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  1. Well your loss then. I am sure you have checked out Sheikh Imran Hosein's work but if his work also doesn't wake you up or click in your mind then inshallah hopefully in a few years time it will. Ameen.

  2. Why don't you watch the whole series of 'The Arrivals'. Defintely will make you understand the reality of this world bro.

  3. It is very ironic to see that you say Islam is the answer (pic) yet you do not go deeper into it.

  4. What are your views when someone says Satanism is practiced by our leaders?

  5. Salam sister.

    Your doing alot of reading i assume ;)

  6. Yes?


    Anything in particular you want to know?

  7. asalamualikum!

    Eygptian eh?

    i was in Eygpt just last month and i miss it soooooooo much!

  8. Salam, hope your in good health sis!

  9. salam,

    hope your good sis!

  10. Asalamualikum dada

    I was thinking....Do you think maybe i could have my pming system back...it has been a while and ive learnt alot.Good Muslims forgive :)

  11. sprinkling special salams...:)

  12. Salam!

    im not sure if u are a new Guardian but if u are then congrats

  13. Mashallah on becoming a IF Guardian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guard us will all ure heart...;)


  14. Eid Mubarak sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. EID MUBARAK 2 U 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i found a new love...better way to passage my obsession

  17. Bye Bye

    (evil laugh!!!!!!)

  18. Gunnerz 1-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!