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  1. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    well...when you MEET this person online...and you think about marriage... you don't have to get married immediately. you can meet the person in the REAL LIFE ...and then decide.. the question is "marry someone you meet online" ...and NOT "getting married through the knowledges of that person you got to see online so there's a difference.
  2. Atheist's Psychology

    i know that atheists deny the existence of God for lack of a reasonable proof. and i also know that in this case they don't have to believe that God exists cuz they haven't seen Him yet...so they can't believe something they don't see. but...how do u think this World has come to exist?? whatever commbination, wouldn't make this world Perfect... (not perfect in the first meaning of the world)...
  3. Seperate Religion And State?

    in my opinion the state should be non-religious... simply cuz religion is everybody's subjective choice
  4. Torture In Hell

    Why Islam first? Why not all beliefs? That is the only sincere way. Your method is not a search for the truth but simply a search for Islam. Someone sincere looking for a 'righteous path' would not decide beforehand that Islam was that path, nor would he or she exclusively search for Islam. He or she would inquire to all beliefs. agreed
  5. The End Of The World

    :sl: I do agree and believe in these 2. The others are not convincing. btw. nice thread Io-Dio.
  6. U Don't Belive In Equality Of Mankind

    :sl: that's just the saddest thing i've ever head in my life........ it's the same for me.
  7. Random Incoherence

    :sl: just like my mom was happy yesterday of not cooking because my uncle made a spinach pie for us...lol.. random: we have to cook today :sl:
  8. Rasool Allah (video Anasheed By Abu Ali)

    what a beautiful song.... :sl: :sl:
  9. Random Incoherence

    What's the point of wearing make up after marriage? why? do look beautiful for you husband?
  10. Random Incoherence

  11. Random Incoherence

    aunty you're right....:sl: wearing make up: 1- is offensive towards God 2- it gives you an artificial beauty 3- it makes you something you are not 4- if you wear it once, you'll wear it always. and you're right when you say husband should accept and see his wife without make up in the wedding day just to see the original girl he's getting married with. but you know....:sl: girls are tempted by make up....:j: and we can't live without it(or most of us) so what can we do? my mum tells me not to wear make up because i'm beautiful just as i am..(she says)...but...i can't seem to agree..i want it, nevertheless.:no:
  12. U Don't Belive In Equality Of Mankind

    :sl: :sl: what is this? what do you mean? how do you know it?
  13. Random Incoherence

    random: Watching TV
  14. -- Evil --

    then why not do it faster than the day of judgement? or only he knows why....?
  15. -- Evil --

    what do you mean? :sl: really? mmm...then if Satan was created by God(just like we're created by God) why doesn't God make him die?and why God chose to create him in the first place? why was he in their company? what about God? where is he?