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  1. Islam in Pakistan

    :sl: Whatever are the conditions of Pakistan, its still our homeland and we should love it. We should always pray to Allah (swt) that may he turn all the negatives things about Pakistan into positive ones, ameen. There are good and bad things in every country. We should try to look at the positive side, and correct the negative side as much as we can. Whether its by prayer, or inspiring someone to do good. May Allah (swt) guide as all, ameen.
  2. Dalia Says Salam To Everyone :d

    :sl: Welcome to Gawaher Dalia, we are all here to learn and share. I hope you learn a lot on Gawaher, all of us will try our best to increase your knowledge about Islam. See you around sis.
  3. Islam in Egypt

    :sl: Can someone please provide me information for Al-Azhar University in Cairo? I'm planning on attending an Islamic University, so I'm doing my research. There's not much that I found on Al-Azhar University since their website is in Arabic, unfortunately I can't understand Arabic. Are there accommodations for students who come from other countries? Do they teach in English? How much does it cost? If a female wants to study there, does she have to have a mahram with her? Stuff like that. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Tim's Reversion Story

    :sl: The link doesn't work.
  5. Khuda Keh Liye (in The Name Of God)

    :sl: That's how people who made the movie named it, so I titled it that way.
  6. Polish American

    :sl: Hilarious :sl:
  7. Exceptional Imagination

    :sl: Thanks for sharing, the lemons and oranges are so cute! :sl:
  8. Sunnah Life Style

    :sl: Sunnah is definitely the best life style. Jazzak Allah Khair for sharing this with us brother. May Allah (swt) give us all tofeeq to follow the Sunnah, Ameen.
  9. A Revert To Islam

    :sl: Masha'Allah, good to hear that Brother. May Allah (swt) guide your family to the right path as well, and May Allah (swt) make it easy on you, Ameen.
  10. :sl: Jazzak Allah Khair for sharing Bro. Peace, I received this mail as well.
  11. Assalaam-o-Alaikum Jazzak Allah Khair Bro. Dot, I will Insha'Allah spread the message as much as I can! May Allah (swt) bring our brothers and sisters out of the suffering they are in. Ameen.
  12. New Forum improvements

    :sl: Jazzak Allah Khair Brother Dot. I really appreciate this. :sl:
  13. :sl: Haters of Islam are everywhere. May Allah (swt) bring peace in their minds and hearts towards Islam. Ameen.
  14. Worldly Education?

    :sl: We should keep up with both worldly and Deeni education. Balance is important.
  15. Thinking About Converting.

    :sl: Your almost there...don't delay! :sl: Say the Shahada to yourself, and you're a Muslim. When you get the chance to say it in front of the Imam and two witnesses then do that. May Allah (swt) guide you and keep you on the right path. Ameen.