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  1. Islam in Turkey

    ooh lol ok.. well I hope so as well.. I was just arguing with a communist colleague.and even he admitted that erdogan is such a great leader.. May God be with them all the time...
  2. Islam in Turkey

    sorry Mostar Bridge not Monstar Bridge :sl:
  3. Islam in Turkey

    s.a sister sabaa I am really glad that you loved Turkey. this summer I was in Sarajevo for a week (what a coincidence:)) I have to admit that I cried a lot while seeing the destructions coused by Serbians.I loved Sarajevo and Visoko however during my time there, there was this annual monstar brdige competition im Mostar.therefore I couldnt really enjoy the sight. But a love for Bosnians grew so rapidly in me. It is just amazing to have such a large Moslim community in the heart of Europe. Gettin back to the topic; sister muzur, I would really like to spend some time on this forum however, unfortunately I dont have any time. I am a senior now, having a lot to do to get into a British University. make dua's for me. Eveybody is happy with the situation I guess, even the ones who were totally against the idea of having a veiled first lady.. since the existence of republic of Turkey, how many presidents went to Hakkari or Sirnak? (the very east provinces of Turkey -PKK's mainlands). Well, It's hard to hear such a wish from a non-Turk brother:) Thank you brother for your nice thoughts. a.s
  4. Islam in Turkey

    a.s we have prayed a lot for Recep Tayyip Erdogan and alhamdullilah God has accepted all of our prayers. now it is time for Abdullah Gul..although i have no hope that the problem of hijab is gonna be solved when Gul is chosen as the president, many things will inshallah change in Turkey... I'm leaving in a week..I'll miss Istanbul:(
  5. Islam in Egypt

    well yes..it was wrong to say most of them maybe but believe me i have seen so many people wearing shoes inside mesjids. the first time i saw that happen was in Alexandria. a woman came into the mesjid with her daughter and they didnot take off their shoes. i felt that i had to warn the woman however she was appearently older than me..so i doubted..a very old lady told her to take off her shoes but she ignored...later i told her it was haram and she shouldve taken it off..then she shouted at me and then she gave me that answer that i wrote before...(it is of course sad that people interpret incidences wrongly) i saw the same thing in other mesjids as well..however then i just kept quiet...so that's basically it...but i owe all Egyptians an apology.i shouldnt have said "most of them"...
  6. Convince Me.

    sorry...the link didnt appear.. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"http://############nur.web.tr/english.php"]############nur.web.tr/english.php[/url]
  7. Convince Me.

    [iframe]############nur.web.tr/english.php[i'm not allowed to use this tag yet] go and check out anything you want..If you really read, you will find answer to your questions inshaallah..
  8. Saddam Hussein Executed In Iraq

    whatever Saddam did, (as he said) it was during a ruling country and he did what he supposedly had to do, either right or wrong...-just as what bush is doing now- the important issue here is that he was executed on the day of Muslim's Bairam during which we slaughter animals. what they meant was "see, you slaughter animals we slaughter a Muslim during your holy day!"this is not accaptable in any way! and if it wasn't Kurds and Shia's revenge, then why did the executors clap, sing and dance AND hit Saddam right after the execution???
  9. Marijuana

    unfortunately i have many addicted people around me and they never want to stop..but, i've read an Islamic book which states that taking drugs or marijuana is not as sinful as alcohol if they don't make you too sober to lose conscience... alhamdullillah we are aware enough no to do such things.. wassalam
  10. Criticism And Praise For Muslim Schools

    another chain of Islamic schools are the ones that are built by the fellows of Fethullah Gulen from Turkey.. they carry a mission to spread both their religion and language to distant countries; to africa, asia and all other continents. they especially go to the third world countries and the teachers work for nothing..they earn no more than something enough to survive.... they are the heroes of unseen but great mission... they might not be great Islamic schools but at least for those countries who have no idea about Allah's existence, it's a great start, i believe.. thanks to them all.. May Allah protect all believers...
  11. Sat Vs. Act

    I'm a junior and took only one sat..i know a lot about it unfortunately (it's the bane of my life) the difference first of all is that sat is an american system exam while act is canadian...sat is international (if you get something really good, you can go anywhere with it, whie act is not (canada accepts both of course) sat is much more harder than act..but act has more sections (it includes history and science too) i'd be glad if i made it easier..
  12. Pbuy

    assalamu aleykum thank you all for your warm welcomes and the for your welcome drink :sl:
  13. Hi Everyone! =)

    :sl: welcome sis.
  14. Pbuy

    Assalamu Aleykum i was looking for a great site that would help me to help other people around me..i hope this site will be really beneficial for me insh. thanks everyone who contributed to making the forum... with peace...
  15. Islam in Egypt

    peace be upon you all... i'm not an Egyptian but i've been living in Egypt for 3 years... In my opinion, Egypt really has its extremes. in one place you can see people who are soo concerned about religion, but in the other place they might seem very undevout (especially the place where i'm supposed to be in). i barely talk about religion with my friends (bacuse most of them are from another religion or atheist) but when it comes to the topic, i feel quite bereft. simply because i'm turkish anyways and in my country it is really difficult to live your religion as you want to, so our expectations were abandoned when i saw the same thing in an Islamic Arap country, such as Egypt. when it comes to the higab, no it is not banned or anything. im going to an american school but alhamdullillah i have no such problem. it is just not seen as an ethical, modernized issue.. we need to get over it inshaallah.. (no offense) about living pure Islam, Egyptian people do not consider many of the facts of Islam, especially about being clean. for most of them, it is very normal to go into a masque with shoes!! when i warned a lady, her answer simply was "the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) once went to the mesjid with his shoes so it is not haram"..anyways everywhere has its own problems, yet I feel blessed for being in Egypt..