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  1. The Islamist By Ed Husain

    Asalaam alaikum, Insha Allah I will go through some points he has made, not all today but over some time. One thing that he claims is that he was a member of Hizb ut Tahrir. This is false. Just because he was in Halaqa (Islamic study circles) does not mean he was a member. Under the leadership of Omar Bakri the structure was allot different in the UK. It would be very difficult to become a member in them times; rather he was a student (daris), hence not knowing in depth information as he makes out he does. The other thing is that the experiences of HT he mentions don't apply to HTB today. The reason for this is that Omar Bakri was expelled from HT due to him diverting from the methodology of HT and this guy was around at the time of OBM. HTB have come along from those days. I was previously with HTB and left about three years ago and allot has changed since then that even I can’t keep up with, so how can he give a correct account of the HT of today? More to follow Insha Allah
  2. Black magick (jaadu)

    These people use the Jinn, which is not allowed. The information is provided to the Jinn so he can let the person know is the condition of the person. Remember that all of have a Qareen and most black Magic is done by the use of Jinn. Hence your Qareen would know what has been done upon you and by whom i.e. whose Jinni. This is one manner in which this done another is by an item of clothing provided to Magician (the so called amil). Not at all. Anything can happen with the will of Allah. If you are steadfast in deen in its entirety and read the relavant supplications and Surahs then it can happen. It may be a longer process but it is not impossible. Cases of Jinn possession would generally require help, but to be honest things can go pair shaped so generally it would be recommended to see an expert. Wa alaikum asalaam
  3. Black magick (jaadu)

    Asalaam alaikum, go to h ttp://groups.yahoo.c om/group/RuqyaShariyah/ (just remove the spaces to get the correct url) Insha-Allah you will find answers there regarding a genuine amil. However in regards to someone distant there is very little you can do.
  4. Black magick (jaadu)

    Asalaam alaikum, Brother II for religion it says "Believer without religion" is this a mistake or is there a reason behind this? While I am here I would like to pose a question. Why would someone throw a sacrificed pigeon with the head severed in someones garden and this has happened more than one occasion?
  5. Black magick (jaadu)

    Asalaam alaikum, I just wanted to share a discussion group that I find beneficial as I have learned allot from it alhumdulilla: h ttp://groups.yahoo. com/group/RuqyaShariyah/[using large font size is not allowed] Just take out the spaces as I don't have 50 posts yet to post a link.
  6. Black magick (jaadu)

    Asalaam alaikum, Alhumdulilla, I have read through all the posts. I just wanted to make some comments on some observations I made. Firstly I am in contact with a few Raaqi's and have witnessed many things, but generally Raaqi's don't have detailed information regards Magick as it is not allowed to study Magick . I use the term Raaqi opposed to Amil as I have not yet come across one that refers to himself as a Amil where in fact he is a Magickian. It was mentioned that only one Jinni may possess an individual at one time. This is incorrect as I have witnessed on occasions individuals being exorcised and having more than one Jinn. Further more if one were to refer to the book of Sheikh Bali you will also see examples of more than one Jinni possessing an individual. Another thing that was mentioned was that some did not like the Ahadith related to Hadood of killing the practitioner of black magick. We should not have a dislike for the Ahadith or any ruling for that matter in deen as Allah (swt) says: “…it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.†2.216 Allah know best
  7. Black magick (jaadu)

    Asalaam alaikum, no need to answer the above. I have read through about half way of this long thread and have found the answers. You were asking about Muwakils. Muwakils are supposed to be helpers. Some claim that by reciting certain things Muwakils are created and some say that they are Jinn assistants. I go with the latter as from many example when exorcists have asked a Jinn why he/she was here and sent them. The answer would be I am the Muwakil of so and so peer you cannot harm me etc etc. So the answer Muwakil are Jinn who are controlled by magicians. Also there is no mention of other species other than the three. 1. Brother II I heard recently of an incident were a person that was possessed could see other Jinn and how they were been affected when the Qur'an was been recited. Could you please explain this? 2. Some possessed people claim by eating certain foods that the Jinn within them become stronger. Do you know anything about this? 3. When someone recites ruqya and the forehead goes cold, what this mean? :sl: That will be all for now Allah willing. I hope you reply. :sl:
  8. Black magick (jaadu)

    Wa alaikum asalaam, Brother can I ask what is your method of treatment. What is the correct method and what is the incorrect method. Shukran