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  1. What Hapenin In Pakistan

    I have one point here to discuss that whatever be the case rebellion against muslims govt is wrong. Is this modern Kharijism ? :sl: Anyone has read the history about Kharijism ? I feel things similar may be or maybe not :sl:
  2. What Hapenin In Pakistan

    Everyone feels sad for innocent little students and their parents who are caught between radicals and govt force.
  3. salaam what is fatwa on wiping socks as part of wudu especially when we are office . Suppose we do wudu prior to putting on socks and then in office if we go to toilet first and then at time of zuhr we simply wipe the socks as part of wudu is it allowed? what are conditions regarding it and HOW DO WE WIPE THE SOCKS just put little water on top side of socks ?
  4. "what’s Wrong With A Lustful Gaze?"

    Very true what soon follows after the gaze when you know you can't, she won't, and he doesn't! :sl: :j: SO BEST THING WHY TO GET SAD ,AVOID GAZING MY SUGGESTION AVOID THE GAZING HERE AND THERE and MARRY ONE AND GAZE HIM/HER 24/7 :sl:
  5. What Hapenin In Pakistan

    iftikharalam question is also good ? :sl: Pls answer
  6. What Hapenin In Pakistan

    Thats funny ! ppl who ask others to gv life , they themselves are ones first who try to escape saving their own lives :sl: here the captain of ship is first to dive out leaving the ship to sink :sl: these ppl are spoiling image of Islam
  7. i just wanted to get general english translation of this excellent anasheed anaa Al abdu from sheikh mishary rashed al afasy (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetalafasy(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/audio/files/668.rm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetalafasy(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/audio/files/668.rm[/url] anyone from arab bros and sisters or anyone who can find english lyrics for it
  8. Violence against women and the rise of ‘torture ######’ By Kira Cochrane STANDFIRST- Mainstream movies are getting darker and more violent. And as Quentin Tarantino’s latest project, Grindhouse, demonstrates, the worst of the violence is often directed at women. Kira Cochrane on the rise of ‘torture ######’ Talking about his upcoming film Hostel II at a press junket recently, the young director Eli Roth couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the poster devised by the film’s marketing team - a close-up of some sinewy, gleaming boar meat. “Any time people see women in a horror film,†he noted, “they say, ’Oh, these girls are just pieces of meat.’ And, literally, in Hostel Part II, that’s exactly what they are. They are the bait, they are the meat, they are the grist for the mill. So I thought it was actually a really smart poster... and really, really disgusting! I love it.†Unless you have a taste for seriously gory films, chances are you haven’t heard of Roth. Last year, though, the first instalment of Hostel - the story of a Slovakian boarding house where rich men pay to enact tortures on unwitting victims - was a massive hit, topping the US box office on its opening weekend. The trailer promised that, â€There is a place where your darkest, sickest fantasies are possible, where you can experience anything you desire,†and the film strove to live up to that promise. Hostel’s most famous scene shows a man taking a blowtorch to a woman’s face, her eyeball coming out and dangling from the socket. Later, another character snips it off with some scissors. Horror films have, of course, always been full of nasty, misanthropic imagery. In many other films, extreme, sexualised violence against women has frequently been a theme (Clockwork Orange, Boxing Helena and many others spring to mind). But recently the levels of horrific violence on show at the multiplexes - and the sheer cynicism of the films involved - have gone through the roof. And a lot of the most nasty, unrepentant and terrifyingly pointless violence is aimed at women. At least Clockwork Orange had a political point to make. (There can be no excuses for Boxing Helena.) Hostel is just part of a new subgenre of horror films which are so dehumanising, nasty and misogynist that they are collectively known either as “gorno†(a conflation of “gory†and “######â€), or, more commonly, as “torture ######â€. Other films that make it into the torture ###### category are Wolf Creek, Turistas and The Devil’s Rejects, with each new film promising higher levels of violence - guaranteeing not just a considerable body count, but long, lingering scenes of terror, torture and pain. In most of these films, both men and women end up being sliced, gored, dismembered, decapitated. In that sense they offer audiences equal-opportunity gore. But it’s the violence against women that’s most troubling, because it is here that sex and extreme violence collide. The publicity campaigns for many of these films flag up the