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  1. Seperate Religion And State?

    The Taliban, by the way, had helped Bin Laden make those famous tapes where he explains his role in the 9-11 attacks. Those guys had the evidence and still didn't give him up.
  2. Seperate Religion And State?

    It's a shame you would believe this, it is illogical compared to the real reasons I gave. You can't turn everything into anti-American rage, you know the Russians are not so perfect. What do you think about Chechnya right now? You think they must be poor people duped by America to do these things? I don't think so. Again, why are Muslims in America not being killed and genocided? What you say does not make sense. Maybe you are not right on everything. America only supports israel because it's more democratic and a "buffer" against extremist Muslims and Iran. Political reasons, not anti-Palestinian reasons. America does wants to help the Peace process and wants to see more peace over there. If such things were happening, then no, but you must understand I don't believe all that stuff. If the Zionists were killing and terrorizing Palestinians, then more reason why religion and state should not be the same. A Jewish state would want to exterminate all non-Jews, if you read the Old Testament, the Jews were genociding all kinds of people to purify their land. It may seem this way today with these things you showed me on the other thread, but then I see Hamas and Hezbollah instigating attacks, and you know what if israel is just trying to fight them off? It's hard for me to understand everything over there. You have boght into much anti-American propaganda that it is hard to believe what you say.
  3. My Experience And Islam…..

    There are a certain number of things that we may never understand from one another, coming from very different religious traditions, but I can tell you that there is no strangeness or anything compromising monotheism when you have the spiritual support of those alive on earth and alive with God. You may just have to trust me on this one, as a person of the Book. There is no slippery slope in having a community of spiritual support under God, and one not seperated by death. Those dead believers are alive with God, right? A community of spiritual support, that is a good way to describe, with some of this community on earth and with God. This is not idolatry, right? Not in my definitions. These saints are not being worshipped or asked for themselves to help us, but just to pray for us. This is not like Hindus and all their god statues and heathen idols.
  4. My Experience And Islam…..

    All I pointed out was that different perspectives see different things, you're perspective on Catholic traditions may differ from my beliefs and vice versa. Catholics simply believe that it is acceptable to ask those who are with God to pray for us, as well as those on earth to pray for us. You could practice this yourself and it would not be un-Islamic. Ask your deceased family members or even Muhammed to pray for you, I see no blaspheme in this.
  5. My Experience And Islam…..

    Peace Aboo Uthmaan, I still don't see this as a probable reason why this man may have converted to Islam and I will tell you why. Because on TV when I see millions of Muslims circling the Kaabah, from my perspective as an outsider, that looks like revering the Kaabah. So, this man would have to accept this instead of circling around statues of the saints. It must be more complicated that this.
  6. Recognizing Israel As A State

    I don't want to judge people that I don't know, but anyone who terrorizes civilians is not following Jesus's teachings. I don't believe that America is your enemy or a terrorizer of Muslims, I can't speak for the Zionists or israelites. But here in America, Muslims have rights and are treated fairly so it wouldn't make sense to say America is terrorizing Muslims overseas. I want to ask you a question, what would Muhammed say to the Taliban and Sunni/Shiite/Kurdish millitias in Iraq that are killing lots of innocent people in car bombings and kidnappings?
  7. Seperate Religion And State?

    America supported mujadeen troops because the Russians invaded Afghanistan and yes they wanted the Russians to suffer humliating defeats. But there was a communist government party in Afghanistan and the Soviets wanted to make Afghanistan like neighboring USSR countries. So no, the Soviets and Americans hated one another, this was Cold War times. The Russians should have their flags burned, right. When why do the officials in Afghanistan and Iraq WANT the Americans to stay and help train their armies and give support? Sounds like they like Americans and want them to stay and help their countries more because they are good people who care about helping these countries. I meant this Pact of Umar: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetfordham.edu/halsall/source/pact-umar.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetfordham.edu/halsall/source/pact-umar.html[/url] One of these rules is : We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks' cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims. The Taliban were helping to train "terrorists" in camps. These guys were bad, it surprises me that you don't want to condemn them. They severely abused Afghans and imposed laws that were so strict they were never in their history under such strict laws.
  8. My Experience And Islam…..

    I would be interesting to hear his reasons for converting and why he left his mother and Church. But a good Catholic doesn't see himself as an idol worshipper, as you imply, because they are a monotheistic tradition. There is probably more reasons than that.
  9. Recognizing Israel As A State

    So why do the Palestinians fight one another? I mean, Hamas and Fatah are fighting. You would think, if what you say is true, that they would all fight israel together. And, Abbas wants to make peace with israel and he is a Palestinian, and not a puppet because Arafat wanted him to succeed him.
  10. Seperate Religion And State?

