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  1. Dua For My Brother

    Asslam-u-Alaikum May Allah Help and protect you and your Brother! A advice for you: Regarding to Haddi of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) you and your Family should say every time ;"Lahola wala quwata illah billah" and aalso ask to your Brother to say these arabic words every time. I hope he will come back to you Very safly, and ask to your brother that when he come out of house then read/speak the 9th verse of Surah Ya-Seen. Allah Will Protect him Inshah-Allah Assalamu alaikum
  2. ~ If It Ain't Islamic It Ain't Terrorism ~

    Different labels given to the same individual for the same action, i.e. ‘terrorist’ and ‘patriot’[using large font size is not allowed] Before India achieved independence from British rule, some freedom fighters of India who did not subscribe to non-violence were labeled as terrorists by the British government. The same individuals have been lauded by Indians for the same activities and hailed as ‘patriots’. Thus two different labels have been given to the same people for the same set of actions. One is calling him a terrorist while the other is calling him a patriot. Those who believed that Britain had a right to rule over India called these people terrorists, while those who were of the view that Britain had no right to rule India called them patriots and freedom fighters. It is therefore important that before a person is judged, he is given a fair hearing. Both sides of the argument should be heard, the situation should be analyzed, and the reason and the intention of the person should be taken into account, and then the person can be judged accordingly.[using large font size is not allowed]