prospect of watching a nubile young woman being tortured as a genuinely pleasurable experience. So, for instance, a recent US billboard campaign for the upcoming (mainstream) film Captivity featured the film’s star Elisha Cuthbert (just voted the 10th sexiest woman in the world by the young male readers of FHM magazine) in a series of four photographs. In the first (labelled ABDUCTION) a black-gloved hand covers her mouth. The second (CONFINEMENT) shows her, with bloody fingers, struggling to get out of a cage. The third (TORTURE) has her face encased in an odd white mask, tubes shoved up her nose, and apparently filled with blood. Finally, under the word TERMINATION, she is shown laid out, apparently dead. The billboard attracted a barrage of complaints, with Jill Soloway (one of the writers of Six Feet Under) leading a campaign against it - the poster was soon taken down. In a piece on the Huffington Post website, Soloway wrote that the images were “the most repulsive, horrifying, woman-hating, human-hating thing I have ever seen in public†and didn’t just represent “horror, this wasn’t just misogyny... It was a grody combo platter of the two, the torture almost a punishment for the sexiness. It had come from such a despicable inhuman hatred place that it somehow managed to recall Abu Ghraib, the Holocaust, ###### and snuff films all at once.†Joss Whedon, creator of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, agreed, writing in a letter to the MPAA, the US ratings board, that the ad campaign “is not only a literal sign of the collapse of humanity, it’s an assault... this ad is part of a cycle of violence and misogyny that takes something away from the people who have to see it. It’s like being mugged.†Many of today’s torture ###### films are being made on tiny budgets by little-known directors, but with the release of the new Tarantino/Rodriguez double-bill, Grindhouse - designed as a tribute to the ultra-violent B-movie programmes of old - the trend officially reaches the mainstream. Made up of two films plus a clutch of trailers for non-existent movies, Grindhouse bombed when it was released in the US last month. American audiences were said to have been put off by the three-hour running time, and last week it was announced that Grindhouse will be released in a different format in the UK, the two films sold as separate features. Whether either film is any good is still up for debate - I, for one, found them both suicidally boring. What isn’t in question is the disturbing attitude towards women in these films. First on the programme is Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, a repetitively gory, gloomily depressing zombie picture, which opens with Rose McGowan pole dancing. There are close ups of her bottom and breasts in those initial scenes, and then she appears to be kissing another woman. In a feature about Grindhouse in Rolling Stone last month (APRIL), Rodriguez noted that, “When we started talking about the movie, Quentin said, ’There should always be a lesbian kiss just around the corner - possibly.’ I took that to heart, and in my very first scene, I have two female tongues going at each other and licking. You find out that it’s Rose licking a mirror, but it gets across the idea that it could be around the corner at any time.†So far, so predictable. It isn’t surprising that the film’s main female character is a go-go dancer - Rodriguez is, after all, the director who made Sin City, in which the female characters ran the gamut from prostitutes to strippers. But having established McGowan’s sexiness, in Planet Terror, the attacks on her begin. First a zombie rips off McGowan’s leg, and then Tarantino (playing a zombie soldier called Rapist Number One) holds a gun to her head, before threatening her with rape. You can currently buy a Rapist Number One action figure online for your kids, should you so wish. Then there’s Tarantino’s Death Proof, in which Kurt Russell stars as Stuntman Mike, a guy who gets his kicks from stalking groups of gorgeous young women, following them in his car and ramming whatever vehicle they happen to be travelling in, until they are dead. Severed limbs and bloodied faces abound. Interestingly, of all the women actors in Grindhouse, McGowan is the only one to appear in both films, and, while she survives Planet Terror (fitting the age-old horror archetype of the “final girl†who persists to the end - usually, it seems, to help justify the misogyny that has gone before) this triumph is short-lived. In Death Proof, McGowan’s character is swiftly - gruesomely - dispatched. (In that same Rolling Stone feature, McGowan talked about her own attitude towards today’s horror films, saying that, “all they do now is think about ways to torture women, primarily. I don’t really get that. What is this, a manual for young, budding serial killers? Can’t we just go watch Pillow Talk?