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  1. Hello my name is Abdullah Schmidt. I reverted to Islam 2 yrs ago from Catholism. Also after a long search of other religions and found none of them that felt right to me. Then when working one day I made friends with an Iraqi and we became good freinds and he started to teach me about Islam and As he taught and the more he taught the more I know but then he said don't take my word for it or even what I Have taught you at this piont. He simple said read the whole Qur'an and then If I don't belive Islam is the true religion then we will still remain freinds and nothing more said on the subject. So I did read the Qur'an And I was so convienced after that this is the true religion of Alllah that I started a more deeper studie into the religion. However before I was finshed studing Adhnam Had to go back to Iraq to be with family. So for about a half a year I just read some and didnot do much to futher pursue becoming Muslim. Untill About 2 yrs ago I got sick and was almost declared dead from what they thought at first was food piosoning but latter after a week and a half in hospital was told was liver failure. They said I would need a transplant so not know any Muslim prayer formally I just called out to Allah for help. I got better and I was stablized. So I said from that moment on I would become Muslim. So I found the local Masjid and began to studie a bit more and then at there annaul end of summer picnic I took my shahhadah and became a Muslim and I took the name Abdullah because it ment servant of Allah. I am stil doing well but still need a transplant but I am on the list and just recently was told I quilified for a live liver donor and so my doctor said being that so I could have my surgery within a 1yr or 1 1/2. I owe it all to Allah and my faith as a Muslim.