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  1. Prove God Exists.

    Why should I when you a merely just a puppet being controlled by these masters in evil. What would the point of me to define it for you when you obviously can't define between good and evil? You are too empowered by science which to me shows how much you have been dilluded by this world. I am glad i am not in the same boat as yours. I am not going to answer your questions because i am not here to debate and especially on a boring topic for me (science) and I am just here to spread the truth and do your own research rather than debate with me and criticize me. :sl:
  2. Why Satanism Is Practiced By Our Leaders?

    Why does it matter? Open up your mind my friend, these people control your mind, did you really pay attention to what the man was saying. The cube that we call television in front of your face is one of the biggest propaganda in the world. You think life is just a peice of science. I am laughing out loud here. There is so much more to these so called leaders, you have been totally brainwashed by this cude that you cannot differentiate between good and evil. This is a mission for them, how to make sure people like you fall into their trap and fool you. We are all stupid to them. Ever wondered why history tends to repeat itself? Surely not by coincidence... :sl:
  3. The Bigest Lie Of Evolution Teory

    You are absolutely correct in what you say, as I totally share the same view with you on the conception that they can easily be ruled over like cattle. :sl: But the problem is yuo never answered my question. Who taught him? :no:
  4. Prove God Exists.

    Well am already laughing at you, I am sorry to say that. You see there is no such thing as the theory of evolution, it doesn't exist and I know this won't prove anything to you but I felt like saying that. Let me begin by saying that the leaders are the world today are all united for one reason. That is to create a godless world. And so far already you atheists are a wonderful successful production of theirs. You see people like you atheists don't believe in spiritual enlightenment but to tell you the truth even your leaders believe in Satan, angels and demons and all this spiritual crap you call it. Strange uh? I was going to put the videos from the thread why is satanism practived today but i saw you were already having a look at it. I will be straight forward with you, Charles Darwin was actually taught by Satan himself. Satan gave him the idea of the theory of evolution. This is something that I strongly request yuo to do some research on. You know what Charles said when he was on his death bed. 'I think I made a terrible mistake in the theory of evolution' but of course it was already too late then as people were already accepting this deception of Satan. :sl:
  5. Obama: The Zionist Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

    I am afraid that someone would even call themselves an atheist. A wonderful reprodruction of Charles Darwin. :sl:
  6. The Bigest Lie Of Evolution Teory

    Let me ask you a question, do you know who taught Charlse Darwin of the thoery of evolution? :sl:
  7. Obama: The Zionist Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

    Maybe we need to do some research people. Oh of course with an open mind. :sl:
  8. Will Israel Be Brought To Justice For Its Gaza War Crimes?

    Well as a leader of this forum, I wouldn't just sit back and criticize my muslim brothers and sisters, rather I would take this opportunity to open their eyes and make them understand the truth so that they can differentiate in reality and falsehood or more precise in good and evil. Brother Dot I have one thing to say to you, you keep showing these awful pictures of people dying in Palestine and you see no significant change in the way the muslims are still behaving in this forum, do you just sit back and criticize? Do you not at least support those who are trying to portray the truth and let them open each others minds? Why so much negativity from you as the leader of this place? Why not try and encourage people to understand what is happening not by just showing videos and pictures but by educating them between reality and falsehood? Even if you don't want to waste your time, at least there are some people here who are ready to do such a thing! Please don't delete this post, remember Allah Taala is aware of all the things that we do and by deleting this post this will prove how much of a personality you have yourself as a leader of this forum. Remove this post and you shall prove dictatorhip and anyone other admins do so, Allah Taala can see you. If you have a problem with this post you message me and i will see what i can do. But don't stop someone from telling the truth. Truth is bitter admit it! :sl:
  9. Will Israel Be Brought To Justice For Its Gaza War Crimes?

    You didn't mention who might bring the justice so I said yes, because i know Isa AS will be coming very soon. :sl:
  10. The Irony Of History: The Two Holocausts

    :sl: Yes very saddening indeed. One thing we are so blind from, history tend to repeat itself people and what is about to happen in a few coming years is worse than you think. This is the time of proper hardship whilst this may be going on just in Palestine soon this disease will be spreading brothers and sisters. We need to start building our faith again, can't we see that this is only the beginning of the disaster about to take place? The New Secular Order? The godless world which has already taken place? This is happening in front of our very eyes but today we are so blind we can't even recognize what this is all about. A few more clues, just look at the back of a US dollar and let me know what you see. Pyramid? One eye at the top? Don't bother going to western sites to find the meaning cuz all they gonna give you is a load of crap and you would just be wasting your time. Brother Dot should be taking this seriously as he is taking the war on Palestine very seriously indeed. You want to donate then why not also spread the truth about the current affairs? You can see that our muslim brothers and sisters are sleeping. Should we not wake them up? Isn't that also our duty also as muslims? We haven't got much time left I can guarantee you that which is why when the Dajjal will come there will be so little in number of muslims fighting against the army because indeed we are all still in a coma which we won't bring ourselves out of because we want the pleasure of this world so badly. It is said in a hadith that on Dajjal's side there will be 70,000 jews fighting for him. Ever researched on Bush's family tree? Notice that the Queen is part of it? Barack Obama also? Madonna also? Hmm what is really going on? :sl:
  11. A Message From A Descendant Of The Messenger

    :no: I would just like to mention that there is no such thing as a non American or non zionist banking in any Western country, thats right ANY western country. Please don't mention Islamic banking as an excuse, I would strongly advise that people research upon the papermoney and understand the real value for money. If you truly do your research properly then I can assure you that your results will be astounding on your discovery of what is real paper money. I am sorry I won't go too much in detail because this is a very delicate issue and in today's society scholars hava taken this subject with very little importance. And I will repeat do not criticize me without a proper research into this matter. A little clue, dinars and dirhams are mentioned in the Quran why wasn't the word money itself used? Because there is a very strong reason to it. Sheikh Imran Hosein, born in Trinidad, one of the very few scholars out there who aren't sleeping and has explained in much more detail on this topic. He is one of the best scholar I have ever come accross, I strongly recommend everyone to make sure they listen this lecture of his and if you choose not to remember Allah is surely watching everything that you do. I am not forcing you to hear this lecture rather i am emphasizing how important it is that we know our position in Islam regarding MONEY! Islam and the International Monetary System Part 3 This is part 3, if you wish to start from the beginning that is totaly up to you. The reason for this is because we are living in a time of ignorance. :j: :sl:
  12. heeft iedereen Robin Van Persie vernomen? my dutch is not perfect sorry :sl:
  13. Islamic Wallpapers

    Loved your links
  14. I Converted To Islam From Christianity

  15. Big Sister Has A Boyfriend

    Dont blackmail her or else that will be messed up...u need to talk 2 her..understand her feeling and firmly put it to her the best of luck!
  16. Edexcel A level Chemistry Past Papers

    Your a [email protected]??? :sl:
  17. Robin Van Persie's Return

    Arsenal Bad Waltersdorf, Austria Thursday, July 19, 2007, 7pm (CET) Genclerbirligi 0 Arsenal 3 Van Persie 45, 65, Walcott 51 By Richard Clarke in Bad Waltersdorf Bacary Sagna and Eduardo made their debuts as Arsenal began the Austria tour by beating Genclerbirligi 3-0 at Bad Waltersdorf Stadion on Thursday night. The French full back played the first half and the Croatian striker came on for the final 21 minutes in this comprehensive victory over the side that had finished sixth in the Turkish League last season. Robin van Persie scored two of the goals but the other player on the scoresheet, Theo Walcott, really took the eye. The 18-year-old supplied an exquisite pass for Van Persie to slide home Arsenal's first with the final kick of the first half. Six minutes after the break Emmanuel Adebayor and Denilson set up the former Southampton winger to fire low into the far corner. The two accomplices in that move also deserve a mention for their performances. Adebayor was eager and industrious, Denilson assured and efficient. The Togolese striker set up Van Persie for his second in the 65th minute. Overall, it was an excellent workout for Arsène Wenger's side. The only change from the side that had kicked-off Arsenal's pre-season campaign on Saturday at Barnet was the introduction of Sagna for Kerrea Gilbert at right back. Ten of the 12 first-team players named on the bench were making their seasonal debut, including Eduardo. The exceptions were Lukasz Fabianski and Armand Traore. It had been roasting in this part of Austria ever since Arsenal's arrival on Tuesday. The players knew that better than most, they had been training in it for two hard days. Fortunately the heat had started to dissipate by the time the game kick-off at 7pm (CET) but it was still painfully warm. Despite that, the start was hardly lethargic. Within 50 seconds, Manuel Almunia was forced to tip over as Okan Ozturk let fly from the right-channel. In the fifth minute, Van Persie's raking cross-field ball was controlled deftly by the sprinting Walcott on the right flank but he just failed to find Adabayor in the centre. Genclerbirligi responded when Sandro's mazy dribble and shot was smuggled around the post by Almunia. Adeabyor was looking full of energy. In the 12th minute he charged down a clearance on the halfway line, sprinted down the right, skipped past Lamin's lunge and pulled the ball back for Van Persie eight yards out. Unfortunately the Dutchman lent back as he struck the ball and skied his effort horribly over the bar. However he did make amends on the quarter-hour by forcing Genclerbirligi keeper Gokhan into a flying save. By now the game has seemed to settle into a pattern of Arsenal having the majority of the play, but their opponents having the best chances. That continued in the 28th minute when Sandro's right-wing corner was nodded on to the unmarked Tolga Dogantez at the far post. Almunia was out typically quickly to smother his shot. Ten minutes before the break, Adebayor broke clear and fed the ball back to Randall, who in turn set up Van Persie just outside the area. His shot was low and firm but Gokhan gathered at the second attempt. It had been a relatively mundane 45 minutes albeit with some moments of quality. The best move of the half brought the opening goal on the whistle. Walcott picked up the ball on the right and turned on the turbo to breeze past his marker then slid a wonderfully weighted ball to the far post. Robin van Persie did the rest with a low finish. Walcott was involved at the start of the second half, forcing Gokhan to save with his feet at the near post. Almost immediately, Adebayor sent a cross-shot whistling past the far post. Arsenal looked like they wanted to kill off the game. They all but did in the 51st minute. Denilson strode through midfield and fed the ball to Adebayor on the left. He passed back to the Brazilian who elected to let the ball run. His dummy fooled the Genclerbirligi defence and Walcott found the far corner of the net with aplomb. Suddenly the rust was starting to fall off Arsenal. They began to move through the gears with ease; a fact amply illustrated by their third goal in the 65th minute. Adebayor held up play with intelligence before laying the ball to Van Persie to rifle home. Eduardo made his appearance soon afterwards. He first touch sent a questioning ball to the far post which a defender had to turn behind. Eleven minutes from time, he tricked his way past his marker on the right and sent over a teasing cross that Ljungberg nodded wide. On the strength of his 21 minutes, there will be much more to come from him. And, on the strength of this performance, the same can be said of his side. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetarsenal(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/matchreport.asp?thisNav=The+Match&fxid=319627&clid=4421&cpid=703"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetarsenal(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/matchreport.asp?thi...21&cpid=703[/url] the above link 4 pictures
  18. Wimbledon

    yea serious i think its soo BORING and a waste 2 call it a sport
  19. Random Incoherence

    random:drowning in work
  20. Random Incoherence

    have fun!!!!! bro-sum strong words in 'Always Remember U. . ' true saying it could be ure loved one next...
  21. Wimbledon

  22. I Need Your Dua's

    inshalllah i get my maths results in 20mins inshallah i'll get the result i need
  23. Alcohol, Sex And Partying

    AMEEN secure wasalam
  24. I Need To Pass School..help!

    Inshallah bro, keep makin dua
  25. Salamz Ppl!

    Welcome 2 Gawaher! fellow Gooner!! wasalam