    Any ideology or religion that rules a society and declares if so and so doesn't conform to these beliefs is a traitor and dangerous and an infidel, that is oppressive. Omar's strict rules he imposed on non-Muslim communities are also very oppressive. Even today it's almost impossible for Christians to build new churches in Muslim ocuntries. Anyone helping B is also an enemy, like how anti-israel people equally despise America, a huge ally of israel. Why don't people burn flags of Turkey and attack them, when they are an israel ally to and much closer than America. Do you know what is happening in Pashtun country? There are religious madrass centers where the children and being raised and taught to be Taliban, who take Islamic extremist to the next level in terms of violence and cruelty, and terrorist sponsoring. America does want to convince people it is not like Russia, a power hungry country that would kill millions for it's own goals. Russians had no sense of care or ethics for the Afghan people when they invaded, they just wanted more communists to rule. America wants to show the Afghan people that they want to leave the country in a better state, so long as the people are not supporting the Taliban, a dangerous radical group that supports Bin Laden. The only problem is that alot of revenge might be exacted on the Jews that remain and have little power. Also, should Jerusalem be divided into three parts for the three Religions? Muslim extremists who were instructed that to kill 1000's of innocent Americans is a glorious thing and they would have 70 virgins and greatness in Jannah. israel just released 450 Palestinian prisoners as an act of good will for the peace talks. I mean, steps are trying to be made by israel. About Lebanon, why did Hezbollah set up missile firing canons in people's houses? israel would have no choice but to bomb villages! If Hezzbollah wants to fight israel, they should not have done so cowardly. They say it's honorable to die as suicide bombers and yet fight so cowardly.
  11. Seperate Religion And State?

    Many countries don't punish their millitary officials who do corrupt things. What country are you from? Innocent Muslims? You mean individuals brainwashed in madrases that teach hatred and glorify killing. No, I hope very much that there aren't considered true Muslims or that makes Islam look bad. None of this would happen if 9-11 didn't happen. Who are the first aggressors in this conflict? Who was on those planes? The Soviets acted like a barbarian horde when they invaded Afghanistan and killed millions of people and destroyed everything like the Russians did to Chechnya. America tries to build schools and facilities in Afghanistan for the new government and the people, but the Talivan keeps destroying them. They do not want the Afghan people to be educated, smart modern people. Do you mean that the the state of israel should be dismantled and ARabs rule over the Jews, or that all the Jews should be killed off? Or that they Jews should be deported to their various countries of origin? About Lebanon, what do you think about Hezbollah firing missiles from people's houses in villages? Don't they have some blame for Lebonese people killed? At least Americans don't burn your flags, or riot everytime someone makes cartoons of our prophets, or names teddy bears after our prophets.
  12. My Experience And Islam…..

    Peace know Islam, Just out of curiosity, what were some reasons you converted to Islam? Were there doctrinal reasons? Have you researched everything yet? Because just to not drink and go to dirty parties and things like this are equally Christian virtues as they are Islamic virtues. P.S. I am a Roman Catholic also.
  13. Seperate Religion And State?

    Abu Ghraib was one incident and the millitary punished those involved. At Guantanamo bay, come on! These people are allowed Qurans. Is this treatment seen in your countries for other prisoners of other religions? Besides, if these people are released, they go right back fighting the US. What do you do with them? Rapists in American army, you think this was a barbarian horde or something? There aren't the Huns, but the millitary of a civilized country. You mean Iran? The leader of Iran said that israel should be wiped off the earth. And then they want to suddenly build peaceful nuclear powerplants. Some people don't trust these guys. So do you condemn Sunni/Shiite millitias and Taliban and Al-quaeda? You must have forgot to answer. You mentioned two accidents, but these guys I listed, they don't kill people in "accidents"! I'm not saying that Western countries are perfect, but they truly protect religious freedoms. Both Muslims and Christians and convert people to their religions without being arrested and punished. What happens to missionaries in the Middle East?
  14. Seperate Religion And State?

    Because, I don't believe your sources. America has precision missiles. Some civilians may have been killed, true, but not that many. Besides, these were not purposeful attempts to destroy innocent lives, not like what Alqaeda, millitias, and the Taliban were doing, or the 9-11 people were doing. Yes, would you condemn these people?? That is why I don't believe religion should be the same as secular law because religions become corrupt when they have power over everyone. The best thing that happened to the Catholic Church is when the Pope lost the Papal states. Material corruption wasa thing of the past. I don't see a problem with a state based on ethical principles found in religions, I believe America was designed this way by the founding fathers. To relate back to Islam. Muslims wanting to establish Sharia as the state law of the land are begging for severely corrupted politics. I mean, just look at Iran and Sudan. I hope to God these aren't their ideal Islamic countries!
  15. Recognizing Israel As A State

    I guess my argument is that israel is a big powerful country established by the most stubborn group of people. If you fight them, like Hezbollah and Hamas, it seems to cause more suffering in the long run for Muslim people. Maybe an attempt to recognize them as a state and move on might be a better way. Don't think that I have this great support for Jews who persecute Palestinian Christians as well as Muslims. Always think of the best for your religious group. On a second note, I see that Muslim armies crusaded and conqured also. But their countries they made were recognized. Europe didn't want to recognize Muslim states in the Holy Land and we all know what happened then, no good.