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  1. From Knowledge Comes Gratitude

    This is from one of the Hadith's of the Prophet (not sure which one though): "God has said: Whoever is so absorbed in reciting the Qur'an that he is distracted from praying to Me and asking of Me, him I shall give the best reward [that is granted to] those who are grateful."
  2. Cain And Abel

    Josh, where does that story appear in the Qu'ran? A quick search of my glossary revealed only two mentions, neither of which refer to sisters. Not questioning you at all I just want to know where I can read it.
  3. Atheism : Why ?

    I have a very simple question. If God is the one who created the Universe who or what created God?
  4. Distinction In Atheism

    That's exactly the definition of Agnosticism that I gave - not knowing either way. Also, I don't think you'll find many (if any) atheists that ignore the question of whether or not God exists.
  5. Distinction In Atheism

    I think the first stance - "Those that do not believe in God" - actually refers to agnosticism. Agnosticism is not believing in any particular God but at the same time not discounting the possibility that a God/other supernatural entity exists. The second stance refers to atheism, the idea that there is no God at all.
  6. When Does Disbelief Become Disrespect?

    I'm not sure of the time period of the Gods and Goddesses I have mentioned, all I know for certain is that they were the major deities worshipped in pre-Islamic times.
  7. Atheism : Why ?

    Elidicious, As Duffman pointed out this world is far from perfect. I think what you mean is that the world and everything in it is so complex that it cannot have come about through chance. First off I should make one thing clear. By chance I do not mean that things just happened to fall together at a given point and miraculously work. By chance I simply mean it was not preordained by a Creator (God). Most complex phenomena, in my opinion, can be reasonably attributed to the process of natural selection, a process that has occurred over several billion years. To address your point, Elidicious, you say that this world is too perfect to be created by chance. Thus, the probability of everything working together in the way that it does is too low for it to simply have just worked out that way, so to speak. The problem with this (for me, at least) is that it immediately makes the existence of an entity that has the capacity to create such a complex world exponentially less probable.
  8. Cain And Abel

    There is no mention in the Qu'ran (at least as far as I can tell) of Cain and Abel having sisters. The reason why Cain slew Abel is because he was jealous of him because God accepted Abel's offering and rejected Cain's (this is the same as in the Old Testament). The relevant Scripture is as follows: Qu'ran - 5:23 Recount to them in all truth the story of Adam's two sons: how they each made an offering and how the offering of the one was accepted while that of the other was not. One said: "I will surely kill you." The other replied: "God accpets offerings only from the righteous." Old Testament - Genesis 4:4-5, 8 And the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering but for Cain and his offering he had no regard. So Cain was very a angry and his countenance fell... Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let us go out to the field." And when they were in the field Cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed him.
  9. When Does Disbelief Become Disrespect?

    To add to that, there were three main Gods/Goddesses worshipped in Arabia prior to Islam. In this regard we must distinguish between Northern Arabia and Southern Arabia. In Southern Arabia the pantheon consisted of a Sun God (Shams), a Moon God (known as Ilmaqah in the city of Saba, Wadd in Ma'in, 'Amm in Qataban and Sin in Hadramawt) and the Morning Star (Athtaar) who was comparable to the Greek Aphrodite and the Roman Venus. There were also local deities worshipped. In Northern Arabia, Athtaar was known as Ashtar or Ashtarat and they had a Sun God called Shemesh who was similar to that of the South. They also worshipped a Goddess call Al-lat who was equivalent to the Greek goddess Athena. The northern city of Palmyra, in addition to worshipping Al-lat, worshipped Ba'l (The Lord) and Ba'l Shamin (The Lord of the Sky), both of whom can be traced back to the ancient Assyrian, Aramaean and Phoenician God, Baal. That about covers it I think. TB
  10. Atheism : Why ?

    Muslima4Life, You say that the reason why God must have created the Universe is because "God thinks and understands what He is doing." Basically, you are saying that God must have created the Universe because the Universe is too complex to have been created by chance, i.e matter. The problem I have with such an argument is that if it is true then there must have been a more complex being that created God. If you are arguing that the complexity of the Universe points to a creational entity then that entity must logically be at least equally, if not more, complex than the Universe it created. Thus, if it takes a thinking, complex entity (God) to create the Universe then what does it take to create God? And if God was not created but was simply there then it is just as feasible to say that the Universe was not created by choice but is simply there by chance. Elidicious, You say that "If people were created by chance life would be a real imaginary story right now." Why? Just because something happens by chance does not mean it is not real. If I'm walking along and accidentally drop my keys at the precise moment that I am walking over a drain and they fall down said drain then this is just chance. It does not mean, however, that it does not happen. Similarly the creation of the Universe by chance does not suggest that it is not real.
  11. When Does Disbelief Become Disrespect?

    Duffman, How is explaining your reason for disbelief disrespectful? Surely most people would be interested to know why someone is a disbeliever? Also, if that is true, then is someone explaining why they believe similarly disrespectful? I think it becomes disrespect when you start making statements purely based on a person's religion. For example, if someone was to say, "Oh, you're Islamic, you would say that" and other such statements. I see no problem, however, with questioning things that appear in religious ideology. For example, asking why it is that Muslim women are required to cover their bodies and so on. Such discussion, when initiated with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of a religion can only be a good thing in my opinion.
  12. The Word 'haram'

    Ahhh very well then. In that case how are they spelt in Arabic? Feel free to use Arabic script, it's good practice for my mid-semester exam next week!!
  13. The Word 'haram'

    Hello all, I've noticed that the word haram seems to be used as meaning something that is forbidden, i.e. it is haram to do such and such. In my studies however, I have encountered the word haram as meaning sacrosanct or sacred, referring to the haram that existed in Mecca. My understanding of the word is that it refers to a sacred space where no violence can occur, regardless of who is in that space. Is this just an old definition that has changed over time or does the word in fact have a dual meaning? Regards, TB
  14. Former U.s. Diplomat Interprets Islam

    More of this needs to happen and I must say I'm surprised that it could happen in Montana, a state that appears to be renowned for its 'redneck' attitudes.