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  1. Assalam Mu Alaikum

    w'salam may glad tidings be set forth!
  2. The Boy That Tried To Escape Death! Chapter Ten...

    SALAM wow brother that really was some brilliant work! loved the stories, they truly make you think. wasalam.
  3. Crazy Thoughts

    SALAM lol good questions. wasalam.
  4. Worldwide Survey

    SALAM lol sad but true... wasalam.
  5. Those Who Insult The Messenger Of Allah

    SALAM great post brother. jaazakallah for sharing this. wasalam.
  6. What A Computer Should Do First Thing In The Morning

    SALAM cool i think i need that. :D wasalam.
  7. Laws Newton Forgot To State...

    SALAM lol i agree with you it is all true haha...kinda scary! wasalam.
  8. Awwwwww Bless Him

    SALAM wow i remember when i first opened that thing a long time ago, my speakers were on very loud and all of a sudden BOOM! haha it wasent scary but the loud sound certainly was. wasalam.
  9. Top 8 Idiots Of 2000

    SALAM lol pretty funny how dumb some people can get. wasalam.
  10. A Final Exam

    SALAM lol maybe i should of tryed that when i was in shcool haha... wasalam.
  11. Descriptions Of Paradise

    SALAM jaazaklaah bro beutiful discriptions... wasalam.
  12. I Am New Here..

    SALAM welcome to gawaher brother! enjoy your stay like many of us do! wasalam.
  13. Joke

    SALAM haha thats good one. wasalam.
  14. ~ Job Application ~

    SALAM haha he probably quit the next day. wasalam.
  15. Men Vs. Women Ii

    SALAM lol thats a funny one. jaazakallah for sharing wasalam.