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  1. Was Muhammad Created Before Anything Else ?

    i know that , but here let me quote abukhaleel from this thread : (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=71331&pid=496719&st=0entry496719"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic...mp;#entry496719[/url] so you are affirming he had no basis for such allegation ?
  2. I'm asking this question because i have seen a member here "abukhaleel" claiming so ,kindly provide Verses from the quran or ahadith supporting such claim .
  3. What Does The Bible Really Teach?

    Dear dot, First of all thank you for being nice in your sincere demand , but I believe this is the second time that you affirm the un-truthiness of something that is true , the first time was one someone asked about this verse : You affirmed that no such verse exist (the guy only remembered the meaning and did not cite the verse), I posted the verse but it was in a section of the forum were your post have to be approved so it never made it. Now you are affirming that such hadith does not exist, and I’m pretty sure that I have read it , if you wish I could post the source later , but I believe that Muhsin agrees with me . Now concerning my question ,actually I know that all religion preach the existence of an afterlife , what I was wondering about that it seems from the book I have gotten that Christianity affirms that in death you become nothing (no soul ) , thanks to muhsin and wj my question was answered .
  4. Haqqul Yaqeen's Personal Essay: Need Ideas

    Thank you guys for your explanations, truly appreciated.
  5. Haqqul Yaqeen's Personal Essay: Need Ideas

    Peace muhsin , Could you elaborate a little bit on Salaam
  6. I was given a book by someone from Jehovah witnesses; it’s called “what does the bible really teachâ€, the only thing that I wish to discuss for now is how the idea of death is portrayed , it seems that the author of this book is asserting that when you die you cease to exist and you become nothing. Now I know this is not in accordance with the Islamic teaching (“people are asleep, when they die they awakeâ€, also 2 fellow members from gawaher provided ahadith about the barzakh stage), so my question is, is non existence after death something agreed upon by all Christian? If so does not this entails some serious consequences?
  7. Haqqul Yaqeen's Personal Essay: Need Ideas

    Oh ok, my bad, sorry for the misconception. :sl:
  8. Haqqul Yaqeen's Personal Essay: Need Ideas

    If you are the person who wrote down a while ago an essay about ranting than you should do a paper about optimism Vs pessimism.
  9. Do You Like Your Job ?

    thanks for taking the time to reply .
  10. I agree that it’s the responsibility of humans; I’m just wondering if humanity is incorrigible, my example about religion was only to show that humans have managed to corrupt and hijack something which was supposed to be good and to bring peace.
  11. Did We Double-cross The Arabs?

    Usually I’m uninterested in politics, but this article makes me wonder, is it force which defines what is ownership and what is rightful? If so I see that anyone who brands an action as illegal loses his right when he loses his power, this leads to the question how just is the existence of israel?
  12. Well all act of ignorance are condemnable, it seems there will never be a solution to human stupidity, a thing to ponder on is that even after sending so many prophets, sons, and religions, the world is still a shitty place and that salvation is to wait for the coming of some Christ, hope résumé.
  13. America And Islam

    Somewhere in your second paragraph, you refute your first line,this hold the structure of what i said before , anyway here’s the platonic allegory of the cave: by the way thank you for your help .