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  1. Logic Riddle

    Salaam alaikum, (disregarding the "how did you get in?" moral version) You....get really angry and frustrated at the absence of doors and windows, and punch a hole through the wall in which you can escape? :sl: Assalamu alaikum
  2. How Smart Are You

    Are any of the cats Tigger from Winnie the Pooh? He used his tail as a leg kind of :sl:
  3. How Pakistani Are You?

    I got 54% :sl: not bad, considering that I'm a white, mostly French girl :sl:
  4. How Smart Are You

    zero; busses don't have legs, they have wheels... :sl:
  5. How Smart Are You

    .... :sl: I bet there is no answer. Either that or there is some stupid moral behind us trying to figure it out, or some deep philosophical analogies that make no sense.. Actually though, I just googled this problem, and I keep seeing people giving the same answers that have been given in this thread. Most people agree that 10990 is correct.
  6. How Smart Are You

    I vote that we all start randomly throwing out numbers. It's slightly probable that we could get it eventually... 76
  7. How Smart Are You

    This is seriously going to keep me up all night. :sl: Alright..... 7 girls * 2 legs = 14 legs. 49 backpacks * 7 cats * 4 legs = 1372 1372 + 14 = 1386 legs total. So if I was close with 70 I must be really, really off :sl: I think I've used up all of my tries, I'm definitely stupid...
  8. How Smart Are You

    :sl: Alright.... (7*2)+(7*7*4)= 210! .....right?
  9. How Smart Are You

    Oh wait! hold on...42! are the kittens not in the bag with the cat?
  10. How Smart Are You

  11. Salaam alaikum - I am very sorry if there is another thread on this - I did a quick search, but could only find general information on apostasy. My question is: Is there any forgiveness for someone who converts to Islam, leaves the religion, but later wants to return? Is it at all possible? I don't want to go into personal details, or explain the entire situation, unless it is necessary. Thank you all so much.
  12. Muslim/non-muslim I Can't Decide.

    Asaalamu alaikum brother- Allah (swt) has given you a great challenge. Your situation is difficult, but I believe that if you personally truly want to believe, you can overcome your problems, and the reward will be great for you. Try not to stress out, however. Pray whenever you can, and be firm in asking Allah (swt) to guide you back to him. Just remember that for every step you take towards Him, He takes ten towards you. I wish you all the best. Ma'salamah.
  13. Greetings all - I have posed this question at Islamqa######, and am waiting for a reply. But in the meantime, I would greatly appreciate any advice that could be given. Would it be advisible for somene who believes that Islam is the true religion to take the shahadah, if they would not be able to be publicly follow the path? I ask because I am only 17 - under my [Christian] parent's guardianship and roof. Last year I decided for certain that I wanted to convert, but my parents are extremely opposed to the idea. My mother is one who believes it is an oppressive, violent religion, and no matter how I explain that it is not, she refuses to let me even wear long skirts, let alone proper hijab. Although my father is slightly more understanding (he realizes that Islam is a religion of peace), he agrees with my mother that I should just forget about it entirely until I live on my own (a little over one more year). Although I desire to respect their wishes, their decision greatly pains me. I feel naked even though I dress very modestly for a girl my age in America, and I always feel extremely neglectful for not doing everything that I know I should be (fasting, praying, et cetera). My only comfort comes through reading about Islam and studying the Qu'ran - I at least feel that I will be fully prepared for when I do convert. But what is everyone else's opinion on this? Would it be better for someone to go against their parent's wishes and obey Allah, or obey their parents and go against Allah's wishes for them? - Astarte
  14. Asaalamu alaikum - I was reading the Quran earlier when something stuck out to me that I am now curious about - The Quran is the direct word of Allah (swt) to Mohammad, correct? Why is it that Allah does not refer to Himself as 'I', rather He uses the third person, but frequently says 'You' when speaking specifically to Mohammad (pbuh)? I have no idea what the Arabic actually says, or how respected the translation I use is...I'm sorry if the answer is very obvious, I was just wondering if anyone else had thought about this :sl: - Astarte
  15. Working As A Librarian

    Asalaamu alaikum :sl: This may be incredibly obsolete, and I might be overanalyzing, but does anyone foresee anything wrong with becoming a librarian in a public library? Aside from interaction between men and women, I was wondering about handling the books - some of them contain matter not allowed in Islam. Pornography, strong theories of evolution, books for and against various religious beliefs, et cetera.. In general, are careers to avoid the ones that directly violate Islamic principles, or should we look deeper? - Astarte
  16. Working As A Librarian

    Salaam - Hmm...oh, sorry, I meant as in some of the content of books, not actual pornography...erotica is the proper term I suppose. And many writers use it in their books a lot, and some are just really graphic and the book becomes pure smut... :j: According to some questions and answers at IslamQA (numbers 40651, 9941, 3746, and others), working in a grocery store selling haraam items is prohibited..and therefore by analogy working as a librarian would be forbidden... :sl: Thank you for helping :)
  17. Studying Mythology

    Salaam - Is it permissible to read about ancient mythology, if you take it only as fiction, and do not equate the various stories of gods and goddesses with reality? I study Latin in school, and we are translating 'The Aeneid' by Virgil...and aside from that, many projects we do require us to illustrate the deities, which may be an entirely separate issue... :sl: Any information on this would be very appreciated :sl:
  18. How To Make Harira?

    Salaam - I realize this topic is somewhat old, and you've probably figured this out by now, but here is a good way to add flour: 1) Put the flour in a separate small bowl, 2) Add a spoonful or so of the broth to the flour, 3) whisk them together, and then 4) Stir this into the rest of the soup. Should eliminate the lumps :sl: Hope this helps. - Astarte
  19. Thank you :sl: I am very certain that my teachers would let me go somewhere privately and pray if I asked them. Although it will most likely cause bewilderment, and I will have to partially explain my situation to them. And..I am afraid that one overly caring teacher might want to contact my parents to explain my right to religious freedom.. Which leads me to a question - should I keep my conversion a secret from my parents? from everyone, or no one? And is it wrong to make salaah if you know that it would not be accepted? I am a little slow (with the Arabic more than the actions) since I am just learning, and I am honestly right now just trying to practice. But I know that it would not be accepted since I do not yet have the proper clothing, although I am currently browsing hijabs online :sl: and prayer rugs.
  20. I imagine that it will be easier to find time to pray in college, especially if I go to one with a Muslim Student Organization (which I plan to). But currently, in high school...we can not leave campus without a note from a parent, and even then, this counts towards absences. And with more than three absences, you lose the ability to exempt from the final exams, as well as risk losing credit, and worse things. I do not know of any Muslims at my school, so I don't know how they would deal with it. Even if I could leave class..there is almost no where in that building clean enough, or secluded enough, to pray in. :sl: I know I could talk to a counselor or teacher about it, but..I'm afraid of making a "scene". I will just try to do the best I can for now. And there is an association of Muslim women near where I live, and I'll try to talk to my father about it tonight, since he would have to drive me. I can always at least look ahead to the future :sl: I am anticipating less difficulty.
  21. :sl: Thank you all for the help and encouragement. I will take the Shahadah :sl: Oh, prayer times during school hours are unfortunate...