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  1. Can A Good Muslims Also Be Secularist?

    I've been looking at all the posts on this thread. And If I may say one thing? It's nice to see 500 of progressive thought being thrown out the window for the sake of blind, primitive, and especially normative law. Wow! On a side note, has anyone ever heard of Huntington? good stuff. The moderators do an awesome job too.
  2. A Fairly Sophist, And Maybe A Little Pedantic, Question

    Thanks for the response, guys! Sorry I took about.. a month to respond. I've simple been ignoring it for too long..
  3. Sociology Student Seeks Muslim Perspectives

    If you're in college... might I recommend reading some.. umm.. more scholarly articles about that topic? I'm sure your college library website can given a surfeit of them if you look hard enough.
  4. The Original Sinbad Was A Chinese Muslim

    China's marine history at its zenith has always interested me a lot. China at that period was very centralized for its time.. and its vessels ("junk" ships) were very well made. The ironic thing, however, was that it was that very same centralization, combined with conservatism, that compelled the emperor to not venture out into the pacific in search of capital like the Europeans did. They missed of an opportunity of a life time, and later on it was too late. Civil strife prevented any further 'government sponsored' voyages. . They had enough where they were, they had no reason to waste money on ventures that probably wouldn't produce any money. The trip to Zanzibar was actually more of a lark for the emperor than anything else. :sl: I'm a little disappointed that BBC didn't say 1421 was fiction. Even the creator himself admitted it. Aw well.
  5. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    Dr Zakir Naik is hardly an encouraging figure to inspire atheists. The man has absolutely no respect for the cultures he visits except his own. Last year, he actually made a lecture in New York stating that polygamy should be introduced into the U.S. quoting there's "too many females". He went on to insinuate that all women not married should be considered "public property". Apparently because he wants to reserve the term "private property" for the latter. Regarding the rape thing; let's put it this way. For example, let's say I (God forbid) rape a woman. Law dictates that I will be put to death if caught, wouldn't it make sense for me to then kill her and dispose of the body? I'm sentenced to death anyway, it would make sense to cover my grounds and hopefully then she won't talk. Added clemency for not doing anything else to her would sure as hell give me incentive to not pursue with it, that's for sure. The point is if I rape that woman and she still lives, the death penalty is not a equal punishment. The point is that she still lives. ::sorry for necro-posting. I just liked this topic. :sl: ::
  6. Jewish Founders Of Turkey

    hmm, looks like it. Who needs things like tolerance and reason when we have irrational hatred and bellicose reasoning? Naturally (because he was 1/32 Jewish), Turkey should repudiate its secularization and become a fundamentalist Islamic theocracy again I assume? Makes sense to me, I guess. I can certainly understand people missing the caliphate; naturally.
  7. Right On!: Say Goodbye To Europe

    "One muslim Congress man has joined the US congerss now ...lets see what happens when more muslims are in the US in like 50 or 80 years from now That goes for parlments in European countires too . . . . ." You are aware that that Congressman is verily liberal and supports western notions like abortion? Right? Regarding the U.S, if you dig enough you can find the limits for toleration in most people.
  8. I hate to say it, but Abu Usamahs's reply may have also stepped on some toes unintentionally. Most of his responses were clear-cut, satisfactory, and acceptable. But his reference to the now being "Meccan" leads one to think about how Islam actually took over Meeca through war. Other than that, he definitely saved face.
  9. Hey. I've been looking into Islam recently for the sake of curiosity. (It's important to know of other cultures, blah, blah, etc.) Through this, I have come across some rather peculiar questions. Questions which I can easily understand to be offensive to the casual Muslim. Because of this, I'm sorry; and I mean no malice. The prophet Muhammad was definitely fortuitous when it came to things such as worship and the five pillars of faith. But everything beyond that, the covering of the veil, the particular punishments decided by Sarriah law, the "crusade" against "infidels", all clearly were the expectations of that particular Nomadic culture Muhammad first preached too. Regarding the veil thing, wasn't it the people first who asked Muhammad to command covering the hijab? I can't help but believe that Islam and the "word of God" would have been completely different had Muhammad instead.. been born a Hindu or a Korean. Because of all of this, I have this particular impression that the rules encoded within Islam are simply preserved rules and expectations of an anachronism (that is, a brutish, seventh century misogynistic culture). To add this, treating them are sacrosanct seems to merely add to the problem by perpetuating them. How can the Quran all truly be the "word of God" if some of those words were clearly originally made by man? The question is that, because of all this, are Muslims still obligated to follow those particular 'rules' in the Quran? Do others have this same impression? If that is the case, I'm worried that my new found attachment towards Islam may mean embracing certain brutish ideals belonging to an anachronism. A last final question is this; am I wrong? Please, I'd appreciate any correction. My knowledge too is fairly ignorant, and I'd like to know how a "true" Muslim feels about this. Thank you. edit: Also, a supplementary question. I'm a real Neo-Hegelian (yes, it's a word :sl: ) when it comes to interpreting human relations. I'm also a real fan of Italian American integration in the early twentieth century. And in truth, I can't help but see a few similarities with Islamic American immigrant relations. So.. if you have grown up in a "Western" country, may I ask if what were your experiences growing up? If your parents were conservative, how did you feel about them? Thank you again. And again, I have no hidden agendas. Please don't interpret it as such! :sl: Word