â€) Some of the nastiest images in Grindhouse arise in the fake trailers. Rob Zombie, director of The Devil’s Rejects, creates one for a dream project - Werewolf Women of the SS - which includes the image of a topless woman, bound and gagged, being tortured by cartoonish Nazi soldiers. And Eli Roth - him again! - packs a host of sex and gore into his three-minute trailer for a potential film called Thanksgiving, including an image of a cheerleader peeling off her clothes while bouncing on a trampoline, before apparently being impaled with a large, gleaming knife - through the vagina, no less. (Horrifying though this is, it isn’t actually original - the 2005 film Chaos showed a woman being anally raped with a knife.) Unsurprisingly, the cheerleader scene in Grindhouse attracted some attention from the MPAA, the US ratings board, and Roth was forced to change it, to make the imagery much more suggestive than explicit. Addressing this at the American press junket for Grindhouse, he commented that “when I shot that trailer for Thanksgiving, I really thought there was no problem with anything - it just shows you how genuinely out of touch I am! I was like... a full frontal labial shot, to camera, of a girl landing on a knife seemed like no problem to me... “ Of course, maybe Roth’s just trying to be funny - his tone is gleeful throughout this interview (a transcript and audio version of which can be found on a number of film websites). Later in the interview he says: “Let me tell you, I heard that Stanley Kubrick did a lot of takes on Eyes Wide Shut, it was nothing compared to the amount of takes we did once we had that cheerleader naked and bouncing around on a trampoline! I mean, she was great, she got it on the first take, but we did take, after take, after take! And we finished early and we had like three hours, and we’re like, ’Well, how much film do we have?’ And we’re like, ’All right, let’s... let’s do it again!’ And she just had a smile on her face the whole time.†Grindhouse is, in many ways, a cartoon, and its intersection of sex and violence is meant to be ironic, funny even. It makes multiple nods to parody and pastiche. I’m not so sure that British audiences will share the directors’ humour though. As one of the stars of Planet Terror, the British actor Naveen Andrews, has said on the subject of the B-movie films Grindhouse is based on: “Obviously, Quentin and Rodriguez saw some kind of aesthetic in these kinds of films, and for the life of me I was trying to grasp what it was. They were laughing like maniacs and I didn’t find it funny for more than like a minute.†Over the years, many directors have defended the violence in their films by claiming that it’s ironic. But is an image of a nubile woman having her innards pulled out - as occurs in Planet Terror - any less problematic because it has been made in a knowing way? You could argue that it’s more problematic. Irony - with its inherent insincerity - can be an emotionally deadening tool, and, in terms of their content, these films are already deadening, de-sensitising enough. The irony just adds another layer of soul-sucking cynicism to the mix. Watching Grindhouse, I felt fundamentally depressed: who would seek out this experience as entertainment? What is more depressing is the fact that such films seem to be part of a wider trend towards the mainstream depiction of women as highly sexualised bait and prey: meat, as Roth had it. Over the past year, for example, we’ve seen mainstream fashion images that have shown highly made up, designer- clad women being brutalised (Italian Vogue), apparently about to be gang raped (a Dolce and Gabbana ad), and shot, stabbed and electrocuted (America’s Next Top Model). On shows such as CSI and its many spin-offs and imitators, the victims of each weekly murder case are, disproportionately, nubile young women. Lisa de Moraes of the Washington Post came up with an apt shorthand for such series in 2005, dubbing that year’s programmes the “season of Die, Women, Die!â€. Of course, watching one of these films won’t turn a sane, decent individual into a killer or a torturer, but you have to wonder what effect this widespread meshing of sexuality and graphic violence will have on the young men at whom they are primarily aimed. The clear logic behind all these films, TV shows and images appears to be that if a young, good-looking, barely-clad woman is sexy while alive, she’s even sexier when she’s being tortured, or when she’s a bloody corpse. In an article in Newsweek last year, Tony Timpone, editor of the horror magazine Fangoria, commented that “in 1990, I had to pull my hair out just to find a movie to put on the cover. There were only three or four major horror releases a year. Now there are three or four a month. We’re like pigs in slop.†That’s not a bad way of putting it. Guardian News I AM AGAINST '######" WOMEN ARE NOT SEX OBJECTS , THEY ARE EQUALLY RESPECTABLE HUMAN BEINGS [using large font size is not allowed]
  9. Muslims Of Gujarat-india

    Excerpt from Where's Gujarati conscience? By Kuldip Nayar, Special to Gulf News The BJP should feel humiliated, if not ashamed, of what has overtaken the government in Gujarat. Hardly does a day pass when a skeleton does not come out of the state Chief Minister Narendra Modi's cupboard or dug up from one place or the other. The latest is that the Gujarat government has admitted before the Supreme Court bench about a fake encounter. One of its officials has reconstructed the incident after the court's order and found it was a murder. It was courageous of the official to bring the whole thing to light despite government pressure. One Muslim lady accompanying her husband - both were killed in November 2005 - was hacked to pieces and her body burnt. And the police which did this hailed the act as desh bhakti (the country's love). The account of the fake encounter is not the only one to tell that Gujarat administration has ceased to follow the norms of a democratic state. There is hardly any report which does not mention the deliberate killings of Muslims in the 2002 riots and their deplorable plight after having been ousted from their homes and lands. Human rights activists say that a climate of alienation and fear has seen deliberately fostered among the Muslim minority since the violence. The alienation has been corroborated by the findings by the Sachar Committee, a central government-appointed high level panel, mandated to look into the "social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community in the country." In its latest newsletter, Amnesty International says: "Five years on, the Government of Gujarat remains unrepentant for its failings to protect the Muslim minority and to ensure that victims obtain justice, truth and reparations." The newsletter further adds: "The complete failure of the Government of Gujarat - itself accused of direct complicity in the violence which left over 2,000 people dead - is further evident in its persistent unrepentant attitude, as shown in their non-recognition of those still internally displaced by violence and by its failure to provide basic amenities to "relief colonies". Lawless If people are killed or ousted from their homes in the name of religion, the state is nothing but a lawless territory where religious buccaneers roam as headhunters. Take the fake encounter. The three police officers involved were arrested only when the finger of suspicion was directed at the government. In fact, this is a case of vicarious responsibility. When the government headed by Modi reportedly "directs" them to indulge in "the patriotic act" the chief minister and the cabinet are responsible for it. The BJP leaders still pretend to be ignorant of Modi's administrative activism against Muslims. But that is natural because Modi's acts fit into the anti-Muslim policy of the RSS-controlled party. There was nothing wrong in the demand for the CBI inquiry although the set-up is only a central government department. Why doesn't the Congress suggest President's rule in Gujarat? What more should happen in the state to indicate that the constitutional machinery to protect the minorities has broken down? Many state governments have been dismissed in the past on lesser grounds. It appears that the BJP is trying to duplicate the Modi policy in the two other states, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, it is ruling. There is a case for taking stern steps against the BJP which mixes politics with religion. Our secular polity has no place for it. The bill which the centre proposes to bring before parliament talks about banning religious parties. But what about those which operate under non-religious names, but are religious in appeal, like the BJP? Eminent educationist Amrik Singh has brought out a book, Hindu and Muslim Divide in India, to discuss the same question. He comes to the conclusion that the RSS has revived its 1925 agenda of polarisation, when the organisation came into being. He argues that the BJP which is a political arm of the RSS has intensified its efforts to widen the gap between Hindus and Muslims because it finds the two communities coming nearer to each other despite the BJP agenda. I recall when I attended Mahatma Gandhi's prayer meeting soon after reaching Delhi from Sialkot in Pakistan he said that "Hindus and Muslims are my two eyes." How does Modi's government or, for that matter, the BJP's parochialism measure up to that observation? None from the Gujarati community on the whole, living in India or abroad, has ever raised his voice against the lawless and soulless state. Their conscience does not prick over the violence in 2002 because they believe that after the "burning of some sewaks" on a train at Godhara which itself is proved that it was done by their own people, everything that the Modi government does is justified. They burned muslims alive , passed bulldozers over them . Every Gujarati, man or woman, must introspect and hail either Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi or denounce the Modi government to uphold the honour of Gandhiji. The rest is a matter between the Gujaratis and their conscience. Kuldip Nayar is a former Indian High Commissioner to the UK and a former Rajya Sabha MP.
  10. Muslims Of Gujarat-india

    alhamdullilah overall it is fine now in major cities and areas but we cannot say for certain areas it depends on police and hindu mob of that area. But to tell you all frankly condition for gujarat is just ignition one spark and you cannot say full gujarat can start burning again.
  11. Haj expenses could go up by over 150pc :sl: For expatriates living in the UAE, the cost of performing Haj is likely to shoot up by over 150 per cent this year, tour operators said. The Saudi authorities have decided to slash the quota of expatriates from the UAE to perform Haj this year to 7,000, as compared to 15,000 last year. Haj tour operators told Khaleej Times that it could cost a pilgrim at least Dh25,000 this year if they planned to travel by land to perform Haj, as compared to Dh8,000 they incurred last year. The Saudi authorities have decided to further cut the quota for expatriates in the UAE to perform Haj to 3,500 in 2008, and 1,700 in 2009. Haj operators said that by 2009, it could cost an expatriate living in the UAE nearly Dh40,000 to perform Haj. This, according to Haj operators, will force the Muslim expatriates living in the UAE to opt to perform Haj from their own countries, with a view to cutting cost. Haj operators said it would badly affect them and some of them might even have to close operations.
  12. Muslims Of Gujarat-india

    I guess they are allowed to do dua only for arab countries and chechyna. iraq wa falestine Problem is no one is aware of situation of muslim in this very particular place of india May Allah ease suffering of indian muslim people of that area and all other places whereever muslims are suffering Ameen !
  13. The Bridge (sirat) On Day Of Judgement

    Can anyone clear this from authentic sources whether everyone has to pass through hell ? :sl:
  14. Muslims Of Gujarat-india

    May Allah grant paradise and station of matyrdom to those who died helpless because of this barbaric cleansing acts of government and police I would quote few translated verses from surah mutaffifin for those believers oppressed by such disbelievers , Day of Judgement is not far Surah Mutaffifin 83 34. But this Day (the Day of Resurrection) those who believe will laugh at the disbelievers 35. On (high) thrones, looking (at all things). 36. Are not the disbelievers paid (fully) for what they used to do?
  15. Wisdom Teeth

    whats wisdom teeth ? :sl:
  16. Does Evil Do Any Good In The World?

    You need to visit a pyschiatrist tech diver instead of wasting your energy here look for some other pastime :sl: :sl:
  17. Trials

    Allahumma inni as'aluka fi'lalkhairati, wa tarkal-munkarati, wa hubbal-massakeeni, wa idha ardta bi'ibaadika fitnahan faaqbidni illaiyka ghaira maftunin, bi Rahmatika, Ya ar-Hammar-Rahimeen. (Oh Allah!, I ask You for doing good, and abandoning evils, and to love the poor. And when You wish to try Your servants, so draw me to Your presence without trial. By Your Mercy, Oh the Most Merciful of all that is Merciful.) Can you give me text in arabic script for this above Any other duas for protections from trials
  18. Trials

    yep jazaakAllah we all need to memorize especially with sooo much trials around nowadays :sl: another good dua Allahumma auzobika minal fitan ma zaharaha wama batan if you have any other good duas also please share
  19. Attribute Of Allah

    salam What is meaning of Ya Ratiqo ? Does it mean the Lenient One if not what is arabic word if you want to call Allah as the Lenient One . Please do let me know
  20. Attribute Of Allah

    MashaAllah yes there have been certain happy moments I really forgot about that Thanks to Allah :sl:
  21. Salaah

    Beautiful i feel this best motivation for prayer . :sl:
  22. Attribute Of Allah

    Instead it weakens me and make me think opposite :sl: especially whenever there is lapse in performing prayer or some bad happens . after all we are human being and every human being has different levels of strength right? and placed in different conditions think of imams of Masjids they dont have tension of missing any prayer lucky right? and people who have to work in stupid offices to earn sometimes may miss prayer or some of us get up late for fajr etc May Allah forgive us all
  23. Attribute Of Allah

    thanks for sharing :sl: Allah is very merciful I always become depaired and start thinking of tortures , pain , hell etc and start thinking wrong about Allah :sl: May Allah forgive me
  24. Attribute Of Allah

    I wanted the name for THE LENIENT. Sometimes if you are servant of the king and if you make lapse in some rule you call out to the king the lenient . Sometimes we make lapse in praying like not praying fajr due to weakness etc etc sometimes it happens so i want the name for THE LENIENT. After reading soooooooooooooooo much about punishments , tortures , hell :sl: i m getting waswas from shaytaan and you people know what type of waswas . So please suggest something. whenver i get bad waswas i start saying Allah is Rahman Raheem the Most Merciful
  25. Massacres In India

    May Allah help the weak muslims everywhere