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  1. assalamu alakum brothers and sisters... would anybody like to share any really good Islamic songs or any nasheeds? (besides outlandish/sami yusuf) wa salaam
  2. A Question About Life

    :sl: oh, i don't mean in heaven and stuff, although whats the al buraq? i meant, like, "aliens" haha, basically life in another galaxy and such, because its hard to think WE are the only ones out there in the whole entire universe
  3. A Question About Life

    :sl: hmm that makes sense, but it was always a question i was curious about :sl: thank you for the replies, allhumduallah
  4. A Question About Life

    :sl: does it state anywhere in the Qur'an that we are not alone in the universe? as in, any other life?
  5. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    :sl: oh is it if you see him in your dream, then he is really there??
  6. How The Burned People Can Be Punished In Kabr?

    :sl: that is so crazy, i was just thinking about that earlier today!
  7. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    salaam, oh okay, i understand. but he is still a lucky man overall! lol
  8. Why Islam? Why Not?

    :sl: .........? that didn't even make sense? haha, okay buddy, 1st of all, it's five times, and second of all, he didn't suggest you do anything. the question was simply, why are you a muslim or why aren't you, he didn't say anything about praying. :sl:
  9. ~ One Day Our Sun Will Explode Like This ~

    :sl: it can happen tomorrow for all Allah knows =] .....god forbid though :sl:
  10. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    :sl: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgmu.edu/departments/crdc/art/hmking_rabbis.jpg"]king of jordan[/url] ^ that is him, correct? oh wow, i wonder if he resembles anything of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. he should be the happiest man on earth :sl:
  11. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    :sl: i hope everyone is doing good i just was wondering, could someone on this earth be related to prophet muhammad(pbuh)? like his great great great great great great great great......granddaughter and stuff? ...does anyone know what his last name was? wasalaam :sl:
  12. What Do You Wake Up To?

    :j: lucky way to waking up, unfortunately i wake up with my cell phone, or if my brother leaves his computer on overnight and has the volume loud ill hear the athan go off...which may i add scares the crap out of me in the beginning :sl: i've had the once in a while get up all of a sudden's this was an interesting topic :sl: wasalaam
  13. (atheists Beware)-u.s. State Blasphemy Law-

    LOL i guess that really adds onto tom cruise being an idiot and then some :sl:
  14. Simple Question

    :sl: what is Dajjal? also, is there any additional information? like where he will start out, if everyones going to get a chance to see him, etc, and if he is going to tell people he is Jesus(pbuh)[like in a, "hi im jesus" kind of way, haha]?
  15. Simple Question

    :sl:, hope everyone is doing well inshAllah you know how Jesus(pbuh) is going to be coming back? Well, will everyone know? or like...what would happen if theres anything that says in the Qur'an? because i was thinking about it, and im like would they just think he was lying, or would something happen? wasalaam