Allah SWT has said it that he will continue to protect his DEEN even if we muslims are careless about it..and that is why they are afraid that it will eventually engulf them :j: so they better be prepared.there is no escape. :sl: