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  1. Count To Ten

    i dont think you quite unerstood me i was saying that its a good language and its too bad its not spoken outside israel
  2. Count To Ten

    well they are both semetic languages yeah. number 4 in hebrew and arabic is the same
  3. Count To Ten

    it looks like some sort of slavic language.
  4. Count To Ten

    these arnt numbers they are the beginning of the hebrew alphabet. the numbers are: (feminine) akhat shtayim shalosh arba khamesh shesh sheva shmoneh tay-shah eser and yeah it is too bad hebrew is not spoken anywhere but israel, it is a good language.
  5. yes it is a cheap rocket and sometimes i get mad at the residents of sderot for overprotesting it, i think only one or two people have been killed by them (a grandmother and her grandson if im correct). but nevertheless, its still a mortar like weapon, and no country can tolerate one of its cities under constant mortar attack without some sort of retaliation, which sadly the majority of the time we dont do. the fact that israel has massive amounts of armament compared to this rocket is irrelevant. katyushas are a whole different ball game mate. they are far better rockets, more comparable to missile artillery than anything, and in case you didnt notice caused some heavy damage to buildings in the north, not to mention killing many. the palestinians have willfully tried to kill man more israelis than they have succeeded in doing, whearas the deaths attributable to israel have mostly been caused accedentally in a legitimate effort to try to stop terrorism. for example, during the first two months of 2003 there were no successful terrorist attacks against israeli civilians. this was no because the palestinian terrorists did not make considerable efforts to comit lethal acts of terrorism. israeli authorities prevented hundreds of attempted terrorist attacks during that time period alone. an attempted terrorist attack carries the same moral culpability as a successful one. if each of these intended and well planned attacks had been successful, perhaps as many as a thousand israeli citizens would of been killed during these two months of "quiet" and tens of thousands more when the suicide bombing resumed. in one planned attack alone, the thwarted bombing of the shalom towers (israels equivalent to wtc), hundreds of civilians might of been killed. in anouther, the thwarted attack of the piglilot gas and fuel storage facility in tel aviv, thousands more might of been killed. so the fact that more palestinian have been killed than israeli is irrelevant, it has been kept down by a combination of excellent security and better medical care. not to mention, that the palestinian lists count, along with civilians, suicide bombers, armed palestinian fighters, leaders of terrorist groups, including those like an engineer who has operational responsibility for bomb making, terrorists shot in self defense while planting or throwing bombs, bomb makers (and their neighbors) who have been killed when the bombs they were making accedentally blew up, collaborators killed by other palestinians, even people who have died beause of the absurd and dangerous practice of shooting live ammunition into the air at palestinian funerals in portest. personally, the very idea that anyone would count suicide bombers and other terrorists who have been killed as victems to be compared with the innocent civilians who were their target is so absurd and immoral that it defies explanation as to how the media could present these figures as comparative casualites with a straight face.
  6. Hilarious Clips From Football

    lol i feel bad for that guy who was injured and had his trainer slide into him
  7. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    its mandatory for every citizen, yeah.
  8. yeah the bloke said that he advocates carpet bombing if they dont stop firing kassams, like i said. and yeah the first paragraph is true because the populace on large does nothing about the fact that there are rockets shooting from their area, though admittedly there is not much they can do. but the text he uses have nothing to do with war and i dont see how its relavant to carpet combing gaza because they dont cease quassam fire. for example in genesis 34, a man named shechem (him being canaanite) saw leah(hebrew), daughter of jacob and got to know her on a sensual level, without being married. the next day he goes to ask jacob to marry leah, and he agrees if all the men in shechems village are circumsized. he does this, and then the sons of jacob go and slaughter his village because shechem defiled their sister out of wedlock, and jacob gets mad about this and says that the canaanites will come to smite him (i had to read up on it by the way). as you can see this story isnt even symbolically relavant to the present situation, especially because jacob was angry with his sons for doing this. and the laws of kings i think is just a bunch of talmudic crap which has something to do with non jewish people having to set up a justice system or whatnot. but by and by i think from the scources he stated he has no religious evidence, as he claimed, that what he advocates is legal under jewish religious text. and i misunderstand your last paragraph. yeah they are nutters...id expect youd agree with me on that lol.
  9. whats worse? well the rabbi stated that its okay to bomb them to oblivion if and only if they continue firing rockets into israel. the palestinian sheiks on the other hand, not only advocate indiscriminant killing of civilians but support and plan it, not just until israel withdrawls from judea and samaria but until israel is destroyed. i agree with you, what is the world coming to? and if you ever hear about palis being roughed about by israelis, look at what clothing they are wearing. 99% of the time they will be dressed like its 73 CE, at least for the women anyway. those are the extreamists, who basically only live in the west bank. and pretty much all the time that there is violence thats caused by our side its because of those nutters the likud isnt really that right wing when you look at their policy.
  10. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    yeah they show palestine pre1947. i dont really know of any links, mostly its in the text books and such. but heres a pic i took while on patrol. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_i3.11chan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/albums/y92/yoazc/miluim200429.jpg"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_i3.11chan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/albums/y92/yoazc/miluim200429.jpg[/url]
  11. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    most arab/islamic world maps dont have israel on it, from my experience at least. my friends and i always used to pretend we were invisible to arabs when we were growing up on account of they didnt accept we existed lol.
  12. muslim sheiks say the same thing and worse about jews lol. well, what he is advocating is genocide. however, if we conducted ourselves in a total war fashion like the arabs do, random bombing of cities similar to what the americans and germans did in ww2 would be acceptible. for instance, how arab terrorists/militants justify killing israeli civilians and consider them a legitimate target, which is basically total war. if we also accepted this doctrine, bombing of civilian cities would not be out of the question. so it really depends how you look at it theoretically, but of course slumping to their level would be unacceptable.
  13. Legitimate Demands Which Must Be Met

    lol well that makes me feel good, at least hes moving up there.
  14. your such a european lol. it was meant to be the first stage of withdrawl, with gaza and some samarian settlements being the first stage and complete judea and samaria withdrawl, or something near to it, being the second. but of course them launching quassams on sderot that very day and then all the attacks that followed (which we didnt respond to, mind you) kind of put a damper on the second part. thankfully.
  15. Hamas

    ever heard of abraham mate? do you know where he lived (or rather moved to)? just because it wasnt our established homeland until after moses led the jews out of egypt doesnt mean we didnt live there. heck, early in our history we inhabited almost every country in the middle east. doesnt mean its our national homeland. but, abraham being a man of religion, i tend to stay away from him when argueing that point, because not all believe in him. however, what is historical fact is that the small groups of people who did inhabit canaan who werent hebrews did not have an established central government or any sort of nation-like status, because esentially they were roaming nomads who had just begun to create towns. as such, the first nation with an established identity with all the charectaristics of a nation was israel. your arguement is invalid because you are claiming that because hunter/gatherer tribes also inhabited the land we have no claim to it, which is like saying the franks have no claim to france because before them the area was inhabited by cavemen. oh and by the way, if my history is correct the phillistines were not middle eastern and arrived from crete after israel was established. they do have claim, which is what i said. we both do, and there is no reason why we shouldnt be able to live together (oh and by the way you made it seam like there were no jews in palestine for the last 2000 years, this is false. jews have remained in israel since the fall of judea, with communities all over israel. i am living proof of that i am full blood sabra of palestinian jewish decent. we even fought with the muslims against the crusaders.) and actually, what you go on to say is completely false. our existence is becoming far less reliant on our military and our surrounding nations are becoming more and more friendly (exception of syria). take jordan and egypt for an example. two years ago, i went 4-wheeling (an ATV) in the sinai desert, and the year before that i visited jordan. fourty years ago, i would of probably been killed for both. of course this is just one example, the greater picture can be seen by the relationship and cooperation between nations. israel coming to jordans aid in 1970 and jordan warning us of attack in 1973, for instance. aye, but it was also britian and america who went in and stopped it and hunted down the nazi officials. of course i am angry over what they didnt do, but i am also thankful for what they did. for instance, as you rightfully point out the brits and americans left us to our fate at the hands of multiple arab armies and irregs, and destruction seemed imminent within weeks. but you also leave out the fact that it was britian and america who made the creation of israel possible. and largely i thank them for this isolation, because through it we get the pride in knowing that israel was made from our hardwork and sacrifice, and this rising from the ashes makes it so much sweeter. yes i hold grudges for what they didnt do, but i am thankful for what they did. haha. do you really think the evangelicals have any power over our decision making? they are but a mere tool to make our decisions possible. dont blame lebanon on the evangelicals, that was all the retard olmerts fault (i agree with his decision but his plan and execution was of course not good enough). and iran i completely disagree with you on, we better be making more than threats against iran. i expect bombs to be going off by winter. infact im a little disappointed we havnt already made attempts to hinder their progress (well, that we know of anyway). oh and mate, our policies didnt have anything to do with the arabs disliking us. that happened before we had any such policies, before the haganah or any defense organizations was created. the riots and murders in the 1920s and the hebron massacre (1929) are proof of that. lol you sound like an anarchist. just because they send us oversized firecrackers does not mean the united states, which i assume your interconnecting with the christian right, controls our foreign/domestic policy. true, we dont like to do things that upset the united states, and when pressured we will sometimes discontinue our activities. but at the end of the day, if its important to the jewish people israel will act without their knowledge or approval. your acusations are based on the fact that you think israel actually has a chance of longterm peace with all of its neighbors. of course i dont blame you, you arnt on the recieving end and you dont know how it is here. but it doesnt have anything to do with who governs ramallah. aleichem shalom