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  1. There is a really great book out for teenage girls its called "Does My Head Look Big In This" its about a young teenage girl who decided one day that she wants to become a fulltime hijab wearer. now im not a big reader but when my sister bought me this book i couldnt put it down. i think because i can realte to it as i have just started wearing my hijab full time and i think most young Muslim girls would be the same. it touches on some really good subjects that all young Muslim girls go through such as boys, friends, parents and school but also has a good touch of comedy in it...hope some of you can get a chance to read it!!!
  2. Island Red Crabs

    Salaams my dads family is from christmas island well my grandparents are from singapore and malaysia but they went to christmas island and had all their 13 children... my grandfather was the mayor :sl: for a few years... he has many stories about the crabs lol
  3. Pomegranates!

    Salaams i seen custard apples in shop and thought i try one but i was to scared to lol and they expensive here in australia... we have pomegranat tree at home it has masses of fruit but we dont seem to be eating them they are so tricky and picky to eat. my dad said that in every pomegranat there is one seed from heaven he said its good to eat the whole thing so you eat the one from heaven and you get blessings has anyone else heard this before or is my dad just making it so i dont waste the fruit
  4. Doritos/cheetos Are Haram!

    Salaams the only cheetos we get in australia is cheese and bacon balls so we cant eat them anyways, but i hear we have more cadbury chocolate flavours that most other countreis :sl:
  5. Is Cheese Haram?

    Salaams i live in australia too and i asked kinda the same thing on the doritos topic the australian brand is different so maybe they use different ingredients... when you find out can you please let me know,,, oh and you need 50 posts before you can post links
  6. Fit

    Salaam meh :sl: you can keep your red headed clown ... lol :j: brothers and sisters head for the Colonel :sl:
  7. Doritos/cheetos Are Haram!

    Salaams are the doritos sold in other countries the same as in australia because we havent got some of the flavours other posters have mentioned and our adverts on tv are aussie ones :sl: i dont know if you have coon cheese where you live but the cheese coon makes is halal
  8. Fit

    Salaam :sl: darn weve been ratted out ok brothers and sisters time for plan B :sl:
  9. As Salaam Alaykum

    Salam welcome to IF, look forward to ur posts
  10. Salam sorry you cant post links till you have 50 posts but thanks anyways
  11. What Are Your Career Goals?

    Salam i just got my certificate 3 in childrens services (to work at a day care centre) :sl: and now im studying to become a teachers assistant. my goal is to get work at one of the many Islamic schools here is Perth western australia. i am still deciding wether i want to study to work with special needs children i dont know if i could handle it :sl: but i think it would have its rewards. if yall havent figured i would love to work with children :j:
  12. My Mum Is Amazing

    Salam aw it got sad at the end, we have just found out my grandmother (dads mum) has cancer through her body and wont live for much longer and this song reminds me of her she had 13 children and is truly amazing
  13. Asalaamu'alaykum All

    Salam welcome sister, be sure to check out the sisters room
  14. Salam Mohammad Ali Here

    Salam and welcome may Allah bless you too
  15. Salaam Alaikum!

    Salam welcome to the forum
  16. Sex Cues Ruin Men's Decisiveness

    Salam, interesting thank you for sharing with us
  17. Where Are You Orignally From?

    Salam well my mums from england same as her parents, and my dad born in christmas island and one of his parents is from malaysia the other singapore and im born in australia so we spread out all over the place :sl:
  18. How To Make Harira?

    Salam or if you have a shaker cup put water and flour and add shake it up then add it slowly till you like the consistancy
  19. Salam!

    Salam and welcome to the forum have a nice stay
  20. Salaam Alaikum!

    Salam welcome
  21. Tattoos

    Salams welcome to the forum, Alhamdullilah you have converted to Islam and i hope you have a safe journey, and find the answer you are looking for on this forum.
  22. Assalam-o-alaikum

    Salam welcome sister
  23. Salam From Singapore

    Salam welcome to the forum from all the way over here in australia
  24. Where Are You Orignally From?

    Salam i have been here in Australia since the day i was borned :sl: you all should come visit :sl:
  25. Childlocks

    Salam the trick is to open the window stick out ur arm and open the door lol ive had to do it before... try checking the whole door over usually its on the edge somewhere