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  1. Iranians Urge Dutch To Ban Film

    no. im in oz. doh!!! shouldnt have told the cia that!!!
  2. Real Cause Of Global Warming

    salaam eeehhh bruddah. if we was in new york we'd boot dem joos outa dere. dems blokes cause lotsa broblem ebry were dey go. we'd dake ober d daxis, anda grog shops, and soon we'd own da joint!
  3. Iranians Urge Dutch To Ban Film

    salaam vespuccia, sounds mediteranian..but is central american.......ends with cia. +cusp-ve... cia on the cusp of ve day..? nah...that just paranoid... :sl:
  4. Real Cause Of Global Warming

    pppssssttt....! roscoe....im an abbo, but dont tell no one eh..? bruddah!
  5. salaam more to it roscoe...
  6. Real Cause Of Global Warming

    this is true. however, all future theories, including googled ones, forum topic theories, kindergarten, etc, must first be passed through the UN, and be proof read by a commitee of freemasons, bilderburgers, illuminati, zionists, and aussie aboriginals. upon which a motion will pass onto the heads of all complicit governments and their peoples...
  7. Iranians Urge Dutch To Ban Film

    salaam. sorry, this is the post i was replying to.... i apologise sister zeinab... the edit button for my post earlier, has gone. perhaps a mod can edit it for me..
  8. Real Cause Of Global Warming

    salaam the real culprit is sun spots. the last 50 years has seen some 50'000 spots per day, giving rise to the new phenomina of skin cancers, global warming etc. this last year (2?) there have been fewer that 10 per day..! giving the reason for lower temps this year, and creating hurricanes in winter in the US. also, australian east coast has had record rainfall, and record low temps... do some research..
  9. salaam the strolling bones..............um....they dont gather no moss...
  10. salaam how many have noticed how many muslims are apologetic online in an effort to be seen as acceptable by non muslims? the, calls for jews not to be named. instead called zionists.. apologies for Islamic freedom fighters, who would dare fight for freedom against invasion... muslims scared to accept 911 was not muslims fault, and afraid to be called conspiracy theorists.. muslims refusing to defend their morals, in an effort to be seen as 'having western moral ethics'.... muslims attacking muslims, in concert with non muslims, against brothers whom are defending Islam... the list is exhaustive. im sure others will add to the list of the 'meek, apologetic, and weak' standards which are those of some muslims that post here and on other Islamic forums. non muslims DO NOT come here to learn about Islam. (some will claim to now..) but have already made their minds up and only wish to debate, or worse.. some of you muslims need to have a good hard look at yourselves...... edit by admin This is an example of the members this forum can do without. Our forum was built mainly to make dawah to non-Muslims. Hate can never help here.
  11. Iranians Urge Dutch To Ban Film

    salaam. this proves people like zienab dont care about respect for Islam. so then, let the west produce anti-islamic films......but if you EVER complain again, i will remind you... I will keep arguing for respect for Islam........and feel good about it..
  12. Iranians Urge Dutch To Ban Film

    salaam. jews did commit 911. the whole world has claimed this, even before muslims realised it.. jews have slaughtered millions of christians, historical fact. ted pike didnt go far enough. the talmud encourages child sex. in our anti jew blockout here in the west (unless you read the net) ive never seen an anti jew ANYTHING!!!!! if i had, the author, or presenter would be put in jail under inciting racial hatred etc....doesnt stop them showing anti-semetic (arabs are semites) anti-islamic propaganda though...
  13. Iranians Urge Dutch To Ban Film

    what film ever made about judaism, that wasnt factual, was made to insult jews?????????
  14. Do You Give Up Your Seat

    salaam its mostly in the west that impoliteness has grown. old courtisies are gone. no more mr this or mrs that. doors dont open for women. seats arent offered to old, infirm, pregnant, etc. people eat with hands, not cutlery, mobiles interrupt conversation, etc, etc, etc... Islam , and religion has the pull to bring back manners. it is this purpouseful campaign against western christianity and eastern Islam, that is lowering moral standards. who is to blame? zionism.
  15. What Is Ok?

    salaam these forums are for questions, debate, and opinion...yes? often some unsavoury topic, questions, and opinions are raised...yes? as long as certain social and religious respect is upheld, most topics can be debated...yes? if i denied mohammed (pbuh) is the prophet (which has happened here, and worse) i wouldnt be banned...no? if i called a member a jew, or christian, i wouldnt be banned....no? if i called the US a sin pitt, i wouldnt be banned...no? or if i rejected Islam, christianity, judaism, israel, iran, etc, etc, etc..i wouldnt be banned...no? as long as certain politeness is upheld, we can discuss all the topics in the world..no? its a good thing this site is moderated by adults, and men..