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  1. Dear Dr Najjar El_Salam Alaykum warahmatou Allah wbaraktuh. I tried to get hold of your Email for very important corrections to 4 main issues you have discussed at MBC TV Last week 29-12-06, concerning 1- Earth Central of universe, 2- Anticlok wise movement of all creation 3- Makkah the centre of the earth 4- 1 day of Allah = 1000 years of man. You may have without knowledge talked about them by mistake and could creat confusion to non muslims. Please be open hearted. 1- 1 Day of Allah = 1000 years of Human is mentioned in the Quran and bible 2- The earth centre of universe bcs of mentioning betwenn earth and heavens.. that shows that heavens are of elipitcal or sphirical shabe and earth could be anywhere in between of its bordersd and not the centre 3- anticlock wise circulation of the universe is relative bcs for example water drains in europe anticlock wise while water dreans clock wise in Australia. Another example waht is clock wise for a person is anticlok wise for the opposite person if the movement is parallel to both persons 4- The Msp of makkah as the centre of the earth. Well if you take any point on earth and draw the world map from it would be central to the world bcs the earth is of spherical dimentions. Just wanted to clarify these points