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  1. Funny Husband

    Have you confronted him? what's his response?
  2. What Is Life Like In Islamic Countries

    Thats really interesting as women in the UK drive with face veils on and there has been some discussion as to whether this should be allowed. Hhhhmmmm....
  3. Environmental Conservation In Islam

    :sl: The Qur'an states that all life, animal and human belongs to Allah swt Surah 16:4-7 ''There is not an animal( that lives) on earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but ( forms part of ) communities like you...and they all shall be gathered to their Lord at the end'' Surah 6:38 Humans have a duty towards all living beings whilst from what I understand Islam is not opposed to necessary animals experimentation when it safegurads humans. But it does stress the importance of animals as part of Gods creation. - Surah 24:42 Hope that helps :sl:
  4. Environmental Conservation In Islam

    :sl: Islam teaches that god made humans khalifahs ( stewards ) to look after the earth. This means that Muslims need to look after the earth aswell as it resources. This is very important as as Muslim we believe that we will be judged by God on whether we have been good stewards. ''Behold thy Lord said to the Angels, 'I will create a viceregent ( Khalifah) on earth'...And he taught Adam the nature of all things'' Surah 2:30
  5. Don't Be Sad

    :sl: I've been hearing about this book for so long. Just read couple of pages from the download, mashallah so far so good. I know a few people who would really benefit from the book. Inshallah will pass on. JazakAllah khair
  6. Hi I'm Hannahuk

    Peace hannahUK and welcome to IF. I think joining this forum is a great way to find out about Islam. The best way to start finding out about Islam is through the Islamic understanding of God/Allah and the message through the Holy Quran. Hope you get your answers here.
  7. New Member Here ... Al Salam Alekom

    :sl: Welcome to the forum and thanks for the introduction. Inshallah you will find gawaher beneficial.
  8. Intention And Ikhlaas

    Assalamualaikum JazakAllah Khair for the post and nicely explained point three. Very important reminder.
  9. This Is True Fear

    :sl: May Allah subhanawatala forgive us of our sins and keep us on the right path. Ameen
  10. Dua For My Sister As She Is Really In Bad Condition

    :sl: So sorry to hear about this brother. Inshallah she will be ok :sl: I will keep her in my duas inshallah.
  11. For My Grandma

    :sl: Inna Lillahi Wa inna ilayhi rajioun Ameen to the duas.
  12. In Need Of Dua

    :sl: May Allah subhanawatala give her good health. Ameen
  13. Graduation Ahead!

    :sl: Inshallah all will go well brother.
  14. Obama

    Peace, I'm pretty sure some people voted for him because he is mixed race, but I would hope that his policies were the main reasons. Anyhoo, I guess I'm still a little optimistic about Barak, but im beginning to question him a little now that Ive read a few more things about what is actually going on from what was promised.
  15. Wierd/scary Experiences

    :sl: Sleep paralysis??? recite suras from the Qur'an, specifically the ones mentioned and also see a doctor if this continues.